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10. 5 TIPS to ELIMINATE Online Group Ride FOMO
December 27, 2020
In this episode, you will learn about: Time for some Coaching Tips from Coach Sylvie: 5 TIPS to Eliminate ONLINE Group ride FOMO. Are you rinding too much? Be intentional.
5 TIPS to Eliminate ONLINE Group riding FOMO. Are you rinding too much? Be intentional.
One thing I always notice is the excitement for ONLINE or outside training can get excessive to the point of overtraining, injury, and burnout.

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And I get it. It's exciting and it's fun and you don't want to be left out when someone posts a ride.
BUT there's a fine line when it comes to being intentional when setting up your training schedule for the Off-Season to the ON-Season.
Here are my 5 TIPS to make sure you are set up for success.

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#5 Work on your CYCLING SKILLS
One way to gain a 10% increase in efficiency is to improve your pedal stroke.
How does one do that?
Book into one of my CYCLING SKILLS COURSES this winter.
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