Plant Yourself - Embracing a Plant-based Lifestyle
Nature's Brilliant Protocol and a Popcorn Fart in the Wind with Josh LaJaunie: PYP 174
September 23, 2016
Josh LaJaunie is, by his own admission, a simple Bayou coonass who discovered plants and running, and transformed his life. His backstory is well documented in a couple of Rich Roll Podcasts, which you should drop everything and listen to if you don't know Josh yet (links below). Josh can do that kind of reductionist rebuttal as well as I can, but he prefers to stay out of the weeks and just talk in terms of common sense. So when Joe Rogan tweeted about a report that the sugar industry had influenced scientific studies on the dangers of saturated fat by proclaiming "China Study RIP," Josh jumped in. Joe argued: "There are certainly benefits to eating lots of plants. The question is are there also benefits to eating animals." Here's how Josh responded: @joerogan @Drgarthdavis absolutely. It's called avoiding starvation. In excess of that, it's ignoring nature's brilliant protocol. — Josh LaJaunie (@joshlajaunie) September 14, 2016 I wanted to talk with Josh about this concept: that simply by looking at nature with curiosity and humility, we can intuit how we should eat and move and live for optimal health and happiness. So that's the conversation on this episode. A caution: Josh employs "salty" language, so keep the earbuds on if you're listening in the presence of the innocent :) [powerpress] We covered: reductionist science: enjoying the music rather than analyzing every note appreciating the brilliant self-sustainable protocol of nature "human animals are the only ones that f--- it up" modern human culture is a "popcorn fart in the wind" the "quantity problem" of animal food consumption extrapolating the pointy stone at the end of a spear to CAFOs and heated box blinds with porn and beer hunting and fishing in the woods - a drive to understand one's relationship to the environment and its resources our reliable calories and nutrients: tubers and leafy greens how to get off track within the plant-based paradigm (nut butters, breads, pastas) on not judging hunters running and human survival overfeeding a deer on dead birds and much more...