Leadership in Manufacturing
E10 Let Go and Stay Curious so You Can Ask the Good Questions
April 28, 2021
How good is your company at problem-solving? Learn more about how LEGO serious play works as a catalyst and can improve the implementation of a lean management system in your organization. The lean mindset is effective in any process-driven environment whether it's in the delivery of a service or a product. In this episode, we have guest Paul Dunlop, Principal of Dunlop Consultant. Paul Dunlop talks about removing fear from the environment and legitimately tapping into that conversation around how can we make things better and not talk about the bottleneck of perfection. Paul Dunlop is the Principal of Dunlop Consultant, and are supporting organizations and individuals to go from chaos to calm productivity "I wanted people to be able to make decisions, to be empowered, to have that permission, and for the process to be robust that I could walk away." Paul Dunlop