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Are You Running Your Mind?
May 10, 2019
Are your unconscious programs running your life by default or are you living the life of your dreams? The unconscious mind or the emotional mind includes everything that we are not aware of and is critically defined by our childhood years. Learn how to attain conscious awareness as we break down the major components of EQ and the two things that trigger the unconscious mind. Discover the value of empathy and being open to appropriate relationships, and find out how you can switch the triggers off to be absolutely in charge of your life.
According to Dr T. Berry Brazelton, the eminent pediatrician, babies who have a good sense of self esteem and encouragement expect to succeed in life. These are the babies who at eight month old when requested to put two blocks together do so and look confidently at the adult for approval. This is when these babies have received the appropriate programming and acknowledgments from the parents.
On the other hand babies who come from bleak chaotic homes go about the
same tasks in a way that signals that they already expect to fail. Even when they succeed they have a look about them that implies “I’m no good. See I have failed” reports Dr. Brazelton.
Emotional intelligence and self-esteem which is crucial ingredient for success in life is shaped by circumstances in the earliest years and continues to evolve throughout the school years. Self-esteem is a direct indicator of the presence or your permission to succeed.. How good do you think your self-esteem was as a baby?
The major components of EQ would involve the ability to be aware of yourself and recognize your feelings. You would be able to make your decisions and be aware of the consequences and recognize when your emotions or your thoughts are ruling the choices that you make. 
If you can manage your EQ, you would be able to monitor your self-talk and catch negative messages that would have put downs as well as find ways of managing fears, anxieties, anger and sadness. In other words you would consciously be in control of your emotional states. You would not be a hostage to hidden sabotage from your Critical Voice.
You would also know techniques of handling stress, as well as appreciate the values of mental exercise, guided imagery and relaxations methods. The ability to empathize with another is a valuable component of EQ. It would allow you to become aware of how different people feel about things.
It includes the ability to talk about feelings and be able to distinguish between what someone says and your own reactions and judgments about it. Being able to be open in appropriate relationships and know when it is safe to start talking about your private feelings.
You would be able to accept yourself as you are and be proud of your strengths and be able to recognize your weakness. You could take on personal responsibility and recognize the consequences of your actions. You could be assertive when appropriate as well as function in a group setting. 
A "delusional slave" is someone who is enslaved without knowing it. This kind of delusion results from automatically altered perspectives. Inside the human brain is an unconscious mind that can be programmed, just like a computer, to trigger thoughts and feelings automatically. 
The unconscious mind controls perspective templates (filters to what you think, feel and see) and it controls the willpower that you need to act on a decision. This unconscious mind is easily programmed by an outside source. The perspectives and decisions that you experience will feel like they were born from your own free will, they will feel right, and they will "feel logical". 
However, unless you systematically identify and remove your inadvertent assumptions, someone else controls most of this activity. Those unconscious triggers are all caused by two things:
Assumptions. These assumptions are created and reinforced by stereotypes,
generalizations, rules and principles. Any visualization or representation that has a loophole. This process adds to the structure of your unconscious mind.
Intent. Intent (willpower) fuels the unconscious mind, activating its triggers wherever a real-time thought or experience automatically associates with an unconscious mechanism. This is a domino effect resulting in numerous triggers all going off at once to complete your "experience of reality" and your "experience of free-will thought".
So by turning off either one they go away. When your unconscious mind wakes up you become conscious. This is key. But to get there you have to stop all the intent from its usual flow. We will get into this some other time, probably after mastering it ourselves.
You can also turn it off by not creating any assumptions. I used to think I was the most logical person on the planet, until careful scrutiny revealed illogical I was - and that I was compulsively illogical. It is hard to see this on the surface because on the surface we are steered by our feelings to believe we are being logical. 
It is a good idea to replay your thoughts and conclusions about your experiences in life to see how they look - ask yourself how clearly you defined your conclusions, and whether they were really correct. Do it from a third person perspective.
This is the only way to really see what's happening in your mind. It is clear to me that someone who is careful about his or her own conclusions about things will be more conscious, more free, and more Human.
Now for the scary part. The unconscious mind is programmable - but you are not always the programmer. Since it is created and maintained by subtle unobvious leveraged indirections it is easily programmed by someone on the outside by influencing those subtleties. 
There are thousands of ways in which someone can influence these subtleties without you realizing what is really going on. 
Look for this in political speeches - it is there and it appears to be intentional process where the conscious and unconscious activity is simultaneous. The bulk of the programming occurred when you were between the ages of 0-7. 
A lot of the programming occurs under stress and trauma. So when you have significant values, beliefs and behaviors that developed under significant trauma, they are normally with you for life. These patterns need to be deliberately erased otherwise they will not disappear on their own.
Consciousness refers to awareness. So when you know or are aware of something, you are conscious of it. This conscious awareness is achieved through your sense organs. Your eyes, ears, sense of smell, taste, and kinesthetic sensations are used to think, form judgments, and make decisions.
If you are truly in charge of your life, you can live your life on your terms. You can do what it takes to experience the level of health, wealth and financial ability that you wish to achieve. If not, you are struggling with default programming. You are not truly running your mind.
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