Safety FM with Jay Allen
The Return of Sheldon Primus
May 5, 2020
Today on The Jay Allen Show, it's the return of Sheldon Primus from The Safety Consultant Podcast. Today on the show Sheldon talks about becoming a safety consultant during Covid 19 and how to start a business. Also, Jay address the challenge presented to the ASSP, which still has not responded. Enjoy it all today on the Jay Allen Show
this is limited in this show is brought to you by safety fm  streaming on safety FM dot Life The low and welcome to another episode of the J. Allen. Show, thank you for coming back one more time to give us one more chance as you take a listen to what we have going on here today. Well, like we've been talking about over the last few weeks, one of make quick reference today is May the fifth. As of right now, as we are doing the intro to this show, we have still not heard back from the American Society of Safety Professionals in regards of coming onto the show and talking about safety 2020.  Now, I did tell you that this was something that we were going to ask for an attempt to push forward, but apparently they're not interested in our offer. Now, as you are aware, there's 24 hours in a day so made the fifth is until the remainder of the evening. But once that goes board, then I guess we're just gonna have to move on and then really deuce of addressing to some other questions that we have about safety 2020. That's presented by the A s S B. But I want to bring that up real quick because there's been some question between this show and the rated R safety show about that invitation that we had for the American Society of Safety Professionals.  So as we move forward today from time to time were able to get him on the show. So I do enjoy any time that I have a conversation with one and on Lee Sheldon Prime Miss. And today on the show, as we have Sheldon on, we are going to discuss safety consulting. Is it a good idea to become a safety consultant during the pandemic? So let's go from there. Sheldon, welcome to the show. How are used her and good. Good area. Better than I deserve. Thanks for asking. Good.  How do I sound as faras quality? You sound like yourself. Would you like to sound like somebody else? I'm sure you could make that those arrangements for you. You gotta Denzel. But, um, I said sound or not. Looks great, that one. But they could sound like the guy from the, uh the the insurance congressional speak for him. We are farmers Bum moto Wrong one, right? Also all state guys primary we're talking about now that voice. So I want I want to bring you on Of course, as you are aware because we already had this discussion.  But, you know, some people don't know this, but you know, I have to ask because everything is kind of going very odd at the moment, inside of the world, as you are fully aware and you are still pushing and telling people to become a safety consulting, which I think is excellent is the timing correct? Yeah, that's that's a question that you're gonna have to ask your personal whoever is that decision maker for you with you, let's eight. That late is a time for you. But I think right now is more uniquely the time for those that are willing.  Teoh kind of take that that little step out because truly if you feel your job is on the chopping block, because a lot of people they take safety is being like one of the first things they're gonna end up, you know, chopping. So let's negotiate your in a chopped safeties budget. You're gonna chop my job Let's negotiate a little, Let's see how we can work this thing out. And then at that point, it could be a good springboard. So I have to ask, because I'm morbidly curious.  Here you are, Safety consultant. You have been support sometime. How is your business doing? Is it doing well with everything going on? Yeah, actually, um, and I could see in phases of my career that it would not be going well, so let's say in the beginning it takes a long time to get started. So that's why I say if you're going to do this jump now, it should be more of a negotiation tactic as saying I will already have X amount of clients or I'll have one client who was my previous employer to start off.  I didn't have that. So without having that in this climate, I wouldn't be doing as well as I am now, because now a lot of my job is is has been over the last year or so online and I do things U N meetings online. I've been everybody zoom crazy. Now zoom, zoom That and I've been on zoom for two years because I transitioned to that, because I have to. When I left my physical location of my house and bought that RV for traveling, I was going to go do that anyway.  So for me, I've I've truly have a transition to a couple of years before this. So I'm still doing my saying work with my clients whenever I need to talk to them Will do the zone calls like we have been in the past. They email me stuff and I review it. Send it back to home. I've been writing a whole bunch of online courses because everybody's going online, and I've been writing online courses for companies anyway, and new companies were calling me to write online courses now, so I don't know how they got my name, but for me, that part, yes, this has been going well, but those that I'm telling came this might be your opportunity.  It you're gonna have to do something that I don't fundamentally like, which is you're going to have to probably have a larger percent of your business. Be one or two clients on Lee because of the way the timing is right now. But when you could grow and you know you can't. You can't stop time. Because time everyone says was that five years day that takes for business to be a going concern. Something like that. Something on those lines based on research. Yeah. So if we're gonna try toe, get that timeline and quicken it up, you're gonna end up having to do two things.  You're gonna have the, you know, transition your regular job that you used to have that you're about to get fired off of that. You just said, All right, I'm gonna be your safety consultant, and you're gonna have to go out and try to get more work at the same time. So that means you're going to try to diversify a in some other way. Truly, it could be creating your own courses online. So now you could have a portal that your new clients, which is your old boss or people in your circle of influence?  Now you're saying OK, I could provide you my face, my training online and you're going not going to pay. The price is you will some of those bigger companies that that now or providing online courses. So you put me out of a job. I don't know. Is that what it turns out to be? I'm telling people Put me out of a job as a content writer and instructional designer. No, I'm telling you to go ahead and do things yourself. Take, take the wheel, drive your own life.  Well, let me ask a couple questions that are going to come out of this, of course. So there's number one. The first, in the obvious portion, would be this. Things that seem to be very important a few months back have entirely changed from from what they were to what they are now. I guess that's first and foremost. Seems like some people are looking at this and going well. The job that I thought was important is not as important to what my future needs might be. That's first number two.  You're seeing a lot of people coming to the space now because it could be lack of job trying to do something different because of all the changes. What do you think is going to happen in regards of pricing structure? Because now we're seeing people come into the marketplace, and I'll tell you, there is a consultant or I guess a starting consultant that just put on a course online where they're saying that they have high caliber, high quality, high everything information available to the general public. And they're doing their coursework for a year.  450 bucks and I was looking at and I go. That's pretty much pricing a lot of things out of the market, depending if you look at that particular consultant and say that they're bringing high quality information to you. So what do you think that's going to happen with some of these pricings? Because, of course, everybody's thinking online at the moment. But if things open back to will say semi normal where you have meetings in person, what we're looking at pricing structures there is going to cause a market disruption because of this.  Well, there's always been that and, you know, down to the low bid on getting ah, you know, roofing contract. People go for the low bid and now you're gonna bring down that market raid for that whole community. And it's always been people doing that and they're getting into their getting into the market and people are going to go and you know go for the low bid, but the quality of work is going to show up. And if this person is truly saying they've got the quality and now they have the prices, you know God bless him, let him go ahead and get and do that.  But, ah, the volume, but they're going to need to sustain the business is going to be different. So that means their client couple that they're reaching are going to be people who are only going to be able to pay or only see the value of paying in that value. So it could be that you may have to flip the switch if you will and say My not only is this quality, but I Onley I'm going to choose the X amount of number of people that I'm going to take over a certain amount of time and jack that price up.  So now, though, there are not people who are paying for, you know, physical buildings anymore, or their rent might be reduced cause now they don't need a full property. They could only go, you know, half and they make a whatever deal with their ah, their landlord. That's actually money that is going to be saved for them. So in theory, if they are going to ramp up sales in any way, you know, because right now you're going to get things where it's going to be less sales, the market.  Everything's going down. Everyone's ability to buy is going down. So when the and actually starts turning, then truly they're gonna end up seeing that we could save money by doing stuff and buying more things. But I want to be able to get that quality. So that means if someone is ready to provide, you know, high quality, raise that price of make it scarce, then you could flip the switch. In that way, this J. Allen show. I want to be a resource site that will give you the ideas that you need more growing.  Your business, such as teaching resource, is because you got to be a teacher when you're out there and that's gonna be part of your base. Were growing a client way, have OSHA compliant topics including written programs and assessments that you could use for getting your business going, and also it's a group community of other people are doing what you're doing is safe. Thank you for listening to safety FM. We are here to help you in this time of need. Make sure to join us on Patri on Ford slash Safety of Em Way are back on the Jalen Show on safety.  And so yeah, that enters the question. I mean, but there's so many different things that come out of this, of course, because it's a market disruption. Number one. I mean, let's say, for instance, you have somebody out there. Let's say they're charging $500 for their course. There's no way that they're going to be able to lower their price to match someone who's coming into the space at 1 50 Now, of course, as the other apportioning at the look at their to is that the person that charging the 1 50 has to get significant amount of people were to make it worth their while.  At least that's my opinion. But when you start looking at some of the conversations that you and I have had in the past on the show, we talk a lot the last time about Aaron Emissions insurance. When you're building coursework like this, is this something that the person needs to look into as well. Um, I have it because I have in my regular business. So it's I'm not gonna tell anyone, not get it, cause it's very good toe have, especially when you do start doing one of one training for clients as opposed to, um, training.  That can be just anyone going online then that's a different type of liability, however. Ah, if you're gonna be that individual that says I am going to provide overall training, permit required confined space or in the compliance type training and you're sticking to the actual standard of your country. Ah, then that becomes less liability. So therefore, if you're doing that type of training, then you're probably not gonna need that insurance. But if you're going to start doing specialized training and let's say you're going to be that that hop expert, you know, the human organization performance and that becomes more specialized, and if you're going to generate your income by not only training but performing, you know they don't really call it investigations in the hot world like we do in some of the other no think, do the coaching, you know, sessions.  And if you're gonna now parlay this training into a coaching session, you're gonna need your insurance, so you're still gonna end up having that cost. The interesting part that I keep on seeing is that a lot of people that I never thought would go into, let's say, the virtual space because they were like, Oh, now the way that our stuff works it's not really virtual are now going into the space, and there has been a mad rush of people in the space. And I will tell you, it's interesting looking at the people that are really, I guess, really understanding or not really understanding, but seeing social media for what it is, where you can put stuff on Facebook, on Facebook, on LinkedIn and sell wine.  But they think that a lot of the information out there is about how much content you can put out and not about the quality of the content. And I'm seeing a lot of that like there is a well say unknown consulting or consulting. We'll just call it a consulting group that has started to put out videos daily in the videos. I'm not going to see their their quality videos. I mean, if they almost sound or look like they're being recorded inside of somebody's like home office and it does not come across well, the camera goes up.  The person is now is pretty much by the way that it looks. And I mean, I'm not begging. I'm just saying I'm not definitely if you can tell when they've done it or not. But but the other portion that you have to look at here is when you start doing quantity over quality, are you losing your target market? Well, that's the key so that they first do any kind of market analysis. Or they're reaching people they're trying to reach people that are gonna fit their what they call the customer avatar.  So truly, when I do things like this and you know, I've I'm like, you know as much as I can be, I try to go out and do everything myself. So I do raw and real videos, and it looks like it and them unapologetic in some ways in that way. But the people who have been familiarized with me know that that's my style. That's you know, that's just how I come across and they expect that from me. But when I want to take it to another level, and I know it's gonna be time for me to do that, that's not going to reach my customer avatar.  That's gonna pay me the higher dollars. So I'm going to have to you transition myself and say, All right, let's get the production in Let's go ahead and you get a hold of J and see if he could produce some of my stuff and you know, the the actual production that comes with people who are looking for a higher clientele. You could tell them as much as you can that your quality product and you're gonna give them quality service. But if they're looking at something that is not quality than I could have trust you.  So Ah, I know for myself I'm gonna have to make that leap when I go to those quality people. I've been lucky that they've been coming to me because of you know, my length of time in the business and and some of the work I've done. But if someone is just starting out and now they're ramping up these things and thinking social media is everything you know, social media right now and forgive me for the soapbox, but right now you're seeing it where social media, people that are producing things, they're making it more of what you would see it as in a product for entertainment.  They haven't been transitioning where it's a product for business and critical business thinking. So they're gonna have a disconnect with the quality of customer is going to feel that this will better serve their products. So sure, they're going to get a whole bunch of clicks and likes and everything. But that doesn't translate into customers. So that's the That's the transition part that they're going to need to first to, ah, profile of whoever there customer avatar is. Where does that customer at the car live? And when I speak of average cards, just like if you're building a video game and you're trying to choose how your character looks that your avatar No, not not not the Blue James Cameron movie.  Yeah, blue guys. Yeah. Jake Sully, when I see you surprised. I remember that, right? I mean, but here's the thing. I mean, what I'm seeing a lot of it seems like it's people that are jumping into the space, and I'm not picking that. They're trying to do something different. What it looks like. They're just dumping all of the content that they can inside of will use the Lincoln because that city seems to be the most popular 14 businesses and they just drop. They just drop everything all in there, thinking that that's how they're going to attract.  Now, would you recommend people taking some version off, Maybe a social media course? Or do you just think that they just need to learn on their own as they go? Well, im academic. So I was even in course. First, if you're going to do this, you're gonna have to look for you know first, if they're pouring it into lengthen is their client, and the customer is potentially spending that time and lengthen, even if it's not. The decision maker is the Florence for to the decision maker gonna be on lengthen, or you just wasting your money and putting up content content.  Still good. You're going to use that content and repurpose the content. Hopefully, if you're doing it right for other things and put it in a newsletter or you're gonna put it as, ah YouTube channel that you could use for people of follow up with later on after your client. But if you're trying to attract someone that's gonna hire you, then maybe a year you should be looking for a profile of saying Okay, this person is probably going to spend more time on a website of a professional nature other than length in but more of, ah, industry type of specific thing.  And then you're gonna have to think of ads. I have to do an ad for this company and put it in this venue, or I'm gonna have an ad that I'm gonna place on, probably a podcaster listening to and now that is going to disrupt everything. So if they're frantically making videos for length in than the YouTube without thinking of where is truly my decision maker, listening to where they're going to get information to make a decision on business, Bender putting their efforts in the wrong place.  So you're talking then at that point, paid ads, not organic, adds correct. Organic is good. It's good to get you, Alan. It's good to get you of noticed, and it's going to create ah system so that you can actually broadcast your message, and it becomes the law of numbers at that time. But if I was gonna put you in a room with 1000 people and say, I'm going to let you go up there for five minutes and tell me what you want to do with your business, you'll see all right, Cool.  And you give up my 1000 cards, business cars, each one of these people. All right, You made yourself famous with 1000 people. But if I said that that 1000 people is not ready to buy your product, you wasted your time or you're really you just put in a seed. But if I said I'm gonna put you in there saying Ah, room. But let's make it 50 people. And now these 50 people are ready to buy the product that you're about to offer that's going to make more of a value. And even if you said I'm gonna charge you to be in this room of 50 people, but they are ready to buy the thing you're gonna offer, I think I'll pay that that there's a price point.  There's the point. There's, ah concept called willing to pay willingness to pay. And basically, it's the concept is people love their. They're whatever it is that they're they're feeling like environmental consciousness ing. All right, you got to recycle. And then at some point, they'll say there's a tipping point with Price that says, Well, maybe all recycle or not, but it's gonna cost me a little too much to recycle. And that's the willingness to pay concept. So the same thing is, comes with business, you know, willingness to pay.  Yeah, I could do all the free content. They want Darlington than Facebook and YouTube. And I feel really good because I'm getting the likes and the shares. But if it's not bringing back a return, it's empty. So that means you're gonna probably end up having to pay something at some time to get the return you need. It's time for you to listen to BFM. Enjoy some of the best home on a black between Al in jail. Would she Alan Free accident investigation with Dr Kind Chocolate Essential leadership cycle with Broth Fisher the same key pro, But please shave off building building.  Private Baby Bro Jill Change in 19 years TV Culture with Doctor Doom Ludwig Talk with Mike Sitting out the hot here Rated R safety ship. Oh, with thank you for listening to safety FM. We are here to help you in this time of need. Make sure to join us on Patri on Ford slash Safety of Em Way are back on the Jalen Shut on safety And so what about the approach that summer taking right now during the whole Kovar 19 aspect where they're giving away the farm and I'm talking about There's there some people online right now that they're giving away almost every single piece off anything that they teach or they're even doing live webinars that are free.  And there's one person out there that's doing a Monday through Friday every single day and sometimes or even doing two a day and they're opening it for free for the people. Do you think that might be a good approaches of well in regards off here? I'm giving this to you for free now, and you can come back to me later. Now keep in mind that this is an established consultant. This is not somebody who starting off in the mix of this. All right, that uses my answer.  So thanks for that little qualification there. And eso. Here's my answer. Depends. See if you hate people that do that right? I sometimes the people who use depends quite I have questions for, but that's a whole other thing. Yeah, that's basically the thought process. Is this am I doing this action? Am I doing this thing? Because I feel in this time that this is the time that I want to give back and doing my part. And it's altruistic type of thing. However, in the back of my mind, I know that, yes, eventually these people will feel like, you know, Sheldon took care of me.  Now I'm gonna If I need this service, I'm going to go to him later. And that's the law of reciprocity. So, yeah, everyone has that law built into them where if someone keeps giving and giving giving to you that eventually you're gonna feel necessity to give back to them, and it's gonna drive you but no one while I should say no one, they are people that know that point. But if you're in business. It's not sustainable because eventually you're going to need that money. So if someone is going to rely on you giving them free and then that you're changing it to a price point without doing a pricing strategy to see what they're willing to pay the first time and have an incremental increase, you're probably gonna lose them all together and they'll go someone else, even if they pay for someone else because they're thinking, well, shall discharging the anyway.  So might as well go over here in this deeper. Uh, it's a two edged sword. It's so first, and I want to get too far away from your answer. But first is what's the persons desire was their motivation by giving this stuff out for free is a truly altruistic saying right this time and Cove in 19. I really want to help people out, and when I do start charging, I'll give him a little saying, Hey, these the last three things before we're going to start charging. Here's the last two things I'm gonna get out for free before I get trading.  This is the final thing, and the new price will be and then you might get some transition to people paying you after that, but if you're giving away the farm and it's not for altruistic reasons, but it's for reasons of, you know, I'm gonna really I'm in Later on chumming the line. You know I'm coming. The water is to get that big fish later. Ah, yeah, there's there is some method in that and marketing. However you have to do it where you're not going to be perceived in the way that is.  I am doing this disingenuously. That's that's the perception that will end up getting. I mean, I I look at it and I go. The approach is interesting, but as you're saying, it's going to be at a cost for you because if you turn around and charge later down the road and you didn't say that this was in be part of your model starting off people are going to say exactly how you just responded to that. Well, I just might as well go somewhere else and pay because you already kind of giving me a good chunk of your information.  The other portion is, Did you kind of set me up this way? You were going to take advantage of me, so I mean, I don't know. There's some good and bad and different inside of there, and I'm not saying Hey, don't do stuff, you know, for free the whole time And I'm not saying do stuff a charge, but it's just put you in a very interesting spite. Like I will tell you there's been so many different Web sites that I look at because of course I look around because, hey, this is the This is the business that I'm in, where people are offing either discounts or different prices or different things that they're doing at the moment and there hasn't.  I don't see anything consistent. And I've seen some sites where the price changes. Depending on the day of the week, that should go on there. I've seen stuff as low are, as you know, a 5% discount to where I've been to certain sites where the discount has been as high as like 80%. So I I'm just kind of like going what makes the most logical sense, especially for either people that already in the space and you're familiar with the space or people that are coming into the space because I will tell you, if I was starting off a consulting business right now, I'd be very hesitant going up against some of the other people that are out there that are offering their service that have already been established at a 50% discount at a 60% discount, whatever kind of discount, because they're already an established person.  So what am I going to have to offer as a newbie into the space compared to the people that already established? Yep. And it comes down to starting out with your circle of influence. So starting out and trying to jump into the deep end when you're just, you know, still with your your little kitty wings trying to keep yourself afloat on the pool. That's not the way to do it. So you start with a circle of influence. First, the people that know you like you trust you and bill that base and then ask for referrals and have them refer you after friends and the other business associates.  Have them, you know, invite you to come and speak at one of their association meetings, and you mean virtual association meetings because they're not absolutely is the zoom right? If I don't teach in Abad Zoom you know, two years ago and whatever stock price it was, then you be like a like, yes, we need it. So that's going to counteract that. You have to be picky as to what market you're going to do. So I've had, ah, mind my of teachable site that I've been using forever off.  I have to be picky and how I'm doing it because really, what I'm using that platform for I have, you know, many, many courses that aren't even seen on that platform because I'm giving it specifically to clients that I've already been working with. Eso yes, it's a charged feature, but I can actually use that later on when I'm ready and just take a few content here and there and rearrange it and make it for public use eso When I'm ready, I'll be able to jump into that deep water with everyone else and have you know a good online robust university.  If I want to call it that. No, don't Don't do that. There's somebody else already on the station promoting there's as a university, really I'm being dead serious, Dio I got love for seeing him. I don't want anybody to take that the wrong way. Way my man go Well, you know, Either way, you know truly if you're going to do it and start that stuff because everyone is going to be going that way. So I'd rather you go and start now and dive into it now and if your little toe and let's say that way first and do it in a controlled way and charge their clients to produce that stuff.  So I remember in one instance I actually, you know, charged Ah, good Penny to get started with it. And it was specifically for one client. But when I produced it, the actual online course, I made it in module format. So the first module was specific to that client, and then the rest of the modules was more. This is compliance based training. So I was able to do the compliance stuff with the subsequent mom modules. So now all I need to do is switch out the first module with the next claim switch at the first module with my public facing course.  So you so give away your trade secret. I did, didn't I? All right, everybody don't listen to that one that it cut down. So that's that's a one way of doing it. There's several ways of doing that. Even when you're on, you know, linked in and YouTube in anything else, this several ways of taking that content repurpose ing it. And now all that freebie stuff that you're giving could be on auto responder sequence that you could views and then get people to know you like you trust you through auto responder sequence with content you used, you know, years ago, Yeah, if there's there's always used for content.  But you got to do it in the right way. Yeah, but I also think that people are not very familiar, especially starting off with evergreen content and especially Woody. When you're saying you know this stuff that you can reuse. Maybe if he could be a little bit more specific for people that might be new to this to the space for it. Yeah, absolutely. So evergreen is We were just introduced to that term. Every cream, that's a term that means, uh, like when you're teaching someone new or someone that just gets higher.  Do you think of them as green? Right? That's the term that most people use. So Evergreen means it's always new. It's always fresh material to someone. So let's say you're going to, Ah, have a post that you once did on lengthen. And now that post that you have on lengthen could have been, you know, three years ago, two years ago, and that content can be used all the time. So what you would do is if you have ah, service like I use convert kit, everybody who's listen to my show, I say all the time.  I give you what resource is I use. So that's the resource I use. And they have a auto responder sequence. So some of the information that I use you could go to my website. You could download a block post that I have written one time years ago. Some people even now, still download it in two times 2020 and I am getting their email and their name, which, in marketing terms is gold because now that means you have a way to reach back out to them when you're ready to sell.  So that's what? The evergreen content. You could do that with Webinars. And it's even better with Webinars, cause then people could see you actually do a presentation. So someone gets that weapon are linked, they sign up for your webinar, and it could be a webinar you've done years ago. But this is new to that person's information they need right now. They just did a Google search for this topic. And you have to have it. You get their email, you get their name right now it's new to them.  But it's information you put together years ago or however long ago it was okay, So now I'm gonna put you on the on on the spot because we definitely did not prepare for any of this stuff like I do with all of my interview right now, I have lost my job. I have decided to become a consultant. What are your top five tips that you would give me to get this whole thing rolling? All right, Number one, apply for unemployment number one. So you want to do that?  First? Get money in money is king. So you want to get that in? Ah, if you are Ah, stimulus. And that's Ah for the U. S. Audience. You know, hopefully it's coming in. If not, try to find Where's my refund? You mean what they're referring to is a maga Bucks? Yeah, that's e never, don't you? Oh, yes. I heard the term earlier in the week, and I was like, Wow, I haven't had not heard that way. That's great. So that's the second thing you're going to use that money.  Very, very, very. Uh, just cautiously. So therefore, your knowledge for everything frias possible I mentioned the ah teachable product. They have a free version so you could start, right? They're doing your free courses, and pretty much you could start selling that. The next thing you want to do is you want Oh, I'm not counting these. So this is three. That you're going into three right now. I'm in fact, let's see unemployment still, Willis, Let's see teachable. We'll throw that it under free software. So this will be number three.  Were they free? Something. Everything free where as you can so we can add that with online courses, if you're going to do Ah, there's I use, um, wordpress for my website So let's let's include this is is the same thing. There's actually a free WordPress Ah, webinar system where you can actually put it in as a plug in is what they call it on WordPress. And you can actually conduct your own webinars for free. Uh, meaning you're not paying for the service, but you're gonna charge for the webinars.  So this is how you're gonna make your money. You're charging for the courses. That's how you're gonna make your money. And then the other thing that you're gonna need to do is you're going to need to fully full on press off everyone you've ever had in your ola Next. Do they still have those? So I would say, What's the role of Jack's? Well, let me also probably no, but any of my eyes, ears you're not getting, but truly you're gonna have to canvass every person that you've come in contact with anyone that you've worked with anyone that was a subcontractor of yours on your site.  That's the That's the list of people you're gonna have the compact and truly say, Hey, I'm starting a business. I know this may not be the great timing you that everyone thinks it is. But I was forced in this situation. Uh, do you know someone that could use compliance service? Always start with compliance because, uh, yes, people might want to be, Ah, safety, culture driven. And I may want to start going into the big, big thinking, but that's not what they're gonna pay for yet. They're going to pay for someone that's going to represent them with OSHA.  They're gonna pay for someone that is going to do a mock OSHA audit. They're gonna pay for someone to review their Ah, there permits if there's like e p a issue. And if you have that experience from your job, you just got laid off of that experience. Is your consulting business eso that's truly what you're gonna have start out with. And, uh, so should I be hung up if I'm starting off? If it actually if my, um if my site will have the information related Teoh like branding of other of other companies.  So let's say, for instance, I'm using the free version of X. You know how it's not white labelled. Should I be concerned that it's going to show that to my client. Beggars can't be choosers at this point. You don't care what's labeled anything. You just know that you are now most websites there really just there is, ah, online greeting card and you have to have, ah, you know, just to just to say you have a presence and then build on that website later. But what was that last four?  Come on, spill it, brother. I know it's true. It it is a greeting card it This is how you're making the connection. I mean, there's so many other things that happened behind the scenes. A lot of people think that, you know, the website needs to be the top end. And I'm not saying hey, you know, do something that makes it look like you're having the Amazon Web page from 25 years ago. But, you know, you need to have something there that shows your branch would accept. But it does not need to be these high end 20 $30,000 websites that people go out there and do and they don't even have a product.  They, I mean modified, listens to rivers that they don't have a business. They have a product and they think that that product is their business. So it becomes an issue for some and don't make it an issue. Go on the freebies. So WordPress, that calmer dot org's one of the two that always confuses me. Their wicks, w i x. I'm envious of all the week's people because I should have learned that before I learned WordPress WordPress can be tedious. So unfortunately, that's just the case. You're gonna have to look in a lot of YouTube videos to get you on that.  But once you learn it, it's work itself out. Yeah, but you have a lot of more control from what I understand with WordPress, because you actually, you know, determine what you want on there. I'm not very familiar with Wix. I personally love squarespace. That's what we use for our site, but square spaces. If you can actually upload a picture, you can pretty much use squarespace. It's that simple. And believe me, that is not a blood per square space because they were not an affiliate or anything along those lines.  But they're just relatively easy to use. Yeah, and that's what you should be looking for. Ease, because if you're spending all your time developing a website, you're not spending your time on the right thing. You should be spending that time on virtually networking. See added the virtual. No, I mean, and that's a crucial part. But the other portion that I want to make sure people understand and another Children address it, and it shouldn't be addressed. But we have to be careful. You have to have knowledge inside of the safety space, and I know that we have addresses on a previous episode.  But sometimes people get confused of. I am a consultant now in X business type and think that their subject matter experts without having having any knowledge base about X. Yes, and that's the truth. And truly, if you are doing that, that's when insurance is really going to kick in. You're gonna need it because you will be challenged in some way as to being the expert. And if you gave someone you know the wrong information and it costs the money or got them sighted or whatever it is, then that's going to come back to haunt you.  So the other thing I want to throw in there is look for services up as such as up work. Which way? We went past five. We went past five. There's no way. But that's when I first started doing Ah, subject matter expert work. I end. Actually, a lot of the people that take courses online, you may be taking one of my courses and I have actually started through the up work system. Uh, Teoh, you know, people. That's how they found me. First, I started a free profile to say I am a experts up to make a subject matter expert in this.  And then people just actually started flocking to me that way. And it got me started with work I'm doing today. So those air the freebies that you should be looking for. Don't don't worry about branded things. That was a great point. I believe that there's so many people wanting things to be perfect right off the bat. You can't have that yet because it's going to take too much time tohave that you may not have the expertise on that s o leverage your your whoever your friends in your circle of influences are.  You might have a nephew like I did that knows all that stuff and he went to school for for ah, a graphic design. And I was like, I need a business card nephew. He took me up. So, uh, utilized everybody to help you out. And if you got laid off, I'm sorry that you have to go through this. It's really tough time. So I pray for you and your family that you are going to make it. And you will just have that mindset You're not going to give up, and you're gonna pivot to something else.  So you've been helping people out quiet for quite some time now, regards of starting their own business. Now, if people are interested in learning more about you or the course that you offer work and they go, yes, the course is going to be a safety consultant. Blueprint dot com safety consultant blueprint dot com est, Of course. And then for me, uh, pretty much sheldon promise dot com. Uh, you know, my my many, many, many domains I might have a problem with domains. I might have to go to some side of us, started rehab for all the domains I Oh, well, I haven't.  I have to tell you. I could never complain again about how maney domains you have because you did something a few days ago. That was marvelous. You contact me late in the evening, which is no problem. But you were able to get a safety dot FM and I never thought I would be able to land that. You let me know that it was readily available and, you know, made the way for me to be able to obtain it. So I appreciate that. So I don't think that it would be justified because it be very hypocritical of me to turn around like, you know, why do you have somebody Domains.  So I can't really say much now. All right, I got you know, you're very welcome, my friend. That brand needs to be with you. So when I saw it was available, it had to be yours. Thank you. So, sheldon promise dot com and then you said safety consultant blueprint dot com. Yes. Well, Sheldon, I do appreciate you coming on to the show, sir. All right? And I appreciate it. Any time. A friend. Well, this brings another episode of the J. Allen show to an end. I hope you enjoyed the information.  The Children primers had a share. Today I find it so interesting on how he views the world in the world of safety consulting. As we mentioned at the beginning of the show, the offer still open to the CEO and the president of the A S S B. To come on and talk about safety 2020. We would love for you to take us up on our offer as discussed previously, it would be open format live on the radio station. That way we don't have to do any sort of editing and listeners can take a listen in real time.  Well, I appreciate you coming out today and taking a listen to what we had to offer. Thank you for always being the best part of Safety FM. And that is the listener way back with another episode of the jail in show before too long. Good bye for now, One small of the Coney Island. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast or those of the host and its guest and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within with podcast are only example, it's not be utilized in the real world at the only solution available as they're based only on very limited.  Undated Open source information. Assumptions made within this analysis or not reflective of the position of the company. 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