Travel Nursing & Allied Life
#TravCon21 Recap, Scholarships & $1000 New Company Cash Drawing
October 6, 2021
#TravCon21 was incredible in so many ways. Our goal of showing that large events could be hosted safely was achieved: Attendees & exhibitors faithfully wore their masks and followed all the safety requests we had in the hall. The food was incredible and all day coffee was a hit. The sessions were well received and the exhibit hall was crazy with excited attendees engaging with exhibitors.
Our follow-up Covid survey to all who attended was super positive, and can give everyone encouragement for the future of safe events. 

Two announcements for TravCon attendees this year: The first is the $1000 New Company drawing which concludes October 8th. Any TravCon attendee who submits/interviews/signs a contract to a job with a new company they met at TravCon can apply at and have a chance to win $1000!

Another deadline approaching is the TravCon $1000 Scholarships to any previous attendee who is currently taking an advanced degree in any discipline, and who is an active traveler. Deadline to apply is November 1st at

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