341-The Outlook For 2021
World of Empowerment
341-The Outlook For 2021
January 2, 2021
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu spell out what's happening and what the future holds for 2021!

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu ask about the future for 2021 in the Akashic Records. Many people are having difficulty dealing with the issues the current dimensional split raises during these times. Here, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu spell out what's happening and what the future holds! Listen to all our podcasts on iTunes here, or subscribe to our journey of consciousness free on YouTube

All questions are addressed by Source directly through the Akashic Records. You will gain an understanding of what the future holds and how to navigate it.


Aingeal Rose: You're listening to World of Empowerment Radio, your station for practical spirituality in a changing world. And here are your hosts, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu.

Ahonu: Hi, I am Ahonu  and this is my lovely Aingeal Rose. We have a very interesting podcast for you today. We went into the Akashic Records on the last day of 2020. Many people wished for this day many times over the last 12 months, and many couldn't wait to get to the end. We went into the Akashic records to ask Source what was going on and ask questions about the future. Aingeal Rose, I have to say; I am delighted that she is here to help us arrive at clarity around a lot of these issues. 

Aingeal Rose: Yes, as always, we ask Source whenever we're in confusion about anything. And this last year, with everything that's gone on, has led to depression and confusion for many people. We wanted clarity. We have gone through our own brief periods of lack of clarity and we really needed some inspiration by Source, and it gave it to us in the pure love that Source is. Now, we have a whole new vision of what's going on with the earth and this world. We hope you enjoy this. Please enter your comments or write us if you have questions. Thank you. 

Ahonu: The questions we asked were:

Aingeal Rose: The first thing I'm seeing when we opened the records is purple light, and with purple light comes suffering. Humanity still hasn't learned to let go of suffering. This is the energy that's up right now for the planet; the whole idea of suffering, the total belief in suffering, and that we haven't released the idea and the belief in suffering. And that's what we're being asked to do. That's the state of play at the particular moment with humanity. That's what I'm getting initially. 

Ahonu: Okay. Let's start with our first question. What does Source have to say about 2021? 

Aingeal Rose: I'm seeing emerald green, which is the color of healing. And I'm feeling there needs to be a concerted effort by people to want to move into healing. We still have old beliefs to heal, but the emerald green light is available for us if we choose to ask it to come in and help heal us. I'm also seeing yellow, so we'll have periods of enlightenment this year that's coming from the cosmos. We will get bursts of enlightenment this year. We will still see many people struggle in the beginning of the year because people are still in the frame of mind of suffering. But some things will happen this year that are going to turn the tide and make some things better. That's the will of the universe.

I'm seeing spring into summer sunshine shining on us, which feels like positive energy, positive growth. So, there's great potential this year for a lot of clearing, a lot of healing, help from the universe in terms of downloads of information and bursts of awareness. That looks very positive to me.

Christmas next year should be a celebration. People really need to move into the spirit of celebration, celebration of life, celebration of the beauty of the planet, celebration of each other, as opposed to living in a mindset where we're not celebrating, we're looking at more suffering, more sickness, and focusing our attention on that. And we really need to move instead into an awareness of how much there is on this beautiful Earth to celebrate.

Ahonu: The turning of the tide you mentioned has a lot to do with male and female energy. We've been in this domination of male bullish, brutish kind of warlike energy for thousands of years, but the tide is turning. The divine feminine has been crushed and squashed, but there is wisdom coming from women and from the feminine aspect of the earth that is helping to bring sense and balance. Their energies perform a kind of equality of the sexes that may even spill over into the races. There won't be as much of this racism and this ‘them and us’ kind of division and barriers and walls that we have seen in the past. These will be broken down. It has been initiated a long time ago by the divine feminine, but we're seeing it play its part.

Aingeal Rose: We are moving into a new Earth that feels happy, bright, calm and positive. This is where we're headed cosmically, whether we like it or not. The more we can all move into that and accept it, the better we'll all be. But for those who want to hang onto the old paradigm of sickness and death, that's probably what they'll experience. 

Ahonu: How does it look for humanity in 2021? We may have answered that somewhat, but I think this question is coming from perhaps an economic perspective. What's the next step for humankind, or if there is a depopulation attempt as some people perceive, what's the future for humanity like? 

Aingeal Rose: Source reminds us It loves every being. It's all inclusive. So, when we talk about depopulating the planet, that's not Source's will, Source has no desire to depopulate the planet. As for humanity itself, it just determines what they do with their consciousness. This is a time to shift your consciousness out of the old and into the new Earth where there's abundance for everybody. We're unified on a common goal that we all need to help humanity. Source says, part of the problem is not that there's so many people, it's that we don't share. We don't help others. We don't treat humans on the planet as the sisters and brothers that they really are. There needs to be a collective shift in how we see humanity. Are we looking at humanity as too many people who are opposing us, who are taking our resources, or are we looking at humanity as part of the living, breathing system of the earth. Our consciousness will change to a mindset that is focused on beauty and abundance for everybody. And there's plenty of ways we can do that. There are plenty of ways we can share. And that's what the new Earth is like. It's not keeping things for ourselves, separating, or hoarding. There will be none of that competition stuff. Everybody is important to God. God loves everybody. God loves all life, and that's what we need to get. 

Ahonu: Many times in these Akashic Records sessions, when we ask one question, it collapses a lot of the other questions behind it. And one question that was in the lineup was, what is the right way to look at the world? You seem to have identified it and brought it down into one sentence, that it is to serve others, to make other people's lives easier, to love one another as equals, as brothers and sisters. Is that the answer to that question, what is the right way to look at the world? 

Aingeal Rose:  That's part of it, but part of the intention behind that question was, what's the purpose of the world, really? And what I heard Source saying was that the purpose of all life is beauty, appreciating beauty, celebrating beauty and nurturing beauty and love. So, the purpose of anywhere, no matter where you are, is to be valued and appreciated. It's not that one place is a terrible place and another place is good. It's that wherever there is life, there's the potential for love and beauty. The purpose of the world is the expression of love and beauty. And that's the purpose of anywhere. 

Ahonu: Our next question has to do with the Coronavirus. Is it valid or invalid, and how real is it? 

Aingeal Rose: Well, I heard Source say not to use the word 'virus'. What it's saying is this is really part of the disruption of what's going on with the planet right now. A lot of the sickness people are experiencing is coming from earthquakes and cracks in the earth and environmental bacteria. I'm not denying that they could have created a virus in a laboratory (they create viruses in laboratories all the time), but in terms of this question, the cause of people being ill now is not a virus. It is a disruption in the energies of the earth leading to exposure and vulnerability.

We understand the earth is shifting physically. She's got plates moving. She's got earthquakes happening. She's got openings in the earth happening. She's got methane gas building up underneath. She's got polluted waters. Ice caps are melting, and these are releasing old viruses and bacteria.

A lot of what people are getting have been here for a long time, but not surfaced for a long time. They're putting less importance on what they could have created in a lab. And even talking about a mutant strain, that's like how the flu changes every year. Source is not using the words Coronavirus or COVID-19.  It's more about people's vulnerabilities to the environment, and that's what it's all about. 

Ahonu: In terms of the current volatility in the political system in the United States and the uncertainty about the future, is it safe to live in the USA in 2021 and if not, where is safe? 

Aingeal Rose: Source is saying anywhere is safe if you're in the right consciousness. It's showing me two distinct realities. It's basically saying there's an unsafe United States and there's a totally safe United States depending on where your consciousness is. We have to shift our minds over to expressing beauty and love everywhere and coming into unity with one another - that consciousness is safety. But if you're going to stay in a consciousness that is disruptive and separatist, then you're not safe. And that's true, no matter where you are. You could move to the most peaceful place and get clobbered by a building or a piece of wood. So, is the United States safe? Yes, it is. But look for beauty and love everywhere and don't focus on suffering. 

Ahonu: The next question is about 5G and it's also about COVID-19. Is 5G related to COVID-19?

Aingeal Rose: Those frequencies disrupt the immune system. Many people are vulnerable to their environment and to what's going on with the earth and things that are being released from the earth. And 5G, while it's not directly related, and not causing illness, it breaks down the immune system and interferes with the brainwaves of humans. It has its own side effects that wreak havoc and exasperate the problem, let's put it that way. 

Ahonu: There's a question about the planetary lineups that we witnessed in 2020, the convergence, the 13 full moons in the year, the Uluru celebrations on the winter solstice and various other events that happened throughout 2020. The question is, are there things like that that will also line up and happen in 2021? Or have we gone through enough to effect this new Earth?

Aingeal Rose: No, as I mentioned, we still have not gotten out of the suffering consciousness that we’ve been dragging along with us for centuries. We still have a lot of healing to do around that. But I also said there were bursts of light and energies that were coming in that would cause spontaneous enlightenments in people. That's going on this year. You're still going to have pain, let's just say, between the cosmic energies and what has to be cleared off the planet and we're still in this process, but by the summer we should have seen some significant positive changes. I hope I answered that question. 

Ahonu: You did, and as always, you answered all of them so eloquently and so beautifully. It brings us to the end of our session today. We hope you enjoyed that. That stirred us up. I'm sure some of those answers will stir you up too. 

Aingeal Rose: Yes. It really cleared up for us where to put our energy and where not to. So, here we are in 2021. We hope this session has helped you gain some clarity as well. Until the next time, happy new year!

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