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"Hey Alexa, how many ICU travel jobs are in Arizona?" -- new inventions and a new type of job marketplace from eRin!
November 9, 2021
Bogged down by all the details required in onboarding to a new company? Meet eRiN, an exciting new app that lists thousands of jobs, simplifies your life, and makes the experience smart for the traveler.
eRiN is a simple, smart aggregator that gives a great search and submission experience. They have over 60,000 jobs listed covering all states. All job types are listed including travel, per diem, full time and perm positions.

All the following details are included in the app, plus so much more!

* Hospital Info: HCAP scores, number of beds, trauma status, patient stats, scrub requirements
* Contract details: rates, reimbursements etc
* traveler ratings (to be added soon),
*  in addition to location details.
* Professional license management (kept updated by
* Certification management
* Skills checklists that once filled out follow the traveler for repeated use
* Housing options listed by type: Airbnb, Furnished Finder, RV park details (thanks to traveler feedback)
* Location details including foodie havens, cost of living estimates, and many other options

Steve demonstrates how easy it is to find specific jobs without lifting a finger - amazing!

Download the eRiN app today to check out the jobs that are available! or in your app store under eRiN Health.

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