Ask and you shall receive
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Ask and you shall receive
June 3, 2021
In this episode, we talk about not letting our ego get in the way of the world knowing what you need.
How many times do you think we let our ego keep us from the things we really need or really want? So the reason for this podcast is because I recently came across a friend's Facebook status update and in a status update, he put, I really need a job. I will take pretty much anything. And it was like a desperate kind of post. But then he had it up for maybe about five minutes and he immediately deleted it. 

I actually saw the post and I didn't know he deleted it. So I reached out to him and I said, Hey buddy, what's up? You know, I saw that you needed a job, let's see if we can, we can help. And he told me he's like, yeah, put that up for a little bit. But I ended up leaving it because it was so embarrassing and I immediately thought to myself, okay. I think if I had been in a situation I would have been embarrassed too. But the reason that I'm actually calling him to help him out is because he actually said something, he put something out there. He was able to make himself be vulnerable for at least a short amount of period where he could be open to receiving help. 

And I think this is one of the most important things is sometimes we let our egos get in the way of us getting the help that we truly need and we start self-sabotaging ourselves. So within the same day, I actually had another person where we were doing a job interview and I really liked this person on the job interview because he was totally honest with me and I love working with honest people because it really lets me know how I can serve them better and how we can actually align together to create something that's much bigger than us, right? And this person, he was telling me about all the different jobs that he's applied to and what he's interested in, what he's not interested in. This is great because this gives me a lot of room to work with. 

And one of the companies that he actually applied to is a company that is founded by a good friend of mine. So it was interesting. So I was like, oh wow, you need this job. And here's what I'm thinking in my head. In my head, I'm thinking, if I can't help this person that I'm interviewing, I like this person, let's say that he's the right person, but I don't have the right seat for him. I can always call my friend up and say, hey, I found this great candidate. I feel like it would be a great fit for the role that you have open and you should interview him. And this helps like all of us outright from this little point of honesty. It helps the person that was very open with me in terms of what they wanted, what companies they wanted to work for, what their future looks like, etcetera. It also helps me because now I know whether I'm getting the right person in the right seats for my thing and if I'm not, I'm actually helping a friend out as well because my friend is recruiting and he's trying to look for the right person to put in the right seat. And this guy might be it. 

And had he not said anything, had he try to fit himself into what I was looking for instead of being true to himself, he wouldn't have had this opportunity where now I actually plan to reach out to my friends say, hey, you should definitely in an interview, this guy because this guy is honest, he's likable, he has the right fit. Um, you just have to test someone's capabilities and see if he's capable of doing what he says he can. So that's it. Right. I'm actually even reminded of my own personal stories when I was out on the investor circuit trying to get investment funding for Coinfeed. 

And one of the things that I thought is I should make my company look bigger than it really is to get investors attracted to it. And I think now that I look back, this was a mistake because here's my thinking, my thinking is banks, who do they give loans to write? Banks will give you a loan to a person that doesn't need a loan. So I'm thinking that if I position Coinfeed as a company that doesn't need an investment, that hopefully, I will be able to attract more investors to my company. In fact, I think what I was doing is I was doing the exact opposite instead of attracting people. I was acting like I already had this great um, interest from different investors, et cetera. And I'm sure that someone on the other end hearing this was like, oh, this company, they're already working with people, it's probably not going to be a right fit for me and they're already talking themselves out of it because they think that you have everything that you need. And that wasn't the case right. I didn't have everything that I need. I needed investment funds and that's why I was actually going out looking for investors. And I think if I had been real about what I need, then I would have gotten what I wanted. 

So this is what this podcast episode is about, is about letting go of your ego and just being real about what your wants are, what your needs are being brutally honest about these. And as soon as you start doing this, I think you will start getting all the things that you deserve. Because we've heard this old saying before, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and that's exactly it. Had my friend had I not seen my original friend that was looking for the job, his post, then there would be no way that I can help him. But now that I know he's looking for a job and he's struggling and he needs something like my eyes and my ears are open and making sure that I try to help support my friend in getting to the life that he wants to live. So, I think this is the point of this podcast. Be honest with yourself, let the world know what you need and the world will provide. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom. Bam. I'm out. 

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