Nutrition Heretic
Health Benefits of Coconut Oil and Coconut Water; What to Use It for, and More with Guest Heretic Coconut Guru Bruce Fife
April 21, 2016
Today’s episode starts off with a discussion about why Fat is the new black; what’s going on with so many fat people in an educated society?  Will simply changing the quality of fats make one healthier and even lose weight? Welcome to Bruce Fife, CN and ND, author of over 20 books including The Coconut Oil Miracle, Coconut Cures, the Detox Book, Stop Vision Loss Now! and many, many more.  Bruce has been researching coconuts for 20 years.  This week he chats to Adrienne about the differences in coconut oil and palm oil, how coconuts are farmed, what you can expect coconut oil and coconut water to do.  Coconut oil is being touted as a wonder-food, but why? Is coconut oil just a panacea? Is the coconut so perfect? Or is there a way to get too much? Is there any contraindication for coconuts?  How did coconut get such a bad rap? Bruce and Adrienne discuss how coconut oil used to be common but how marketing by big companies changed this in the USA and how that has even affected the use of coconut oil in other countries such as Jamaica and Fiji. What can you use coconut oil for?  Its usefulness goes beyond eating and drinking it.  Find out why it’s great for mechanics!  Can it be used as an IV fluid?  And Bruce answers all our listener’s questions about Coconut oil.