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Caring for Our Bodies as Temples of Spirit with Nalida Besson: PYP 201
March 13, 2017
Nalida Lacet Besson wasn't so concerned about weighing 240 pounds or passing the occasional painful gallstone. What got her attention in the summer of 2013 was a physical malaise so complete and overwhelming, she believed she was dying. Everything hurt, including her skin. It was as if her body were saying, "I've had enough of this. Time to rest." Nalida lay in bed, thinking about how to say goodbye to her young son, when she suddenly decided to fight for her life. She prayed to God, asking forgiveness for how she had treated her body up to that point, and vowing to take care of it, if God would only show her what to do. She turned her head, and saw on the nightstand a copy of Joel Fuhrman, MD's Eat to Live.