Plant Yourself - Embracing a Plant-based Lifestyle
Battling Bullshit with Garth Davis, MD: PYP 336
August 20, 2019
Yeah, them's fighting words in the title of today's episode. And Garth David, MD, my lead author of Proteinaholic and co-conspirator in a mission to tell the world that chronic disease and obesity are preventable and reversible, is a fighter. He's mixed it up on national TV, giving and taking punches on The Doctors. He's scrapped with Z-Dogg, tussled on Twitter with Joe Rogan, and publicly debated many of the best-known low-carbers out there. His agenda? Good science. The truth, as best as we can know it. And teaching people how to avoid "Internet-borne Misery" by becoming savvy consumers of information.