Weed & Trap Music
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
Weed & Trap Music
February 15, 2021
In this episode we talk about weed and trap music.
Listen to these lyrics. Break records at Louis ate breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar off from, ah, home movie bound on arrival The un American Idol's what people did in Paris Got him hanging off the Eiffel. Yeah, I'm talking business. We talking CIA. I'm talking George Tenet. I've seen him the other day he asked me about my made back. Think he had the same except my intendant and his might have been rendered. You know white people get money, don't spend it. Or maybe they get money by business. I'd rather buy 80 gold changing go ignorant. I know Spike Lee gonna kill me, but let me finish blaming it on the pigment we live in no limits. 

I absolutely loved those lyrics. And in the lyrics, Kanye says, blame it on the pigment. But I don't think it's anything to do with this pigment. I think it has to do with the fact that Kanye is a natural-born hustler. He is a natural-born entrepreneur and he is hypomanic. And when he works in these hypomanic states, um, he likes to splurge. And I think that's why trap music resonates so well with me because everything they talk about this stuff that I love to do. I love to splurge money. I love to do outlandish things. 

I remember when I was shopping for a car, I went out and bought a Porsche because the whole idea behind getting the car is I wanted to buy something that was the most impractical thing ever because it was fun and I just did it. And that's what hypomanic zoo. And there are dangers to that because we don't think about the consequences of our actions, which is something that I am slowly, slowly starting to learn. But now I really understand why I resonate so well with trap music. 

And now what I do is whenever I meet other people, I actually make a very obnoxious comment, and I try to see how they react to it. Um, and this could be anything. It could be a stranger on the street that I meet to some girl that I might like to, a person that I'm interviewing for a job. I'll tell them that I love smoking weed and I love listening to trap music. How about you and I wait for what they say, and I get a good idea of whether they're truthful and honest or not, or how they feel about it, how open they are and whether they be really comfortable working with me, because at the end of the day they need to be comfortable with me, and I need to be comfortable with them. 

If they don't like my behaviors, then it's going to make them feel uncomfortable and it's not gonna be a good vibe. So whoever I do associate with and put myself around, I do want to make sure that we have a really good report with each other. So now I say, Yeah, I like I like weed and I like trap music. How about you? And I think that's a very hypomanic thing to do and say So I feel like that statement by itself will resonate with other natural-born entrepreneurs as well. I'll see you guys in the next episode 

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