Host your own webinars and courses for supplemental income
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Host your own webinars and courses for supplemental income
November 30, 2020
In this episode, Sheldon goes over the importance of doing your own webinars and courses as opposed to being a contract instructor. Supplemental income is the only way to reduce the ebb and flow of income during the consulting cycle.
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[00:00:00] :  this episode is powered by Safety FM. Welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I'm your host, Sheldon Primacy Thistles, the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. So this week is actually the week of thanks, well, the week after Thanksgiving in the US and I guess if you're not in the US, that doesn't mean anything to you, Thanksgiving or not. But for us in the US, we just had a huge Thanksgiving dinner and just time with the family. It's a little strange this year because of the pandemic, but we decided that in my family everybody that's been in our own little personal bubble with us that we've been seeing throughout the whole pandemic time that will have them back. So small family gathering. That's what we did. And it was great. Have a good time, thanks to a bear, especially meets for the turducken I got. Love me some to duck in. That's one of those things that we've got. Let's see. This is the second time we've got it. It was a chicken boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck, which is stuffed into a boneless turkey that spacey here is me thinking and remembering the order that those goes So, uh, Heber, especially me to spelt like he Bert And I remember if you if you go back way back into one of my episodes with with Skipper Kendrick, he gives a story and he's from the Louisiana area and he gives a story of actually knowing somebody with the name Mid first middle and last name spelt the same h e b e r t and the person's name Was he Bert Herbert a Burt? So each one of those things, they're spelt the same. But in some parts of Louisiana, you're not going to say he, Bert h e B E r t you're going to say a beer because that's the Cajun way of saying it. But anyway, I digress. So this week is only gonna be a solo episode. You're going to get me, and I'm gonna be talking about a few things that is on my mind regarding having your own extra set of money coming in, such as doing live streams and webinars and a few other things like that and then also, uh, hosting your own courses, right? So I'll tell you this after a word from a sponsor, and then we'll get into it. Just you and me this week. Do you want to be a safety consultant? Listen to Dr J. Allen of Safety FM give his experience after taking the safety consultant blueprint course. I have actually done research on different consultants and looked at different consulting courses and so on. There is a pretty fancy, very expensive consulting course that is out there. I have actually purchased the consulting course was interested in. It has good information. Don't get me wrong, but you have a consulting course that really drives people onto focusing on safety and how to become a safety consultant. I will tell you on your particular course, there was better information in that particular regards than the other consulting course. There was more of a generalist form, but I figured I felt like I got more information out of yours on your giving people direct half on what to dio step by step. But I really think that you have a genuine good product there. They could really assist people if they're interested in becoming a safety consultant. Register for the safety consultant blueprint at w w w dot safety consultant blueprint dot com Enter code podcast for a special discount. Could you please? Thank you. All right, welcome back. So this is going to be us jamming vibe in It's actually the name of the song vibing e actually haven't got putting it up on the website yet. If you go to sheldon promise dot com backslash music, you'll have all the music that I've created for my show. Um, in writing mood. So I've been trying to write some more music lately. I've got one that zits coming up that I'll probably end up having to play. So that means be ready for a music episode. I'm probably going to do that the week of between Christmas in new years. So what my plan is, and make sure that you go ahead and subscribe to the channel right now. Be ready for this is from Monday until Friday, the week after Christmas. Um, leading towards my 100th episode is so close that I want to have my 100th episode to be in 2021 the very first episode of 2021. So traditionally speaking the week between, uh, Christmas and New year's people don't do. Jack and I might even add Jack shit so they don't really do much during that week because it's the holiday vibe and no one really wants to go anywhere, do anything, So I'm okay with that. However, What I'm gonna do is I'm going to do a bunch of interviews with people that have meant a lot to me throughout this time of being, ah, podcaster And some of them are going to be on the safe TFM family. And, uh, I'll just have them do one episode each week or to say each day. So you'll have a regular episode of Monday. Tuesday. We'll have, ah, special guest Wednesday. We'll have a special interview. Not guessed is wrong. Yeah, guest will stay that way Wednesday. Same thing Thursday. Same thing Friday, Same thing. And then when I come back the first Monday e believe it should be the first Monday of the year. If I'm thinking that's right, it will be my 100th episode with a very, very special guest, and that one's actually recorded. So be pre record episode. But I had a good time with this guest. I'm not even going to say gender because I want you guys Teoh be able to come and listen to it. So this is one of the things that I'm going to definitely enjoy. So throughout the junk week, I don't know what you want to call it. The the empty week that you have between Christmas and New Year's. Join me. Listen to the podcast a little bit extra. I'm gonna add some stuff to just make it fun for you. So that is going to be what I'm gonna do for theatrics. UAL week leading in between Christmas in New Year's. Alright, so that is where you want to. Really? Just pay attention. All right, let's get into the show. So I was talking a little bit about supplemental income. I know. I've had this kind of a theme throughout the whole, uh, show. You've seen it in the book. Those of you that air taking my blue pin course that you hear Dr J. Ellen talk about into commercial Before I got started, you have seen ah, little module in that course that says that you should do something for supplemental income. And I was thinking about this recently because it's even Mawr just right now without this third wave of cove it going through globally, how are we gonna make money if we can't physically go out to clients? Rain? So we really need something. So I just think thinking, let me revisit training again. Let me revisit doing webinars again so that you can start thinking about that. It's been a always a big portion of my business to reach out in some sort of weapon our way where at first I was, uh, doing webinars for other companies, Um, is a whole bunch. I can't even remember the names right now. If you look at my bio on my LinkedIn page, you'll see all the ones that I've done, uh, webinars for It's been a shit ton. It really has been. I'm just like I at one point. What basically boils down to is I decided that I could do this myself. So what they would do is hire me. Some companies wanted to hire me for maybe, like a $200 retainer, and then a percentage after a certain rate, and if they canceled, I would have had that time that I would not have gotten recouped and usually they canceled, like, two days three days before, and I was just shit out of luck. So, um, e better hit the button on this one. So whenever you're going to see the explicit button on this one, uh, maybe that's the whiskey talking. Who knows? But anyway, I was just completely I just got fed up with that, you know, just I wanted to make my own money. And so I had started to make things work and, uh, decided That's it. I'm done doing, uh, webinars for any other company except myself. So I just started hosting my own webinars, and that's what I do today. I host my own webinars, and I have a webinar system. I even have enough that if you want to do this route, I already got into it, so I could I could I could host you. I could do that. I could host you doing your own webinars. Just contact me. Uh, Sheldon at sheldon prime is dot com. Can't be easier than that. Right, Sheldon, at sheldon primary dot com, contact me. Say, uh, in the head or something. Uh, webinar hosting. Let's say webinar hosting. So I know to pay attention to this one because I do get a lot of emails. So go ahead and just doing a header. Webinar hosting and I could host you just we'll work something out. I'm not here to make a killing. We'll just, you know, just compensate my time and and, uh, just whatever percentage we come up with, but it's a lot cheaper than having to, you know, do the whole service yourself and all that stuff, so we'll work it out. See, that's what happens when you think about things on the fly. But anyway, with the webinars, what you really want to do is you want to give yourself roughly about I would say, two months, I've tried it less. It doesn't really work that much. So you're coming up with your topic for two months ahead of time, and you want your topic to be, um, do something you're strong at, but then also do something that you feel the market needs now. And it's not about you. It's about the listeners. So you really want to make sure that you're going to pay close attention to some of your linked in feed. Some of your Facebook feeds and some of the things that you're hearing your network talking about. If you have expertise in that and you got two months ahead of time so we're right now, the time of recording this is gonna be pretty much the first week of December when you guys hear this. So right now, you should be planning for late January, early February, Webinars. And what you really want to do is give people enough time to know that you got one coming and that's going to give you enough touch points with them. So truly, you need to collect the email addresses, and that's gonna be from when they sign up for the webinars. And then throughout the time between now and then, you're gonna try toe. Keep reaching more and more people. If you haven't pixels your website, which basically means wherever they register, you have a code that goes into their um, I guess it's the cookies. If you remember the wording cookies for your browser, there's a little code that goes in there, follows them wherever they go, and you could have pixels for Facebook. Pixels were linked in pixels for Google and a few others. But what you're looking for is you could then now advertised specifically to these people that went to that page and said, Hey, I want to register for your your webinar But they didn't actually purchase. They're interested in wanting to see what it was, but they didn't purchase then. Now you could send them a little, um, nudge, if you will, by a advertising to specifically them When you when you do that kind of tracking process. So that's a good way of, you know, keeping it out there. You might want to do some, Like for me. I've been doing Lincoln Facebook twitch lives. It's all one feed, but it's being redistributed through. Um, stream Yard is what I'm using right now, but I've got re stream and they get a couple of other things that I used. That is another way for you. Then to at the end of your broadcast. Then go ahead and tell people what's coming right now. I have ah OSHA compliance. Help Master class that I'm gonna be doing so after every broadcast. I would say Visit Sheldon, Prime Minister com backslash event and I have been using Sheldon Primary dot com because it's really easy for me to just go ahead and use Sheldon Prima's dot com than anything else. Back slash events makes it even easier, because now they only have to remember my name and that it's an event I could say. Sheldon prima's dot com backslash webinar if I wanted to. Our webinars It's up to you. However, you want. Thio promote your your page. Make it easy for people to understand and know where to go, and then when they get there, I have a system that will actually take care of all the billing and everything else like that. So I bought into that company, and so far it's been excellent. And if you guys air into doing webinars or you wanna do events, especially live events, let me know. Sheldon and Sheldon primacy. Com. Put in that little header or the topic, and then just let me know. Hey, live webinars or live events and then we'll work something out. I got you, I got you. Uh, the other thing I want to make sure that I mentioned is courses. You've heard me talk a lot about teachable, and they also have a few other platforms that I've used along the way. I've used little if used just everything. I set up my own courses on my word path the WordPress page who say that a few times fast, right? I've done that. A bunch with courses. Right now, I've settled on the course, Uh, that I really like again, If you're interested in hosting your courses, I have enough where I could actually authors where I could add you on and and then again, like before, we'll work out whatever rates you guys, uh, I'm open to that. So what we're gonna do if you're that one, would be Uhh. Sheldon premise dot com. Sheldon Sheldon privacy dot com In the header, you're gonna say courses their course hosting. So then now I know I could delineate Women are hosting versus course hosting and let me know what you got. So, with courses, what you really want to do with courses is just start with the core courses that you would use for OSHA compliance such as permit required, confined space, electrical safety, fall protection. You can't say you're giving them a 10 hour course meaning the OSHA to our authorized course if you're not an authorized instructor. But if you're an authorized instructor, you still can't use your own courses for this. You actually have to do it live because that's the way OSHA has it. Three only people that are being able to do it a synchronously is companies like Read Vector 3 60 training, and I think there's nine companies that could do it right now. Click safety, I believe, is one of them. But the ocean is not gonna have any more people do those anymore, especially not right now. There's just just too much for OSHA that they don't want to do that. And I even asked myself, So you're gonna end up having to host a 10 and 30. Our general industry and construction live through some sort of zoom or something similar to that? Uh, that's you know, the way you have to do that. It has to be pre approved by your O. T. I. C. However, if you want to do your own courses and I do several my courses that I host for personal clients or I hosted in a public setting the OSHA compliance masterclass, the one that I'm doing a live event. It is actually coming off of a course that I currently have available in my catalog. And then, of course, the safety consultant blueprint course for those that are interested in being safety consultants, that courses there. So you got to get a lot of touch points with courses as much as you can. Writing, of course, isn't too hard to tell you the truth. You probably have power power points that you've developed throughout your career, things that you may have used for someone else. What you're gonna do with that thing is you're gonna break it up into small, bite sized pieces, and once you do that, you're going to record video to it. So this now becomes an instructor. Led, of course. So let's say it would have normally taken you four hours to do a confined space entry class. All right, let's break out that four hours into six different videos and for each one you're gonna count, it has its own thing, and you're going to give it a module objective. You're going to give a quiz for the end of each module. You're gonna have a handout for that section. That is your course. So as you're doing all of that grouping it together when someone's done with it, you could give him a certification or usually just a certificate of completion. It's really what it boils down to, and then that is your course. So it's one of those things that you really could do yourself. You don't need to have, uh, you don't let me say it this way. You could add that service to what you're already doing, and there's plenty other systems out there. I've used a bunch of them of it got too costly. Where I was using teachable was my last one. Yeah, they have a free one, but you could get it takes you salon to get paid and all that stuff, And I'd rather just do the hosting myself. And so I I got a company that I could do hosting for many people. So if you're interested in doing that, you could be part of the authors for this and and truly that's gonna be one of the ways I'll help you. I got a lot of listeners now. It's starting to build, so I can't do this for everyone. So this is really the dedicated people. The people that really want Thio branch out with their business. They see that they have some stuff to offer, and they're ready to do the next thing. The next stage. Uh, this is a growth model because some people they don't have, ah growth model yet further business. They're just in startup model. So that's a game. That's where you are. You're just starting up your business. You're not ready for this yet, but those people that are in growth mode, you're ready to build your business, then hosting your own webinar, hosting your courses. It's the natural progression. You actually have to start doing that stuff to keep your business viable. So that's Ah, that's the key. Keep yourself viable. Keep yourself working on all the different angles that you need to to keep your company growing, especially for the start of the year, because right around now, if you haven't noticed, the budgets get a little bit tighter and right before the end of the year. People don't want to start new jobs where things get canceled because all of a sudden people are taking vacations. So if this is the case, then truly you're gonna wanna prep for 2021. This is the time to do it. So I'm gonna help you out. Sheldon, at Sheldon prime, It's not calm. And go ahead and send that info to me and whatever. One If if you want me to help you with Webinars, if you want me to help you with hosting your courses either way, I'm down. Let's do this thing. All right. Um, I am going to do another one next week. Regular? Uh, me. I've been trying to get a lot of these solo ones in because you're gonna have a week coming up pretty soon with me doing interviews for pretty much the whole week leading up to my 100th episode, which would be the first week in January. I wish I remember that date. But anyway, I'm so glad that you guys were hanging out with me, and I really appreciate each and every one of you. I've been getting great feedback. People are catching and Lincoln to catch me in the Facebook group or just catch me everywhere. So I'm good for that. Uh, this week, I'm gonna be doing, uh, linked in Facebook Live 11 oclock on Tuesday and Thursday. So if you haven't been on my LinkedIn, you go to Sheldon. Uh, while Lincoln dot com backslash in backslash Sheldon primers. That's me. And then go ahead. I can do a connection with you. If you want to join the safety consultant group, you go to your Facebook com backslash groups with an S backslash safety consultant. And if you're doing that one, then, uh, if you're doing that one, then truly what you're going to do is answer all the questions, especially the one that says you agree to all the terms of this group. If you leave that one blank or you don't answer it or you say no, obviously then I can't let you in the group, so you might as well go ahead and answer the questions, especially that one. There's roughly 1800 global members right now, and we're going pretty fast. So and when I say global, it is truly global all over the world and, uh, and your consultants helping each other or safety officers helping each other so people aren't even consultants yet. So that's facebook dot com Backslash groups back slash safety consultant No s And that's how you get there. And I'm gonna be doing live streams. Tuesday, Thursday, this week. Tuesday, Thursday, next week, 11 Eastern standard time. Chances are, will be 11 to 11. 30. That's about the most time I have. Because I got a few things going on later on in the afternoon in the AM are actually in the P m. So hitting all the buttons I can hear e don't know which button to hit. So I'm just gonna hit this one because it's the one that I'm supposed to be hitting when I get out of here. I don't have my board up here, so I hit all the pads. All right. Enjoy your holiday weekend. I guess the holiday after this is when I used to take vacation. Eso If you're still at work, you have a great week. If not, have a great vacation. I will touch you next Monday. Go get him. Yeah. This episode has been powered by Safety FM