Safety FM with Jay Allen
EP 616 - Josh Bryant
May 7, 2024
Welcome to a special edition of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring Josh Bryant, General Manager - People, Risk, and Sustainability at Mitchell Services. This episode includes Josh's compelling presentation from the Global Safety Innovation Summit in Australia and a thoughtful interview conducted at the Energy Safety Canada Conference in Banff. Josh brings an extensive background in the global mining industry to his role, where he and his team have been recognized for their successful integration of contemporary safety principles into operational and leadership practices. His strategic and operational expertise has not only improved the management of critical risks but also enhanced Mitchell Services' ability to learn from and improve the safety of work. As an accomplished public speaker, Josh reflects his commitment to sharing knowledge and experiences with the wider community. He co-authored the book “4D’s for HOP and Learning Teams” and co-hosts the Brisbane Safety Differently book club. In 2023, his leadership and innovative practices earned his team the prestigious Australian WHS Team of the Year award from the Australian Institute of Health and Safety. In this episode, listen to Josh share valuable insights into the integration of safety principles in the mining sector, and the tangible benefits they bring to organizational culture and operational efficiency. This insightful session from two prominent safety conferences offers listeners a unique perspective on leading safety practices and strategies from one of the industry's most effective leaders.