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#25: Adding $757 MILLION To His Clients' Bottom Line By Using Mind Models™ + How YOU Can Re-Wire Your Mind For Wealth w/ Blair Dunkley
April 13, 2021
Today’s podcast legend lifted the top line of his clients’ companies by $757 MILLION... ... by using his “Mind Models”. Not only that, but he can help YOU to also use his Mind Models to re-wire your mind for success. May sound a bit crazy... but I’ve personally worked with Blair and he’s the real deal! In this episode, you’ll learn: 1. How being diagnosed as a “moronic genius” in 5th grade + his dad being in a coma for 14 years inspired Blair’s work 2. How YOU can use 3 of Blair’s Mind models... (he taught these 3 models to a client who went from a $150M book of business → $1 Billion) 3. How YOU can create a BUYING culture in your business... instead of creating a culture based on “selling” You can check out Blair's new book here 👉