Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#140a: Introducing Beyond Curious™ (Brand Reveal Masterclass Version)
June 20, 2023
--Read Me To Discover Why There Are Two Versions Of #140! -- The wait is over! I’m SO excited to announce that 7-Figure Millennials is now Beyond Curious™. There’s SO much I want to share with you, so here’s the plan 👇 I created a "choose your own adventure" experience for you to learn about Beyond Curious. Here's how it works: - There are TWO episodes introducing Beyond Curious — #140a and #140b ↪ #140b is the “High Level” version where I share the story and vision behind Beyond Curious™ ↪ #140a is simultaneously the LAST episode of 7-Figure Millennials and the FIRST episode of Beyond Curious™. (For ease of navigation: 140a and 140b start to "split" content wise is at about 26:00) My goal was to make #140a the best episode I’ve ever created. It took me over 20 hours to produce… and it’s a knowledge synthesis of the thousands of hours I’ve poured into publishing 7-Figure Millennials. 140a is a 3-hour long masterclass. In the episode, I do two main things: - Answer the “7-Figure Millennials Question” I set out to explore from day 1 — How can we become financially successful and have a big impact while prioritizing our happiness, health, and relationships? - Make the leap to live out the answer I discovered In 140a, I weave insights and actual audio clips from dozens of episodes into one cohesive masterclass to conclude 7-Figure Millennials and start Beyond Curious™ with a bang. This is a BIG moment for me, and I can’t wait to embark on this new journey with you! -- Resources Mentioned -- This episode features clips from the following episodes: - Todd Herman: - Shannon Graham: - Dr. Wayne Pernell: - Gay Hendricks: - Episode #50: - Brian Scudamore: - Darius Mershazadeh: - David Siegel: - Jon Vroman: - Alexandra Watkins: - Jhana Li: Tests To Take (From Superpower Section): - KOLBE: - Principles You: - PMAI: - Strengthsfinder: - Wealth Dynamics: - Archetypes: - Human Design: - 6 Human Needs: - Fascination Advantage: Resources to help you clearly define who you want to serve: - Mike Koenigs: - Justin Breen: - Pia Silva: - Shannon Graham: