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Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Zoom Overview
October 5, 2020
In this episode, Sheldon goes over how to use the Zoom platform to do video conferencing and webinars for your own business.
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[00:00:00] :  This is Sheldon Prima's the host of the safety consultant podcast. During this time, we've all been tightening our belts because of Cove in 19. I have been as well. Recently. I found cost effective alternative to some of the services and programs that I was using, such as email, marketing, hosting services and even one of my favorites. Teachable Visit Sheldon Prima's dot com back slash resource is for special offers to help you reduce your business overhead. If you're hosting a podcast or one of host a podcast, then visit Sheldon Prime is dot com Backslash hosting for a knockout deal Don't give UP on your dream. Get smarter on the back end of your business. This episode is powered by Safety FM. Yeah, welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I am your host. Shoulder promise. This is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. The last few weeks, I think even even the last couple of months, we've had some awesome interviews. So I've been really happy. Thank you, everyone that's been interviewing with me. We've had a public speaker expert. We've had some people from, uh, UK that have been visiting with us and, uh, telling us a little bit of how they use behavioral safety. Thio do really cool things in their their market. So that was Jazz groom. And, uh, he was really, really awesome. We also had a couple of episodes in there. One was with the learning team and they were great, the three of them. And then we had Jill James last week, so it was really awesome. I also squeezed in there, uh, interview with Michelle from Yellow Bird and then also Jennifer, who was the instructional designer? Eso hello. A bunch of ah bunch of those episodes that I had people on there. But this week it's gonna be me and you old school, right? We're gonna get old school, just us, and we're gonna talk a little bit about Zoom s. Some of you go ahead and went with the zoom pro and the zoom to do your conferencing and zoom webinars eso. I'm gonna talk a little bit about that. I've been using the platform for quite a bit, so we're gonna spend some specific time, would zoom and just really go over some of the tips and tricks that I have used, and we're gonna do that together. Right? So, uh, settle in. If you want, you could go ahead and get your zoom account all going. So that will be able Thio, do this together. And then we're just going to go over the services and things that I use and then some tips on how to really, really present. Well, when you are working on this service, it's been pretty good for me, E. I have to admit, I do like it. So I've been using it more. So when we come back from the word from our sponsor, we will go ahead and talk a little bit about Zoom and how to use that in your safety system. So be right back after a word from our sponsor. Do you want to be a safety consultant? Listen to Dr J. Allen of Safety FM give his experience after taking the safety consultant blueprint course. I have actually done research on different consultants and looked at different consulting courses and so on. There is a pretty fancy, very expensive consulting course that is out there. I have actually purchased the consulting course was interested in It has good information. Don't get me wrong, but you have a consulting course that really drives people onto focusing on safety and how to become a safety consultant. I will tell you on your particular course, there was better information in that particular regards than the other consulting course. There was more of a generalist form, but I figured I felt like I got more information out of yours on you, giving people direct half on what to do, step by step. But I really think that you have a genuine good product there that can really assess people if they're interested in becoming a safety consultant. Register for the safety consultant blueprint at w w w dot safety consultant blueprint dot com Enter code podcast for a special discount. Welcome back to the episode. Alright, it's been really fun doing all of the different episodes. I had people being out there and helping me out. So this time we're gonna have to be on my own. No, no. Do I remember to be a soul artist? I had a band for so long. I don't know if I could be a socialist anymore. Okay, Alright. I'll do my best. Hopefully you guys gonna hang in there with me. Alright, so let's talk a little bit about the zoom platform that everyone's been going crazy about, and I've been using it for a few years now. I wish I bought some stock in it before the pandemic. E gotta admit that that would have been awesome, but I did not think about that. Like most others, how are you going to know eso anyway, uh, this is something that you can use. So zoom dot us is the actual domain name. If you haven't heard of how to get to zoom yet, so it zoomed at us. Uh, there's many pricing plans that you could use S o. I just bought the professional one. I e use that one pretty much all the time. Eso that is my current plan, I believe, Um, I'm looking at the website right now, and it says that it's $149 per year. Her license. So that's what it's saying right now on the website. And then you could go even more for businesses. Uh, eso at that rate, you know, I just go ahead and pay the year, and that's really what I have been doing. And now the E. C on the heading. They have special, um, offer. And this is the time of the recording is gonna be September 18th. Ah, special offer. New to zoom Sign up for a pro annual plan with Zoom Cares today and enjoy an additional 20% discount. That's a $60 savings. So that is like right on the website. So instead of doing month to month, you could do an annual uh, eso, uh, each account. You could persons up to nine licenses, So that's good for you. And this is actually four meetings. So first tip is, if you want to do webinars, you're not gonna want to do just this. This is the Zoom meeting account. Webinar is a different beast altogether. So if you want to do the zoom video webinar, that's an add on to this, and that's actually a little bit more. So you could have up to 110 G's for $400 a year, and that is going to be the licensing fee for 110 D's. If you want more than that, then at the 1400 a year is going to be 500 attendees, and that's per time. So you could do pulling and you could do share screening and a few other things in there you could do. So it's It's really good to have mute people, white boards, all kinds of stuff. Eso those webinars is where everyone doesn't have that little box. It's basically you presenting, and then it comes out as that. So it's a little bit different. So that is one way that you could do this thing and then you could also live. Stream it, Uh, just like you can your meetings. You could live stream on Facebook, live YouTube, custom streaming, integrate with PayPal if you want. So if you want to have paid webinars, this is a way to do it. Post survey Linking to So it's ah, good way for you Thio work. That service Zoom also has zoomed phone and zoom rooms, but I honestly don't know those, so I really don't know how Thio work that out. They are monthly as well as annual. I'm not a big fan of monthly for anything. Usually when I buy something, I'll just do it for the year so I could just purchase and forget. Or in some cases, if there's a lifetime deal or do that too. And truly, I have been working quite a bit, Uh, just to make sure that I could consolidate things and services and, uh, and just be able to buy stuff and then forget about it. Forget about it s O. Right now. Let's go ahead and touch. Zoom. So I always suggest Go up. Don't do the free plan. Okay? All right. The free plans good to get started. However, all the features and services and everything that you really want to do with this thing is not going to be in the free plan is going to be more than that. And it's going to be something that you're going to need in the pro plan. So I'm going to show you some of the things released. Tell you some of the things because I can't show you anything. Grew listening to me. I guess one day I should, uh, keep going to my video. I've been trying to get that going, but right now you're listening to me so I can't show you. So as always, if you're driving. Don't do this with me. Wait till you get home and listen to this again. So while you're driving, listen to me now. So you can I get a new idea of what to do, And then when you get home, go ahead and do it again. So what you really wanted Thio, is, um what you when you log into zoom? Well, first, there's a zoom, uh, that you could use that is going to actually be, uh, on your desktop. There's a test off version of this, and then there's online version. So I wanna let you know that there are two, uh, they sometimes work against each other. So, for instance, let's say like for me, I use alliance Safety Council when I'm doing the cost classes. You guys know I'm one of the instructors for that, so I have to use their zoom account for that class. But I have my own pro account. So my pro account I've had on my system over here on my desk out hap. But when I slog in on theirs, it will not talk to my desktop app. So I have to make sure that the user name and password for both. The online and the APP version are the same. So that's the key. That's one of those little tip I'm gonna tell you, because if you don't do that, that's gonna mess you up to. So make sure those two things, uh, sync up. Uh, the other thing that you want to do is, uh, you wanna make sure that when you do your meetings, you want to record User Excuse me? You want to record emails? So as you're setting up your meeting, uh, please make sure that you set it up so that password is required. And this way, you're actually gonna be recording emails. And that's one of the things you really want to do. So you have a way of putting these people on your newsletter, and you could even put on, uh, setting up your meeting. You even put that as saying, Hey, this is part of the newsletter eso You're gonna be subscribing. Yeah, Thio, stay in touch. So that's a good thing to have just wanna make sure that everybody is aware of. That's what that's what's going on there. So full disclosure. But when you do your meeting set up. That's one of the best ways to utilize your meeting itself. Make sure you, when you do your settings, you have the choice of recording locally or recording on the cloud, so you get one gigabytes of space on the cloud. But if you want, you can actually record, uh, at your your own desktop. Or what I do is I have, ah, one terabyte hard drive, So I would have anything download Street to that. Uh, sometimes it's cloud. Sometimes it's terabyte download. So that's the one way that I do it when your schedule in your meetings make sure you make sure it doesn't just say my meetings, Do your name. Topic. Everything Optional Uh, do your hours in the time you could do re occurring meetings to show up every day if you want to. But again, registration required. Make sure you do that. It's up to you. If you want to do a specific meeting, i d. Number of personal meeting that's up to you, uh, pass code again. We'll add that security to it. I'd like to do waiting rooms in case I'm a little behind so people could get into the waiting room and hang out and wait for me until I get there. And usually in my meetings, I set it up for both where I could see them and hear them. If you're going to try to do this as ah pseudo webinar, then you might not want to do that. But if you're gonna set this thing up as, like a training session where you have people for, uh, eight hours, six hours, sometimes a date, several days, then you could actually set this thing up so that you could then reach out to them. And then while you're reaching out to them, uh, you could see them, you could hear them. Eso Those are the things that you could do. Eso that z that's another one of those keys that you could you could have. Just make sure that you enable so you could see them and hear them both, uh, one of the other settings you might want to do. If you're gonna do several day event and you know you're gonna have several people and you wanna have some sort of breakout room for them to talk and discuss things on their own, and then you could actually go into each one of these breakout rooms and catch up with them. That's a great way to make sure that someone that's in a, ah, full day event, you know, you could break it up a little in that learning experience for them. So you could click on your meeting options to have breakout rooms so you could click on that and everyone be ableto have their breakout room. So that's one of the things that you could set up. And that's the meetings. When you're trying to do your recordings, though, and you wanna do the setting for that, there's many different options for that. So when you wanna record, you wanna make sure again that you're either choosing the cloud or you're gonna be choosing the hard drive. So that's one of those. And then you could tell it what to record either speaker view, speaker and gallery view or shared screen. You could do all of them. Do none of them. Uh, you could record gallery view with shared screen, so all that is is some of your options. You could record an audio Onley file, and that's what I do. I actually record audio Onley file as well as a video file. So if I'm having someone in an interview, I'm actually going to be having two recordings I could record on my my Road castor board. And then also, I'm getting a recording from Zoom, and it's gonna be audio only, so I don't have to strip the audio out of video. So that's one of the things that I always put in there and then truly everything else in that setting I really don't know about. And if you haven't figured yet, I've been literally going through the settings on my page so I could show you guys what to do on yours as well when you're in a meeting. You could also set up your settings for a meeting to require Pasko's when scheduling a new meeting so you could have that automatically so you know, automatically that that's there. And you don't have to think about, uh, that that setting I don't do that, but you can. It's okay. It's up to you. Whatever your your outcome for this is, uh, there is a scheduled meeting where you says host video. We're basically once you start the meeting, your video is on, and I have that on and locked in participating videos. I like to have them start with theirs on, and then we'll instruct them to do whatever later on, and that's locked in for me. Eso There's a few settings that you could really just lock in, and you want to make sure that those stay in one of the big ones, though you want to make sure that you use is file transfer because there's some cases where you actually want to send people some sort of file that if it's ah, checklist or something like that in the chat box, you could upload this and send it to all your meeting attendees s. Oh, that's great. If you're using this for, like a review of mock OSHA audits or something similar, you can actually send your mock OSHA audit results in this file. So it's great toe. Have I use this feature all the time. The polling feature is wonderful. You can actually use a polling feature, and what that does The polling feature will help set up where Let's say you have a question and you wanna get your your audience. Ah, a good time to kind of review it and and answer the question. But then share it with everyone else at the end. That's what this feature will do. So you pull everybody you know what city are you from, What time zone or you're in And these air all preset. So when they click on this and you share the results, everyone coming No, there's seven of us in here for the same time zone. Awesome or something similar to that. That's really what it boils down to. And, uh, you can actually allow people to share their screens to in here, too. And that's not bad. E. I use that in in the class that I teach because sometimes I want them to share a presentation, uh, in the cost class, we must, because there's, ah, part of the class where the students are required to do a presentation. So it's also there, too. Uh, you could allow people to rejoin if they drop out or if you kick them out. But sometimes you don't want them thio so you could click that box off. And that's usually what I do. Uh, in the meeting advanced setting. You also have the opportunity to, uh, to make sure that you could do virtual backgrounds. Everybody loves those things. Uh, it's really good. You wanna make sure if you're doing a virtual background and you have a green screen, uh, toe, let them know there's like a little check box for the green screen. And what will happen is it will Onley look for the green screen? So if you have a green screen chair backing, you'll Onley look for that. It's not gonna look for anything else, so the back of your head where that screen is will have the virtual background. But everything else behind you would be whatever the wall is or whatever is your background setting. So Onley click green screen if you have a full green screen or if your camera is on Lee looking at that little green screen back that you have. So that's one of the things that you're gonna be looking for. Their, uh, you can allow people to chat with each other. Those are all the little features that you could do, and then a big one is You could allow live streaming Facebook, Facebook workplace YouTube, custom streaming Click on that and that's good tohave. It will help you with all your different platforms. So go ahead and do that. And then there's some integrations with secret keys and all that stuff that you could do. So, um, that's just the technical side. Let's give you in the last couple of minutes and I have here. I'm only gonna make this nice and short because that's all you need. So what you're gonna really try to focus on is of read the audience. Still, even though they're virtual, you still want to read this audience? You want to be able to see them? I remember we were doing a presentation and someone sneezes, and I say, Oh, bless you. You know, that means something to them because now you're having still ah, personal interaction with them, even though it's virtual or one guy earlier in one of my classes, bald like me. And this is a five day class and he comes in. And one of the days, like you did something new with your hair and everyone cracks up because you know we're bald. That's nothing to do with the head. It's just dead eso things like that. Uh, I have to tell you, I've done my first full class with the road Castor board. J. Allen. You're a genius. I love you, man. He helped me, uh, choose this podcasting board I've been looking for. It comes with a mike if you buy the kit. So I bought the road Castor kit and it's the board Mike, Mike, stand and, uh and it is wonderful, but one of the things that it comes with and I don't wanna go nuts with this thing, but you can hear my background music. That's the board. It's not actually me putting in music behind it, so I'm going to turn it up slightly so you could hear the difference. But this is me manipulating the board. I know this isn't about the board this episode, so I'm only saying that because this board has changed my zoom tremendously. So, basically, now that let's say you ask a question in your class and now all of a sudden you asked a question and you don't hear anything and I'm going to go ahead and stop our music for a second so you could hear this thing. So right now I was doing a class in this soon and I'm using the board and I have the possibility of playing my actual music. So I'm playing my music from my phone, which is Bluetooth, into this board. So while the classes waiting for me on Zoom, I could play music and everything else to kind of get them ready, kind of like a live event. When you go to a live event, you feel pumped up a little and it's working straight off my phone. If I asked a question and I don't get an answer, I'll just get the little cricket sounds makes everybody laugh in that area. So if it loses them up in some areas, I can actually add my own laughter. Uh, Elise things comes with it. Just a nice little board. I've even added my own applause. So the board itself really help my zoom class. It made it where just wasn't a ah boring event or to say, a boring class, but it made it an event. So truly, I would say, if you are going to try to, uh, Doom or and mawr of, uh, any zoom events, take anything that you can tow. Add to this thing s Oh, right now I'm gonna use all the tricks, all everything I got and I'm going to throw this into this because especially if it's a paid event, I want people to feel like they're leaving an event, not just a boring safety class. Whenever I'm doing a zoom call on, it's just me and the clients and I can add all this stuff in. That's a business call. So this is truly Onley for if you're doing an event, you might want to do something like this to make the event go. But, uh, a lot of us are going to be using this platform or and Mawr and Mawr. It's a wonderful platform. It's great. So I would say, Go ahead, venture out and do it. I don't have an affiliate code or a link or anything like that. I'm just telling you, if you could find something like zoom or something similar, go for it. I've been using Zoom for a while, so I'm stuck on it. But I'm probably going to be switching maybe, uh, to something that I found, uh, in the future, but it's gonna have the same effect it's gonna have probably different features, but I'm still going to do my events, and I'm gonna make them fun for my listeners. That's the key. Make it fun. Do stuff that everyone's gonna laugh a bet. They're going to say that, man, I love Sheldon's class thing. He does differently. It keeps us engaged. I'm not stuck in a 40 hour work week in, ah, class event, and I'm bored out of my mind. So that's the key. Keep everyone engaged. Right? So no tip of the week this week, I am actually going Thio Let that go for this week, like I did the previous two weeks because you actually had me Tina on your tip. And this is the week. So there you go. Sheldon just gave you the tip of the week. I'm the week I'm the tip, and this is the week, Uh, ridiculous. All right, go get him. This'll episode has been powered by safety FM