Founder Of Randy Molland aka The Giving Boss - S6E22 (#212)
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Founder Of Randy Molland aka The Giving Boss - S6E22 (#212)
October 26, 2023
“when you truly know what you're capable of and what your worth is and you bet on yourself and you believe in yourself, you can do so many things in this world. ” In Season 6, Episode 22 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant sits down with the Randy Molland aka The Giving Boss - S6E22 (#212)

Randy is the founder of the GoBigToGiveBig movement which is helping entrepreneurs add a giving component to their business so that as they scale their revenue, they also scale their impact. The idea came to Randy after he suffered severe burnout following the hustle culture and chasing money. He heard someone share on a podcast that if you want to make a million dollars a year, build a business that does 2 million, give a million dollars away and you'll be the happiest millionaire out there. Randy adopted this philosophy into everything that he did and found he was more excited then ever to scale and grow his businesses. After building a successful real estate investing company and mastermind around this giving philosophy, Randy is now building a consulting firm that supports entrepreneurs in doing this in their business by managing their impact and giving as their Fractional Chief Giving Officer. He also is growing the movement by creating the most philanthropic group of entrepreneurs in the GoBigToGiveBig Community and hosting the GoBigToGiveBig Podcast

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In this episode, titled "Founder Of Randy Molland aka The Giving Boss," our host, S. A. Grant, engages in an enlightening conversation with Randy Molland, a remarkable individual whose story will leave you feeling inspired and ready to make a difference in the world.

This episode revolves around the concept of giving back, both in terms of financial success and impact on others. Randy shares with us how he orchestrated the sale of his parents' house and invested wisely in real estate, securing their retirement earlier and allowing them to live more comfortably. The satisfaction Randy felt from influencing others to take similar actions is clear in his voice.

Randy invites us to imagine a journey back in time, reminiscing about the wild side we all once possessed and the transformation of energy that occurs as we evolve through life. Intriguingly, he touches on an image he noticed on a listener's Facebook page, showcasing injuries. We look forward to hearing the fascinating story behind it.

As the episode progresses, Randy reflects on his own upbringing and the values his parents instilled in him. They taught him the significance of giving back and supporting others, even when financial resources were limited. His upbringing led to a unique concept: a fractional chief giving officer, which he is passionate about incorporating into businesses. However, through his mastermind sessions, Randy discovered that many struggle to implement this strategy due to lack of time and knowledge.

Additionally, you'll get to hear Randy recount his exhilarating experience participating in a 36-hour hiking challenge, shedding light on the lessons he learned while hiking through the night. You'll be fascinated by how this adventure shaped his beliefs about his own potential and future goals.

Sports played a significant role in Randy's life and he draws parallels between the skills he acquired through athletics and his success in the business world. From leadership to teamwork, hustle to grind, Randy's sports background provided the foundation upon which he built his career.

The Giving Boss also introduces us to the concept of a "giving bank account," where individuals set aside a portion of their income to buy themselves happiness. Sound intriguing? Randy delves into the different ways this concept can be utilized, sharing personal examples and experiences.

Be sure to listen out for Randy's discussion on the importance of mental and physical fitness. He reveals how extreme fitness challenges helped him gain mental clarity and tap into his true potential. You'll undoubtedly walk away from this episode brimming with ideas and inspiration.

To complement this episode, Randy recommends two must-read books: "The 12-Hour Walk" by Colin O'Brady and "Living with a Seal" by Jesse Itzler. These books provide insightful perspectives on leveraging physical fitness to enhance business skills, and Randy guarantees they'll leave you motivated to forge ahead on your own transformative journey.

In wrapping up, Randy tackles the intricacies of measuring the impact of giving, and leaves us pondering how different types of giving can be effectively tracked. He stresses the importance of identifying the impact we want our businesses to make in the world, and encourages taking small steps towards that goal.

So, whether you're an entrepreneur, a giving enthusiast, or simply seeking motivation to make a positive impact, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Randy Molland, aka The Giving Boss.

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