Rebranding Safety
Refelcting on my chat with John Green
December 14, 2020
This week I reflect on last weeks conversation with John Green.
Click here to listen to my chat with John Green;

Notes from last weeks chat 
John Green is a legend in the safety world. Credited with bringing Safety differently to the UK with Laing O’rouke, He has worked in oil, petrochemical, aviation, utilities and electronics industries both in the UK and overseas. Employed both in the public sector as an HSE inspector and in the private sector at various levels. He has been part of nearly every major event in safety working in the Emirates as they start to seriously think about Safety. Working at BA during the concord and 9/11, working with Laing O’rouke as they are the rebels in the construction world and they start their journey into a new view in safety. One of the people in the room with Sydney Dekker and our other guest in this min series Kelvin Genn when the phrase Safety Differently was coined. 

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