Private FB vs. Business LinkedIn
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Private FB vs. Business LinkedIn
November 16, 2020
In this week's episode, Sheldon speaks about the dilemma of having business people on your Facebook. He talks about thoughts on having business and pleasure separate with Facebook and LinkedIn. 
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[00:00:00] :  this episode is powered by safety FM. Well, tha welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I'm your host, Sheldon. Promise. This'll is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. So e want to make sure that this week I am going thio talk about something that's kind of just close to me. And, uh and really, the reason why I even chose this topic was because of something that happened on my Facebook page. So what I'm gonna talk about today is I'm actually going to talk about the straddling the fence, if you will. Between your business persona and your personal life. There's a lot of people who, especially if you have people on LinkedIn or anything similar to that that are actually on your Facebook. Aziz. Well, uh, eso now you've got them on the personal side, and you got him on instagram, and you got him on all the areas. So as you guys air starting to see each other on a different level, So, um, can be clients. Um, can be some influencers or something. Uh, I just thought that, you know, maybe this might be a good opportunity to give you my philosophy on how toe blend to e Don't know if I'm even doing this. Well, tell you the truth. Eso I'm gonna just be honest with you guys here as we talked about that. So, uh, maybe it's ah, former branding. Maybe we could put it that way. So looking at this is a is a branding opportunity or a branding conversation. So truly, that's what I'm gonna think about here. And that's what I'm gonna go with this one. So, uh, I am going Thio, actually, Just go right into it without a work from a sponsor, and there won't be any tip of the week in this one. All right, so it's just gonna be me and you, and we're gonna talk to think through. So let's go ahead and let Seo a light away s So this is what my thoughts are. And again, this is my thoughts. Eso if you are in, you know, uh, my Facebook community, my linked in community. Then we got Twitter, and we got all the social media is right. Uh, there's many people who are in my Lincoln connections, and I've got several Lincoln connections, So if you wanted to find me. It's, uh linkedin dot com backslash in backslash Sheldon Prima's. That's my professional profile. Let's say it that way. So for me, I got quite a bit. I mean and e. I have to say my connections. I do enjoy that. I have a lot of connections on. Also, followers believe at this point I have 90 9400 followers or something, and then the connections themselves is right up there, almost at the 10,000 range. Eso There's a lot, and I have to appreciate that, and that's part of the marketing that I've done in my life. So I do appreciate that. However, I also did something which I don't really think I should have done. And there's some people that I I count as friends, uh, even though we're also business partners and I count them his friends and we've gone in Thio into my Facebook profile as well. So as Facebook is constructed, you're really doing that with friends and families and people that you wanna make sure they know about your life, and you may post something that may not be what you would post in a business site. but something that you would post where families and friends we will get you those who they get you. And then as Facebook evolved, and now we have acquaintances that you're on, and for me, it's like I can't say no. So e can't even remember how much maybe like another, uh, 600 or something, Uh, people that are on my Facebook so much so that it's been, like, watered down to me. And it's not as fun anymore, because now I'm thinking, all right, what can I say? What can I say? What's gonna effectively mess up my brand bye bye now with Facebook and LinkedIn? Uh, and then who am I gonna piss off? Who am I gonna piss off? That's another thing that I'm thinking about. There is well, and are there any recon cushions for me saying what I feel about this or about that? So it's not that I'm trying to be fake or phony or anything similar to that. It's just I believe on that platform. I should be able to address how I'm feeling about certain things without having to censor myself, if you will. So the idea that I was thinking about what this episode was. Maybe, ah thought process out loud. So this thought process out loud is including you. Surprise. You're included in my thought process as being my my followers on my podcast, which I do enjoy having listeners and those of you that have hit the subscribe button and and come to really get to know me, which is great. And it's one way thing. I know that. And the only time I get to hear you is when you email me at shoulder at Children prima's dot com and I do get those emails, and I I read them, respond to them someone. Recently he was looking for some podcast help and because he heard me mention that I do have some hosting spots to him and his wife wanted to start their own podcast. So reached out to me, and I'm working with them so we could get them hosted. And truly, that's the only time I really get to see most of these people unless you're connected to me and Facebook or linked in, um as I've been getting more and more a Facebook request, it's starting to hit me that I'm not into you know everyone isn't that close to me that I really want them to start going through my pictures and my family and all that stuff. It's just it's becoming a little bit of extraneous to try to keep up, you know, work. And then also the friendship side on on the Facebook or the family side. Uh, this really came to a head during this all consuming election season for us in the US We just went through and they're still going through in some ways, just, uh, just awful thing. So I had posted my personal feelings as Faras, who I stand behind and who I voted for and truly in that way. I was just speaking out towards my own personal beliefs and belief system. But I was thinking, now that I'm doing this and it's on this Facebook and I didn't do it on linked in will there actually be some people that are on my Facebook now that may, you know, maybe they they're not going to see me in the same light. Okay, that's fine. You don't see me. I'll say like I'm doing this for me, not doing it for you Or maybe There's someone who you know wanted Thio be on my show or something. And now all of a sudden, they don't wanna have anything to do with me because of these views. All right, that's that's up to you. That's that's your thing. Not my issue. But like, remember, someone told me, uh, it's not my circus, not my monkeys. So not my circus, not my monkeys. But what is my circus? What are my monkeys is truly how I feel about different people and how they relate to me. So I have recently throwing this whole election issue. You know, I have, ah, view that I I posed. So in that view, I've had so many different people just respond to it and some I turned people off on Facebook s O. I don't really need to see their post. And some people, you know, e c their post often. But it was just my page turned into chaos, and I was like, Oh, great. This is not what I signed up for. And now chaos for a business person that's running their own businesses. Never. Good, right, because that stuff lives forever. And then, uh, could it possibly be something that could preclude me from getting a job or or promotion or something similar to that when I mean promotion, not promotion within a company. I just mean promoting my product, which is me in this case and to show and some of my consulting services and things like that. So I'm gonna make a command decision, uh, regarding these things, and I am truly going to start whittling away some of the things that are people actually on the Facebook, especially on the business realm, and then just point them to linked in. I know there's probably gonna be some people get their feelings hurt because they won't be able to see my private side and everything else, but, um, I for me I'm thinking that this might be a better way for me to not feel so much pressure by posting things, thinking that I have to now be politically correct or I need to be, you know, in a way that I'm going to not disassociate for half some people pushed away by my words and I don't say anything. That's ridiculous. I'm not one of those gratuitous people at all, so I don't go hard, wild and you know, f this f that and, you know, go go down the list on you know, all the people that I'll give a shit about. I don't do that. However, E can be frank. Yes, that's good. And I wanna be riel. So that's the idea behind this kind of thinking of how can I be really enough with myself and then practically enough with this platform and then translate that to, you know, LinkedIn versus Facebook vs Twitter versus, uh, instagram, whatever that is. A system that basically is going to say I can't be lazy. That's what it boils down to you as a businessman, I write in my business, So I'm gonna end up having to make sure that for linked in I go ahead and post linked inappropriate stuff keep people are distance there for my private LinkedIn versus my public facing linked in and same thing with Excuse me, I said, linked in I should have said, uh, instead of Lincoln because there's only for LinkedIn. It's only business, right? So I should just said my my business stuff should be on LinkedIn and for my instagram, I have a private Instagram and I have a business. Instagram. So, uh, there's some people that want to follow me on those and I do have a private page and they have to request it. It's something internal that I kind of, you know, people pleasing. Maybe that's it. Right. So here we go. Here we go, Assessing a session with you guys as my audience That is gonna be just me baring my soul bear on. And the only reason why I thought of this is being ah topic for the podcast is I figured if I'm going through this, chances are someone else may have been going through the same thing. Especially, is, uh if you start having people that you should be in your business segment and I'm not saying you you Onley keep people on business and Onley people, people length distance from being friends. That's not what I mean. If if they transition from being just business associates to actual friends, yeah, Facebook will be a good way of transitioning to that. But But just someone who sees me somewhere along the way and all of a sudden they wanna hook up with me on Facebook. That's what I'm talking about more often than not, it's bad enough that I've got people from high school or junior high or elementary school that I I really don't know much about or even interact with. And, you know, they're trolling my pages well, or I'm patrolling their page. It goes both ways, right? Yeah, I'm over that right now. I'm truly, truly over that. So I I believe my message in all of this as quick as this episode is gonna be, uh, e think for me. I'm going to start disassociating my personal profile for Facebook and some of my personal things for instagram on, then delineating This is my business side. This is my personal side and just keep the two apart because it's just gonna end up being chaos and you can't keep up with that stuff. And I can't keep up with that stuff. So that's my dedication for for this actual episode. But truly the mindset for me was, if I'm going through this 21 maybe two of you may be going through the same thing. Ah, your decision will be up to you and how you feel. You may be okay with starting to get people who should be on the business side into your personal, like Facebook and everything like that. Then that's up to you. Maybe my my answer could be creating ah, public profile for for Facebook, as opposed to my own personal page. I don't know. I really don't know. I just know that I use Facebook because I have a lot of groups and the groups is where I I socialize with people. But it shouldn't be like on my page for me. So I'm saying that all saying management of your marketing management of your actual personal since you're your own boss, your own marketing, everything else, you're going to really have to start thinking of your branding in whatever way you do. And now, in my mind, I'm thinking of my branding, reaching out to how many people are into my personal life that probably shouldn't be and their lurkers, it's bugging me. You could tell by a whole episode, right? It's bugging me. So I gotta work on that myself on, and I'm truly gonna just start little by little, start cutting away on, then just, you know, seeing people in Lincoln as faras business and then, if there friendly ear, then we'll move into Facebook or something similar. But other than that, we're Lincoln on. And then when Lincoln's out and we've got something else because there's always something else right, then we'll move into the next business platform. That's my That's my goal. That's what I'm saying here. I got to protect my brand. But then I also wanna have led to talk, be myself without thinking, You know, off I'm gonna alienate somebody. And then now I'm gonna end up having where you know people are going to start rumors or whatever comes out of that. That's that's not my bed. My bag. I don't want I want to go through all that. So all right, that's my thoughts. Very short episode. You know, I really didn't want to go to hog wild and in personal thought land. I'm grounding up towards my 1/100. So getting towards the 100th episode, I really wanna make sure that I'm going to revisit some of the old episodes and old interviews that I've done. And I really want the next, uh, 10. I think this is the number 90 if I'm if I'm recalling this, right? So the next nine episodes is really what? I'm gonna be going back and doing a nice little retrospective. I'm going to do a lot more shorter episodes during this time period. And for my 100th episode, it's gonna be big. Have a special returning guest for my 100th episode. And that 100th episode is gonna be the week of Christmas. So that week that we have Christmas, that Monday will be my 100th episode and that be my special guest. So anyway, thank you. That was good. You guys are better than therapy, e. All right, So however you go about your life will go about your world. Go do it. Go Make some good business this week for your clients. Listen to me on my Facebook lives. My lengthen lives on my groups. And then also, you could join me on Sheldon prima's dot com. Check out the events or contest or anything going on, and Children Private calm. If you haven't liked the show yet or subscribe to the show, go ahead and subscribe to this show and make it where you could hear me when I do these new episodes and you'll get that alert just says there's something new with the safety consultant, So go ahead and do that for me. That would be awesome and good thing. Episode has been powered by safety F. M E.

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