When is it okay to quit?
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
When is it okay to quit?
February 17, 2021
In this episode we talk about picking the right projects to invest time in.
So today's question is, when is it okay to quit? And for most six percenters. We start a lot of projects, but we never end up finishing them because somewhere along the project we realize that this is either boring or it's not something that we want to do where it starts being. A conflicting thing for us, however, is when other people try to shame us into finishing things that we don't even want to finish, just because finishing something is somewhat of an accomplishment. 

So what I would say is, don't let other people shame you to finish things. If you feel like you are done with this project and it is not providing any more benefit to you, just go ahead and leave it to walk around, turn around if you're not, If it's not making you happy, there's no reason that you should continue doing it. I think what's most important is when we do pick which projects we want to get involved with. Picking the right projects will help us make sure that we're actually investing our time into something that we probably will do in the long haul. 

But in the meantime, what you have gained, however, is you have gained some data points. You know that you've tried this one thing and you know that you didn't like it and you probably learn something from it that you can apply somewhere else later. And this is all good things. So the question is, how do we know that we are picking the right thing? The thing that we should invest our time and I've mentioned to this exercise before. But the perfect average day exercise is the main thing that has changed my life into giving it clarity in my business and my personal life and just direction after going through with that exercise. 

Everything has been downhill since then, so I urge you guys to go check that exercise. I'll go to perfectaverageday.com. It's a free exercise that you can go check out and let me know how it is changing your life. Hopefully, it will change it in ways that you didn't force EQ, and it will make you a much happier person. And happiness is the true goal. Someone on my Instagram the other day mentioned that peace of mind is the rial bag and I have to agree 100%. I'll see you guys in the next episode 

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