Profitable Passions
Overcoming All Odds With Veronica Shier
November 11, 2020
Veronica is a mindset life coach. After overcoming many health related struggles, and learning to deal with Myelomeningocele (aka Spina Bifida), she went from life altering depression to becoming a life coach to help others who struggle with life's challenges. Her light shines bright and gives so much inspiration and meaning in this episode. I can't want for you to listen, especially those with disabilities that think they cannot do meaningful work from home or starting a business. Veronica works with individuals who feel stuck in surviving and are ready to make moves/changes in life to climb the mountain towards a life of thriving! Veronica, herself, has taken this journey. She don't challenge her clients to do anything that she has not already done. She works with them on challenging their mindset and to turn obstacles into opportunities to look for detours to get to our destination. Together they turn anxiety into excitement, depression into passion, and fear into faith!