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Learning to Lead- Lessons in Leadership!
June 7, 2023
I am participating in a challenge where I have to share fearlesslessly on a daily prompt. This one seemed the right fit for you and I hope it provides the value I intended! Thanks for listening!
Day 14 of the #Fearless30Challenge: Growing as a Leader

Today, I fearlessly wish to reflect on my journey and share how I have grown as a leader.
Let me start by acknowledging that I am not done growing as a leader.  The funny thing is that every time that I thought about being a great leader, I learned ( upon reflection) the many ways I could have been better.

In my 20’s I had a boss explain to me that there are A, B, & C people.  A being top performers, B being average and C being, well probably terminable.

He told me that not everyone is an A person and was trying to point out that I shouldn’t have the expectation that they would or even could be.  

This lesson stuck for me, but more from the context of that ugly EGO that likes to chase me around. I then decided well I am just going to be an A and not settle for dealing with the B’s & C’s. 

 That wasn’t the lesson at all!

Now, after many years of experience, learning and watching F’n amazing mentors, I understand this.

Leadership is a PEOPLE role!
It’s not just about-
Tasks getting done
Being Right
Having the Best Vision
Logging the Most Hours

Leadership is about helping people, empowering people, collaborating with people and being a TEAM with people to get the vision executed.

That style combined with my ability to get the job done or the goal accomplished,  with Grace & Compassion for both my team and myself will get me to achieve anything and everything!  
A big part of my success as a leader is my creative thinking, open mindedness and COURAGE to make decisions and be responsible for myself, the vision and the PEOPLE.

Fearlessly stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing feedback has been pivotal in my growth as a leader. It has allowed me to identify my strengths, address my weaknesses, and
continuously evolve.