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121. Meet SAFFRON SMALL - British Cycling Ambassador Leading Women in Cycling in the UK
September 8, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Saffron Small, lead how she used the bike to help grieve her dad's death and is now a prominent female cyclist in the UK, who is working closely with the British Cycling Association to promote cycling for women.

 Saffron Small is part of Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling 2019 list for her commitment to helping people of all backgrounds in Northamptonshire to benefit from cycling.

Having loved cycling as a child, Saffron would spend nearly everyday out on her bike but as she approached her teens and could finally drive a car, the beloved bike was relegated to the garage. Fast forward to 2007 and an advert for a charity ride from London to Paris. "How hard can that be" Saffron thought to herself? "Well I can tell you with minimal fitness and no training it was one of the worst experiences of my life; once again my love affair with the bike was over".

Saffron would return to cycling however. In 2013, her life was turned upside down when her step-father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and her biological father committed suicide. On top of that she was working full time, with two young children, and had lost any sense of who she was, of any purpose or direction. In her own words: "At my lowest point, I decided to try and end my life, I was referred to see a counsellor and a doctor and offered a number of pills, but I didn't see this as a long term solution."

"It was during a session with my counsellor that he suggested exercise as a way to combat stress and promote a feeling of wellbeing, my homework was to go away and do something physical. With some trepidation I got my old bike out and rode around my local village, without the targets and minimum speed requirements I'd experienced on my London to Paris trip, I relaxed and for the first time in ages felt free. The bike rides became more regular and got longer and I relished the peace and quiet I experienced on the bike, the only thing I had to focus on was each pedal stroke, for the first time in a long time I felt free."



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