Start your Safety Consultant Business, Right Now!
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Start your Safety Consultant Business, Right Now!
February 1, 2021
Now is the time to start a safety consulting business. In the US, OSHA is back with regulations and direction. Many companies will need direction to stay in compliance. Across the globe, you can help with regulations, COVID-19 mitigation (if you have that experience), or even safety and health concerns that you have observed.
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[00:00:00] :  this episode is powered by Safety FM. Welcome to the safety consultant. Podcast. This is your ho Sheldon. Promise. This is the show where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. So welcome. I'm actually doing this February 1st. If you know my show, then that means you know, it is the morning before I let it go. Normally, I do this where I haven't set Teoh to be released right at the 3 a.m. Mark Eastern standard time. However, E had a show ready to Ggo, and the more I was thinking about, it was like there's a lot of venom in this show. It would have been the rated, uh, for explicit, and I know I normally don't do that, but I just kind of went off a little and I was like, Oh, I better not. I better not let me. Let me just go ahead and and re release one and just go ahead and, uh, just do that. And that's what I did. So what, We're gonna talk about solo episode with just me and you? This'll week we're gonna talk about truly, I believe now is the time to start your consulting business, especially if you're in the U. S. E. No. In other places throughout the world, you may have a driver similar to what we have. And that is now that Cove in 19 is kind of becoming the norm for everybody around the world. We're learning different ways for us to really adapt with this thing. So in doing that, what we're really gonna end up doing is I honestly believe that now that we're getting a graphs on this, things were going to start back up in person and online together, we're gonna have a hybrid system where some people are gonna feel I still want my in person training. I don't want my in person consulting eso I'm gonna go ahead and work that. So that means we have consultants gotta work that out, and then also, some training will come back. So I think now is the time. So let's go ahead and get into the episode. And this one is just gonna be me and you talking it out and and then I'll just go ahead and we're going to end with just music. Bring the music out Great. That's the way we always end. So let's go ahead and talk about this for the U. S. And I'll start here first at at home for me Right now. Cove in 19 standards has just been released by the federal OSHA this week this past week, and this is a guidance that is gonna work towards a regulatory standard. And by March 15th, if OSHA right now they're doing, um, there was an executive order written by President Biden, and the executive order said that Oh, she's gonna have to go ahead and look at all of the things that they've done with OSHA. Excuse me with Kovar 19 before. What does it look like now? And they're also looking for truly Do we need a standard? If so, you got to get it by March 15th. So if that's happening and we saw this temporary guidance with really good strong warning to So I like that as well, then that's telling me that regulations air back I was not a fan of the last four years where regulations in all areas of of the U. S. Have truly went down to where there was hardly anything. And then the heads of the departments. There were any riel heads of the departments. So therefore, once you're an acting person in a position, you can't take the leadership reins like you should. So therefore, that weekend, OSHA and EPA and a few other agencies. So therefore, I believe now is the time for the U. S. To really ramp up with the very, very needed regulations. Because sometimes you think in business. Yeah, there's too much regulations and you're not gonna be able to get any work done because there's always a regulator telling you to do this this and this and health, safety and health regulations. The idea was while you back up, loosen the reins and then let the business do the responsible thing to take care of their workers. It did not work that way. Eso therefore, by loosening the reins, you actually had bad actors or people who just got complacent, just did not want to do anything. So in those cases, uh, it actually became worse with safety and health. So therefore I truly believe that this is not only necessary, meaning regulations that it's not only necessary, but it is the right thing to do. Right now, there's so many whistleblower cases pertaining to Cove in 19. So specifically, OSHA Getting back into the regulation game with Ocean with Kovar 19 is good for being a consultant. So I'm saying all this to say now is the time to be a safety consultant. It is, especially in the US, But I also believe this is a global phenomenon as well. So therefore, do it. I really want to see everybody just get into their minds. That man, I could do this. So start looking for your your opportunities. So if there's a friend or or someone that you know that maybe outside of your workplace, such as, um, in your churches or anything and you know, a business person that might be the opportunity to start branching out a little bit of the time and just saying, Hey, I actually believe that I could help your business with this This and this for safety consultant. You know, I'm a consultant, you know, that's to talk to your your your sister. If she's a business owner someplace or your brother or someone else. You know that that you know, because truly businesses start with someone that you know, like and trust, and you want to help them and you know that they have expertise to help you. Good. Then that's usually how that first transaction happens before you build a brand dear build a name and then you get towards that master agency level. But before then, you're just really just working one on 11 on one with these people. So that's the best way to get yourself started. Start with your local network. It's kind of like I was looking at this Netflix on essential oils. There's one called Unwell is the name of the Siri's, and they're talking about essential oils, which I am a oil fanatic. I'm telling you, you talk to Jay Allen, J will tell you have oil fanatic Hey, always vessel with me with a with the oils J. Allen of Safety FM Safety FM Plus. He's always messing with the on that one, and the truth is on on that show. They're saying how some essential oils is a placebo placebo effect, and on the other side, they have found, and this is like one of the people that they were interviewing who was a clinical scientist on specifically essential oils had found that lavender works the same as anti depressant medicines to Yeah, just smelling the lavender. So there's people who believe in both ways. But the idea that I'm trying to get across now is, uh, they're also talking about the multi level marketing side of it with with companies such as Young living in Da Terra. And they talked about young living company who had a lawsuit class action lawsuit about, you know, not paying down all the people below you as far as your your tear that that goes up there. So therefore, that's one of the things that, uh, was really hard for people that to say was, You know, here I am trying to build my base through family members and through church, fellow churchgoers or through friends or whatever and telling them, Hey, get into this young living and you're gonna make some good money out of this and all that, and they don't and all the chips start falling. And then family and friends are mad at you because you got hard on hard run or hard earned money from them for these oils and, uh, and saying that you could start working part time and you're gonna make money. And that's not the case. So you got your friends and family involved in something that probably shouldn't have, especially from with the class action suit was saying. So that's my long way of saying you could talk to your friends and family about you and have them know that you are the one who is going to be the safety and health professional that they probably would have had to pay money for somewhere else I don't even think about. I could afford a consultant, and now you are actually going to build start building the foundation of a safety consulting business while you're still at work. That's to keep. I don't suggest leaving your job to start your safety consulting business, But what I do suggest is starting part time. That's the best way to do it. I do have some Resource is for you. I just started safety consultant, that TV. So that's what you type in safety consultant, that TV and that is a subscription video on demand service. And basically what that is is once you get in in, you become part of the video service. Uh, it will teach you step by step by step on how to start the business of being a safety consultant similar to what I'm doing in the podcast. But it is video, and then also we go into different aspects of being a safety consultant, including your written programs and everything else. That stuff I don't talk about in the show and you will have not only the videos, but then you have downloadable materials so you could download templates that you could use for your business. And that's part of the service. And you could see it on anything Amazon TV, fire stick, Roku, Apple TV, Apple, your iPhones and iPads and any android device. So not only can you see it on your computer, what you need to download the templates, but let's say you want to pick up where you left off at and you're watching it at home and you're watching it on your own coup. And then now you're at work and you're gotta break. So you want Thio get more caught up with something you could pick right up where you left off when you Roku at work on the line. So that's what the resource is there to help you with. So that's that's a good thing. And, uh, and then I do have a business accelerator program. For those of you that you're not your past this stage and talking about a starting your business, you're ready to just go ahead and launches a solo plug, newer or a new agency, your branded agency or a master agency. Alright, then I got some more. Resource is for you on that side. And that's safety consultant that Sheldon prime ms dot com safety consultant that. Sheldon primers dot com So those are the two ways that you could help get your business going on your own time. It's up to you that is an example. There's other examples that you could use. So you just really have toe, uh, search the Internet. Look up, Whatever you can a Sfar Aziz becoming a safety consultant. Um, probably one of the only ones that is doing it in the way that I have been for a while, because most people don't even think about this business. This is my niche. Manage my thing. It's my jam. That's because that's what I do. So let's talk about the international version of this. So let's say you are in a different country outside of the U. S. The U. S. Right now, we have been just begging for regulations to start back up after the Trump administration. And now the Biden administration is truly saying enough is enough. There hasn't been any kind of regulation thing, environments getting worse. The safety health is getting worse. And let's go ahead and do something about this. So in all the countries, I don't really know if there's a driver like we do in the US, but I do know that there is a global pandemic that has been changing in such ways. Right now, Argentina has a variant of the virus, and there's a UK variant in the South Africa variant that is making it harder in those areas. But that means that they're also as a global pandemic does get into different countries, so you may be in and out of lock down wherever you are. However, there is still a way for you to start your business, and a lot of this would be either online or locally and again. I say locally because you could see people that are on. Lock down with you and work with them until you know, 10 o'clock. If you're locked down, starts with that. Or you could truly see people at the grocery store. Whatever. And you just open your ears, listen and see who really needs help, and then it. Sometimes you may actually see this restaurant is not doing what they're supposed to be doing, or this grocery store is not doing what they should do. You should be doing. You could hand them a business card if you want to do it that way. Or just see if you could talk to the manager in charge during that time you're there and then truly say, Hey, I'm a safety and health professional. It always helps if you do have your own website or something similar that to lead them to so you could work that in, Uh, At first, though, I would always start with, uh, email service and have an email service set up with what's called a landing page, where you could give them a domain name, such as what I did just now and when I was telling you about my business accelerator program. So a landing page would be safety consultant dot sheldon primary dot com And then when you get there, it will be a one page sheet of what your services is, So you're going to give them the landing page from your email provider. And, uh, you have to really go to specific email providers to get this so you don't have your own what they call u R L meaning your name dot com. You basically have an email service that also does landing pages, and therefore it's going to be the email service dot com. Backslash your company name or your landing page name. So you tell this to whoever you're you're talking to. Gas station operator, restaurant manager, whoever that you see, man, they really need some help with safety and health. It could be co vid, or you could just see them lifting wrong. Or you could just see that. Hey, man, you guys need full protection over here. What's going on? I'm a safety consultant. Eso Let me see if I could help you with this fall protection plan or I see a whole bunch of dust when you're cutting into this concrete, let's work on a silica plan. So what you're gonna be doing is ala carte things. If they don't want the plan, then offer them training and say, Well, I'm here with the training. I'll review your plan if you have one, or I'll give you some little summary of what you need to do next. When you're ready to do that part Now you know who to go to. And if you want, you could throw in a discount. However you guys do it. But that's the That's the way to grow your business. Do it by observation. Be bold a little bit of the time, and you really want to make sure that you're going thio. Uh, you're going to present yourself as a professional, and you're gonna offer solutions to your local community. So that's the way to do it. Keep your eyes open as to how can I better make sure that I am going to provide service for thes individuals and truly that Z. That's how every business starts. Quite honestly, you're looking for a need, and then you're trying to fill that need. So now, in this case, the need is going to be I want to make sure that I am going to provide safety and health. Uh, whatever the practices or procedures or even if it's a mitigation from your local, uh, whatever version of OSHA you have in your country. Yeah. Then go ahead. You may have somebody who in your you may just find out, man, this business just got cited. What can I do to help them? And, uh, go ahead and offer your services? Stay with your job. If you have one, and then go ahead and do this on the side. If you don't have one, then you've got more time to do it. Then that means you're gonna have to hit the road a little bit more and go cold called and knock on some doors with your mask on on. Then you're going thio, get out there and provide service. All right, so that's the thought for the day. I believe that you guys could do it. Now is the time. Now is truly the time to get your business going. All right. So I'm gonna be there to help you this week. Our ocean compliance help show that I do is live twice a week. I might end up having to do this, one of where it's going to be Monday, meaning later today and then again on Thursday. So I'll have to let you know by watching my social media, which is gonna be on Facebook or LinkedIn, and you'll get the little notice for me about when that time is. But I believe I'm gonna have to do the the actual show. The OSHA compliance help show Monday and Thursday instead of Tuesday and Thursday this week because I have classes and teaching. All right, it's quick one. But hopefully you get us, um, encouragement out of it. Go get him. This episode has been powered by Safety FM.