Are your friends your foes?
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Are your friends your foes?
July 19, 2021
In this episode, we talk about how many times people don't have your best interest at heart.
In the previous episode where I talked about when first starting a business, the only person rooting for you will be you. Well, that episode actually just reminded me of a story where someone was asking me all these different questions and I thought they were trying to be friends. But in reality that wasn't the case. 

So I'm gonna show the story. This was actually when I was in the Marine Corps. Surprise surprise. I don't know if I've ever shared that before, but that's something that's an experience that I've had. In the marines, there was this one person who was asking me all these questions and when they were asking me questions, I thought this person was genuinely interested in me and I thought I was making a friend and the questions were kind of like this. I wanted to know a little bit about my background. So basically you know, asking me why is my skin color brown? That's like one of the first questions that you get in the marines is like why is your skin color brown? Um, they don't say it like that, they'll say you know where you really from and that's that that where you're really from a question. 

So this person asked me where am I really from and I had to explain that I was born in Bangladesh and I moved to the U.S. At a young age and all these different things and I'm like you know cool making a new friend, he's trying to get to know me. And then this person starts asking this series of questions that were really strangely pitched to me and I'll kind of go into what these questions were. So the very first question was okay. Um, he's asking me, he's saying your family members are in Bangladesh, what happens if the U.S. goes to war with Bangladesh, what will you do? And I'm like I don't think that's gonna happen. Bangladesh, you know this is a brand new country, they're like, first of all, there's definitely not going to be a way that they're going to go after an American superpower. I mean in Bangladesh you know they don't have it's not nuclear power. Um if there were to be any kind of military fight or anything like that their biggest assets would be like sticks and stones like they don't have the ammo or firepower to go fight other people so it's not gonna happen. 

So I was like this hypothetical situation is not going to happen and I was pretty happy with myself and like let's move on and talk about something cool right? Like what kind of music do you like? However he wanted to dig in a little bit deeper and he's like okay, well assuming does happen, what, what are you going to do? And I'm like, you know, what do you mean? And he's like, well just say that you were going to war with Bangladesh like you know where like what are you gonna do? I mean this is your country, right? Are you going to fight and stuff like this? And for me as a young kid in the Marine Corps, I was just using the frameworks that the Marine Corps gives you. 

So the framework to the Marine Corps gives you in terms of loyalty. Like they actually tell you who to be loyal to, what they say God, core, and country. So what that means is you are loyal to your God first, your creator first, And then you are loyal to the Marine Corps, not the country, but the Marine Corps 2nd and then the country right? And sometimes they will throw in a different one. Well, it will be like God, family, core, country. So now we have four. And that's the framework. God, family, core, country. So I'm using that framework and I'm like okay well you know it depends who are we going to war with? 

And he's like well we're going to work with Bangladesh and I was like okay well if we're going to work with Bangladesh then you know I would have to defend the court right? Because God, family, core, country, and my country at this point is the US. Anyway. So if anything I mean like monoliths would like fall a little bit lower than that. But it was just such a ridiculous question. I couldn't even see anything like this happening right? Like this person is not going around and asking people that are from France if the U. S. Goes to war with France, where their loyalties going to lie. I know this person is really just asking these questions because he's wondering if I'm a terrorist or all these other things and this is something that kind of hit me later on but not during this conversation. 

So you know when you have conversations when you're younger and you really don't know what's going on and then a little bit later you're like what the fuck was that? Was that a racist situation or was that something where you know it wasn't what I thought it was? So this person kept on asking these questions who would I defend and I was like you know the core, the core. And I just kept on saying this and he kept on asking the questions until he got the answer that he wants. So he was like, okay, well you know your, do you have any family members that live in Bangladesh? And I was like, yeah, my grandparents lived there and he's like, all right, well what if we went to war and you know, we the US took your family members in hostage and all this stuff? So then the answer was clear to me like yeah, God core or God family core countries. So if you're going to fuck with my family, then of course I am going to defend my family. I don't even need that framework, right? Like that's just a given. 

And when I said that I was going to defend my family over America and over the core over this other guy, he called me a traitor, like legit seriously, just called me a traitor and walked away and I was like, what the fuck? Um, that was not what I was expecting, right? Like what just happened here? I thought I was making a friend and what really what's happening is this person already had this thought in his head that I was a terrorist and that I was infiltrating the Marine Corps and he had to prove it to himself that his beliefs were true. So he just kept on asking me as many questions as possible until he got the answer that he wanted. 

And the whole point of this is when people are asking you questions about your life, your choices, your business, it might seem like they're being friends with you but really they're not. They're doing this thing where they're trying to fit your situation to this predisposed idea that they already have this bias that they already have and what they are and what they're trying to do is they're trying to make themselves feel better. They have a perspective of this world, they have experiences and a view of this world and if anything messes with that view, for example, if they've been told their entire life that cars do not exist, maybe they lived in an Amish world and cars do not exist in the first time they see a car, they're going to bend over backward to try to justify their own truth. 

So it was the same thing with this guy in the marines. He was bending over backward to try to justify his own truth which was that I am a spy and I am a traitor. And once he got the answer that he was looking for, he was satisfied with himself and he was able to basically just say fuck you, you're a traitor to me and walk away like that. So the point of this is when you're interacting with people, sometimes people do not have your best interest at heart. You don't know what they're thinking. They could have a hidden agenda. And you know, if you're like an easy-going person that's just kind of genuinely happy and things good of the world, then you might not see this coming. 

But as soon as it comes with you, as soon as it comes at you, you know, it could be a little unnerving, maybe even a little devastating. It definitely hurt my feelings. Um, so yeah, so this is the point-like if you are starting your own venture, your own business, the only person rooting for you will really be you. You're going to have all these other people that ask questions and do all these things when they don't have the best when they don't have your best interest in heart. So it's important to recognize that, let me know if you recognize any of these situations in your mind, This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam. I'm out. 

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