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When is the time for a young B2B company to start with marketing? Guest: Stefan Repin
May 28, 2021
Our guest is Stefan Repin, a B2B Marketing specialist that used to work in different companies (and travel a lot in the process!). Some topics in today's episode: 1. Importance of personalization in cold messaging 2. When is the time for a young company to start with marketing? (hint: it’s not day 1!) 3. Why marketers prefer working for Americans.
Stefan Repin is a successful B2B Marketer specializing in Account-based marketing.  He started his career by working for a small family business. He was selling wine, person to person. That experience taught him how important is the feedback. Then he moved to Budapest and worked for Finnish-Hungarian company. He was in Vienna for a year, exploring a new trend of growth hacking. He also made a trip to Silicon Valley, USA, where he made some business connections. 

Check out some lessons he shared on our podcast:

Good points about team management:

Lessons for starting companies:

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