Safety FM with Jay Allen
EP 622 - Dr. Jake Mazulewicz
May 28, 2024
Welcome to another enlightening episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring an interview with Dr. Jake Mazulewicz, recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in Banff. Dr. Jake Mazulewicz is a renowned expert in Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), with over a decade of experience in the safety field for electric utilities. He has analyzed over 300 incidents and has served as a firefighter, EMT, and military paratrooper. In this episode, Dr. Mazulewicz shares insights from his compelling presentation, "How to Build Psychological Safety in High-Hazard Industries." Psychological safety is the cornerstone of the safest and most reliable teams globally. Dr. Mazulewicz explains what psychological safety is, its immense value, and why most leaders fail to create as much of it as they believe. He introduces three effective techniques that leaders can implement immediately to enhance psychological safety within their teams. Dr. Mazulewicz’s unique perspective on errors as signals rather than failures helps leaders address deeper problems, fostering a culture where everyone can work more reliably and safely. His practical approach to Human Performance (HOP) makes these concepts accessible and actionable for safety professionals across various industries. Join us in this insightful conversation as Dr. Mazulewicz delves into the importance of psychological safety and provides practical strategies to improve it within high-hazard industries. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance team reliability and safety through better leadership practices. Tune into Safety FM with Jay Allen for this impactful discussion that promises to transform your understanding of psychological safety and its critical role in high-hazard environments.