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124. MARIE-SOLEIL BLAIS. Adventure Cyclist & Bike Racer. Learn How her Pace WINS the Race.
September 15, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Marie-Soleil Blais, adventure cyclist and kick ass bike racer. BUT behind the racer, learn what you need to do to land a contract with a women's race team.

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Marie-Soleil did her first little bike trips on a mountain bike when she was 13 or 14 years old until hockey became her main focus. 
she played hockey to the highest level, collegiate, and university, she played some games in the professional ranks before my career was jeopardized by injuries and surgery. 
Marie-Soleil would use her bike for fitness training.
 she didn't know anything about racing, didn't know anyone in the sport. 
In 2011, as she prepared for the next hockey training camp in August, an ankle sprain kept her from the gym. she remembers watching the Tour de France while icing my foot, and having this thought: I want to be a cyclist!  quitted hockey and started a new journey. (More about this: )
she started racing in 2012, I first had success on the track and on the criterium scene before turning to the road. 
Marie Soleil only turn pro in 2019 with the Italian women team Astana and participate in my first Worlds Championship in 2019 as well. I'm now a member of the National Team and holds 11 Quebec Champion titles.

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