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Connecting with the Universe at a Deeper Level with Matt Kahn
January 24, 2021
Meet Matt Kahn, the author of Everything is Here to Help You, Whatever Arises, Love That and The Universe Always Has a Plan: The Ten Golden Rules of Letting Go as well as a YouTube sensation with over 19 million channel viewers. Khan shares how he started his journey, his observation and study of life, and forming a deep connection with the universe. He talks about his experience as a healer and the importance of finding your purpose in life rather than just doing what you are good at. Khan also discusses the need of reclaiming a deeper quality of life and how 2020 has provided an unforeseen opportunity for this. For more information, visit

Matt Kahn – Connecting with the Universe at a Deeper Level

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Good morning and welcome to Green Tea Conversation, the radio show that delves into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine to bring you the local experts who share their progressive ideas and the latest information and insights needed so that you can lead your best life.

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I'm your host Candi Broeffle, publisher of the Twin Cities edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, and I am honored to bring these experts to you. So today in our studio I am so excited to welcome our next guest, who is the best-selling author, spiritual teacher and highly attuned empath, Matt Kahn. Matt is the author of "Everything is Here to Help You", "Whatever Rises Love That" and his newest book, "The Universe Always Has a Plan: The Ten Golden Rules of Letting Go". Matt is also a YouTube sensation with over 19 million channel viewers, with whom he shares his healing messages in an approachable and often humorous way.

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Thanks so much for being with us today, Matt. I am so excited that you're here.

[00:01:09.330] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Thanks so much for having me. It's truly an honor to be here.

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So as I prepared for this interview, it was really difficult for me to kind of pare down all the things that I'd like to talk to you about today. We only have a certain amount of time. Seriously, if I could talk to you about all the things that I'd like to talk to you about, we would have a series of shows. There's just so much good things here. But let's start off with where I always like to start off. You share with us how you got started on your journey.

[00:01:42.760] - Matt Kahn, Guest

My goodness, it's so funny, I look back on my journey and it it seems so long ago and it also seems like it happened just yesterday. But, you know, my initial experience I mean, I always talk about this horrible experience I had. But even before then, I think my journey began with with an awareness. There was an emotional heaviness that I felt around most people.

[00:02:06.270] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And I didn't know at the time that I was picking up and feeling their emotions, their energy, and I was interpreting it as their perception or opinion of me. And so from a very early age, I walked around feeling everyone's conflicts, the problems they have with their family, the questions they have about themselves and all that emotional density. I interpret it as someone doesn't like me. And so from a very early age, I became this like mini-counselor or this being who made it my job to cheer everyone up, and only when people were happy in front of me did I think that they liked and appreciated me. And so I grew up in a very, what I call, energetically codependent life. And I found myself, like I said, just overwhelmed with other people's energy and not being able to save for their energy from mine. And when I was eight, I had a life-changing awakening and out-of-body experience where I found myself in a garden that felt like heaven.

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And I met when I later realized it was like a Christ-like figure Jesus. And from this huge experience I had, I started to have the awareness of angels around me. And I started to just know things without knowing why I knew them. And the things that I would know would seem more definitive and truer than anything I learned in school. And what was interesting, it was from that experience, it created kind of this interesting, energetic bubble where even though I could still feel people's energy and emotions, I wasn't as much making their feelings about me.

[00:03:49.540] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And I was just in the state of observation. And I began just watching things in life and watching myself and watching others. And when others act this way and I respond this way, why did I do that? And since that experience, I've just been in this really interesting life where I've been kind of living my life and watching my life and studying it simultaneously.

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In your books, you really help people to kind of delve into the things that both the emotional and the spiritual and the even physical parts of ourselves that that we really need to heal.

[00:04:26.110] - Candi Broeffle, Host

And do you feel like you got that information during that experience and throughout your life?

[00:04:31.990] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I think that throughout my life, from about age eight on, I was developing the connection to the universe, the psychic channel, to be able to bring to that information. I would say it wasn't until I was in my 20s that I began to really put all this information together or really start to kind of see and feel and understand what I teach. And what's interesting is that I've only taught what's come through me bit by bit. And then here we are now looking back and I can see this compendium of work, but I've never actually known more than that than what is coming through me.

[00:05:06.070] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I've just been kind of putting things together, like when I came into this field as a teacher, an empathic healer, I was taught by the universe. I didn't read any books. I didn't know the way other people were trained. And I was talking very differently. And I was watching other people. Doing it was very different. And I kind of thought to myself, "I'm either bringing something really new to this planet or I am nuts."

[00:05:28.640] - Matt Kahn, Guest

So that was my honest to God and so I would just, you know, as I did healing sessions, as I worked with people, I would learn about everything that I share as I would do it. So I would be a healer who would do things. And as I'm doing a modality, I'm teaching myself the modality, I would say a teaching. And as I'm saying it, I am learning it as I'm saying it to someone else.

[00:05:53.620] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And so for me, it's been a very interesting journey of I've taught myself by serving others. And my job was to just be open and let come through what I consciously have no knowledge of.

[00:06:09.010] - Candi Broeffle, Host

You know, I think it's so important and I want to touch on this a little bit just because it is so many of us, so many people believe that we can't do what we maybe were put here to do.

[00:06:21.010] - Matt Kahn, Guest


[00:06:21.550] - Candi Broeffle, Host

Unless we know everything. Unless we've reached that pinnacle. And I love that you say you didn't know why you knew it or what, you know, but it would all come through as you're doing it. So sometimes it's just taking that step.

[00:06:36.010] - Matt Kahn, Guest

You know, it really has to be I think, you know, in a general sense, certain careers. You can prepare for life. If you want to be a doctor, you're going to Med school. If you want to be a teacher, you go through different trainings and there's certain levels of trainings people can go through. But, you know, when you're working as a healer, when you're working as a teacher, when you're working as a coach, a counselor, and counselors, do you go through a certain level of training, which I think is great?

[00:07:03.100] - Matt Kahn, Guest

There's a certain level of precision. There's a certain level of execution. There's a certain level of ability you can develop to really help people, but you're not going to learn scholastically and then go out into the world with this mind full of information. And some people do that. But really, the way we learn is in the field.

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[00:07:29.020] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And what I and I was talking to I was talking to a bunch of coaches and healers and they said they ask that. Some ask me the question, "What do you think is the greatest preparation for any kind of coach or healer" and they were expecting me to say, "Oh, get this training certificate or whatever" and I said, "As long as you have a passion for helping people and for me." That's always what I've had, "I have a passion for helping people."

[00:07:57.990] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I have been counseling people since I was seven or eight or whatever age it was like. On the playground when my friend was upset because he got in trouble with his teacher. I have a passion for helping people and because my deepest passion is to help people, the universe will bring through me whatever that person needs for me to be helpful to them. And I think that's where the real power is, it's our life's path or our life's purpose, it's not about finding what you're good at.

[00:08:32.580] - Matt Kahn, Guest

It's becoming incredible at something because you're passionate about what you do and how it affects others.

[00:08:41.220] - Candi Broeffle, Host

And throughout that journey, I mean, from starting at that young age, you make mistakes.

[00:08:46.650] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Yes, OK. I mean, a ton of them you're going to we're going to make we're going to make mistakes. But that's how we learn that. That's how we we get to the next level.

[00:08:57.270] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I've made mistakes. I say make mistakes. It's like, you know, I look, I would do a healing session. I look back and I'd go, oh, that didn't go as well as others had. Why was that, you know? And sometimes I'd have someone with a difficult personality and mine created a difficulty in connection, let's just say. And, you know, when I would have that, I would appreciate those sessions. And, you know, and then someone who our personalities kind of clashed I would want to do more sessions with because I was I was learning I was you know, this was challenging to me.

[00:09:31.650] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And so there have been so many times where I've stepped off stage and I go, wow, you know? Set my intention.

[00:09:38.520] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I envisioned it being amazing. And it really wasn't anything close to any of that. And that's OK, because really failure gives us over the fear of failure and failure helps us let go of our static plan of how we think life needs to be. And it really lets us enter life into this adventure where sometimes you're going to succeed in whatever way you define success. Sometimes you're going to fail epically. And we're always going to be better as a result of it.

[00:10:08.880] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And so I think I'm really appreciative of all the times I failed because it really got me over being afraid of it. And once I was over being afraid of failure, then I started realizing all the other levels I was already succeeding at. And so I'm truly grateful for those failures. And I look back and I realize they're only really failures because of how I define success. And so it is very interesting.

[00:10:33.450] - Candi Broeffle, Host

That is a very interesting concept that we want to get into a little bit more.

[00:10:39.210] - Candi Broeffle, Host

But one of the things and we're going to have to go into a break here in just a minute, but one of the things that it reminds me of to when you say that is that no matter how bad you felt about, "Oh, I wish it would have gone differently" you touched people in your audience in ways, no? And that happens to us all the time.

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[00:11:00.540] - Candi Broeffle, Host

It's so ironic. I mean, I've got enough of the times where I felt like I "failed". I want to flee the country and I'm so blessed to be able to touch people no matter what. I mean, what a blessing that is.

[00:11:12.660] - Candi Broeffle, Host

Very good. But thank you. So for people who want to learn more about what Matt does, visit his website at And that's M-A-T-T-K-A-H-N.ORG.

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To read the online version of Natural Awakenings magazine, visit natural Twin You can find a podcast of this show on AM950 on Apple and Google podcast Spotify. And anywhere you get your podcasts, you're listening to Green Tea Conversation on AM 950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back.

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Welcome back to Green Tea Conversation, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the professionals who share their expertise and their health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and highly attuned empath, Matt Kahn. Just before the break, you were starting to tell us about your journey and about what happened to get you to where you are today. One of the things that I always ask my guests, especially this year, because 2020 has been such a powerful year is - what are you taking away from the experiences of 2020?

[00:12:45.230] - Matt Kahn, Guest

My goodness, what a year it's been. And I think if we really look at it, 2020 has been a year for a lot of us. We've been on a spiritual path for many years before 2020. For a lot of people, 2020 was a massive initiation into a spiritual journey similarly to what 9/11 did for a lot of people.

[00:13:04.760] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Right. 9/11 was a very big awakening for a lot of people this year because it wasn't one day. This is a year. It's interesting how intense the world becomes when all the things you've gone through on your spiritual journey is now feeling like it's happening to everyone on the planet. And so I think, you know, 2020 has been a precedent that many spiritual beings have been preparing for. And I think that what I personally take away from 2020, I mean, I think of 2020 and I can joke about it because it's just funny to release the tension through humor. But in all sincerity, I'm very grateful for 2020. I'm very grateful for everything that happened. Before it was announced as a thing, I think I had coronavirus and it was the sickest I'd ever been in 6 years. I don't get sick. That took me an entire month to heal.

[00:13:58.430] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And, you know, in that time of great debilitation, which for me is scary because for me to be debilitated, that kind of takes everything for me. I have to be "I'm the guy, right?" And so I couldn't work and I'm not used to not traveling. And so for me, 2020 gave me a great time to ground. It gave me a chance to really, even though I was very inward connection with the universe, give me a chance to go inward into my human reality.

[00:14:32.210] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And they gave me a chance to really stop my life because even though I'm teaching a lot of very loving spiritual things, my life had been in this progressive pace. And so it gave me a chance to kind of stop and really feel into what is important to me. What do I need to live the most holistic life of wellness and balance. And it really led me to making some very powerful decisions, including moving out of Seattle to central Oregon and slowly my entire life down.

[00:15:02.900] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And I think that the opportunity for me and for many people is that 2020 gave me an opportunity to reclaim a deeper quality of life. And the only way in which we really reclaimed the quality of life is for the pace of our life to be drastically interrupted.

[00:15:19.400] - Candi Broeffle, Host

So many people are resisting a lot of what is happening. They want to go back. They want to go back to how things were before. Once the pandemic is over, then I'll be happy. So humans, we always want to resist any kind of change. And I just have to say, I love a quote that you have on your website. So your website, I love a quote that you have in one of your blogs called The Truth about Resistance, in which you discuss how when there is a change happening and we are uncomfortable, we want to hurry up and learn the perceived lesson in it all.

[00:15:54.770] - Candi Broeffle, Host

So we quit feeling this discomfort. We can move past it. The quote is "We're merely turning a tendency of blame onto ourselves whenever discomfort is interpreted as a punishment instead of an indication of the fierce reward of experiences gained." So true.

[00:16:14.450] - Matt Kahn, Guest


[00:16:14.780] - Candi Broeffle, Host

So what? You know, there's so much reward. I think that's an I don't know if I love the word reward, but I don't know. But it's that what are some of the fierce experiences, a fierce reward experiences that we have coming out of 2020?

[00:16:33.840] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Well, I think I think one of them I mean, you know, I know a lot of people would go, "Oh, we're going to get back to life as we know it." It's kind of like your friend calling. You say, "Hey, what are you doing today?" "I'm going to go on a little walk." "Where are you going? I'm going to go back to my childhood." "Oh, you can't do that."

[00:16:53.340] - Matt Kahn, Guest


[00:16:53.610] - Matt Kahn, Guest

It's kind of the same thing. You can't go back to childhood as much as I'd love to go back to the arcade when I was 10, but I'd be right. But you can't go back to your childhood. But life as we know will never be the same again. And I think that's actually a reward that who we were is done and who we are becoming is new. It's fresh. It's of a higher vibration.

[00:17:17.280] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And as soon as we let go of our comfort being associated to the past and start finding the joy and exhilaration of what can and will be, I think we start finding more and more rewards. Life is only as fierce as it needs to be to get our attention off what we think should be and to open up to this is what it's becoming.

[00:17:40.290] - Matt Kahn, Guest

So I kind of think the fact that life will never be the same again and everyone is worried about what that really means. I think it's we are literally living through the most exciting corridor into Earth's ascension.

[00:17:54.330] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I just think a lot of people thought I was going to look differently, you know, like the light. And, you know, we have all these big spiritual experiences. The light dawns, realization occurs, all these things and all those things are real and true. But the way life evolves is not with, like a pretty little bow tied on top of its life, does whatever it needs to do to get us where we need to be. So I think that if we're able to say life will never be the same again, and that's the best-case scenario and who I was is complete and who I'm becoming will be far greater than everything I've ever known.

[00:18:35.580] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I just have to be open, receptive, and allow. And not that that's a process called surrender, but that's what the world is going through right now. And so there are a lot of us who have already surrendered. There are a lot of us that are surrender on a deeper level, and there are a lot of other people who will take a lot longer to surrender. And yet the deeper we let go, the easier we make it for other people to find that peace, serenity, and solitude.

[00:19:02.450] - Candi Broeffle, Host

And we really I mean, if you look at your own spiritual journey, it's never easy, right? We learn the most in those difficult times. We learn, we develop the most in those difficult times and 2020 has really given us that opportunity absolutely difficult as it is. It's also exciting to see the opportunity that is there.

[00:19:26.430] - Candi Broeffle, Host

Well, when we come back, we're going to head into a break here in just a minute. But I am really wanting to talk to you about your Facebook page. You have one of the best Facebook pages out there. Can't wait to introduce people to it. And I feel so strongly about your Facebook community that you have. But for people who want to learn more about what does visit that's M-A-T-T-K-A-H-N.ORG when we come back, we're going to talk with Matt about his Facebook page and also his latest book called The Universe Always Has a Plan and dig into some of the golden rules of letting go, which we were just talking about.

[00:20:12.270] - Candi Broeffle, Host

So to read the online version of Natural Awakenings  visit Natural, you can find a podcast of this show on AM950 on Apple and Google podcast Spotify. And anywhere you get your podcasts, you're listening to Green Tea Conversation on AM950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back.

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Welcome back to Green Tea Conversation where we meet the professionals straight from the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine who share their expertise and travels with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Matt Kahn, a best-selling author and spiritual teacher in highly attuned empath. So just before the break, we were starting to talk about, kind of tease people about your Facebook group. And I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your Facebook group and how you have developed it.

[00:21:19.380] - Candi Broeffle, Host

And when I say that, I want people to understand, there's many times I follow a lot of different people and there's many times where somebody will put up a post and then people make comments, and sometimes the author will come in and respond to the comments. But you respond in a way that are very true to your teachings. You are very true and authentic in what you are sharing with people. And when they come in and sometimes there might be some confusion about the lesson that you're you're sharing with them.

[00:21:56.670] - Candi Broeffle, Host

You have a very nice way of calling it out, a very kind way of calling it out. You're very firm in that. And I so appreciate that. So how did you I mean, this must have been a very cognizant. Idea that you had with your with your group.

[00:22:19.000] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Yeah, when I started to be more interactive on my Facebook, what I what my intention was, was that I wanted to respond to questions as a demonstration of the consciousness they teach in action.

[00:22:30.670] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Like, how do you apply it, even though it's who I am, naturally. So I thought I think that'd be a good thing to demonstrate. And I follow a couple of rules on social media, one of which is I don't respond to anything. Well, first of all, for people that are on my Facebook page, I like every comment that people make and there are hundreds and hundreds of comments. And so I take a break throughout the day and I like a few. And I come back and people know that when I like a comment, it's not because I agree with what they're saying or disagree.

[00:23:03.730] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Every time I make a comment, I'm sending healing energy to someone. So I use it as a chance to, through social media, continue my work as an the killer for the world. And I only respond to comments if there's a question asked. And I find that to be a very healthy way to communicate because I'm not here to correct people. Sometimes you have to let people sit in their experience before something deeper awakens. Sometimes my teachings are to plant a seed and it takes time for it to blossom.

[00:23:33.740] - Matt Kahn, Guest

But if someone has a question, I always want to figure out a way of "How do I respond kindly and lovingly without watering down the truth? And what can I say to you, which I've actually never said before?" because I came into this industry as no one in the beginning. No one wanted to take a chance on me. You know, no big author wanted to associate with me unless my list was a certain size and all.

[00:24:05.900] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And I came into this field honestly, and I immediately got completely heartbroken because I didn't realize it was so much business. I thought it was more about connection. And as I became very popular. It took being extremely popular for me to wake up out of the need to be popular. And to be perfectly honest, my entire life I always wanted to be liked by people. I have a very big sensitivity to not being liked by people.

[00:24:31.790] - Matt Kahn, Guest

If someone's upset with me when I was a kid, it ruined my day, ruined my existence, and I was in prison until they let me off the hook, which is very codependent. But that's how I was raised. And so it took being very popular for me to actually realize that popularity for me is a responsibility. And it's a responsibility for me to take these teachings as deep as I can take them. People are going to give me their time and attention and come to my events and say, we're going to listen to you.

[00:25:01.590] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I have a responsibility. And so I found myself really healing a lot of wounds from childhood where I instead of needing to be popular and then maintain that popularity or then, "Oh, I can't answer this question this way because it might rattle my popularity," really give me a chance to wake up out of it. And really what starts to happen is it became just an opportunity for me to teach even deeper through gut-wrenching authenticity, because for me, authenticity and truth is not a hard place to go, and when I go into the places a lot of people are afraid to go, I find a lot of comfort.

[00:25:41.320] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Some people feel a lot of fear and trepidation. So I feel like I'm helping to dispel the fear of authenticity by demonstrating. And I I love that I've turned Facebook into another way to offer it is it is just so good.

[00:25:56.770] - Candi Broeffle, Host

I mean, I highly recommend to people that they start following you, and thank you for your insight. I do want to share with you I had an experience with your Facebook page that is actually very telling. So one morning I woke up early and I have a friend on Facebook who we have very different political views and she had made a post and it triggered something in me. And so I got my self-righteous self up.

[00:26:27.730] - Candi Broeffle, Host

And I started typing out a very long response to her post. And I used data and facts and rebutted. And I was so proud of that post. And I really, really put her in her place.

[00:26:40.360] - Candi Broeffle, Host


[00:26:41.020] - Candi Broeffle, Host

I was I was like, "Oh, this is so good." And then I hit send and the next post that comes up is yours. And it talked about being kind and about how we don't want to add to other people's suffering.

[00:26:56.820] - Matt Kahn, Guest


[00:26:57.200] - Candi Broeffle, Host

And to their pain in that, you know, what we might see is as being wrong is pain coming out for them, but it's also pain coming out for us. And so I was responding from my own pain and my need to be right in my need to really change her mind and my need to do all these things. And I literally laughed out loud and I said out loud, "Thank you, Matt, for this message. Thank you, God, for sending me this message." And I deleted my post. So thing is, like it was before anybody could see it, I got to take it off real quick.

[00:27:35.290] - Matt Kahn, Guest

So, you know, it's one of those things where I think that because the planet has been such an imbalanced, overly emasculated, unconscious collective energy, we think that people will feel better when they know better, people will do better when they know better. And then what I've learned is that there has to be a very clever way of communicating with people, because in the subconscious mind if someone says you're right, subconsciously in their mind, they think they're wrong by comparison or by contrast.

[00:28:12.280] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And so even though you say they go, "Oh, you're right" you can hear my voice when I act that out, there's a resignation to it. There's a there's a sense of defeat. And so what's interesting is that the person walks away with less of the insight you gave them and more of the disempowerment. And I find that when we really kind of understand that the world we live in. Is is is a large population of people who have learned to communicate in the complete absence or avoidance of understanding the traumas that linger and all of us, and that we're all healing, and that when we see something that needs correcting or condemning or that's not right, I'm going to put them in their place.

[00:28:56.090] - Matt Kahn, Guest

We don't realize that their actions are coming from a place of pain. And there's a lot of people in this world who think, "If I'm going to empathize with the pain of someone who does something I don't agree with, I'm a sympathizer. I'm an accessory to the crime."

[00:29:11.020] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And it's almost as if we have to oppose things that we are against to prove that we're not a part of it. And I think that on a bigger level, it's the shock and awe that no matter what lifetime you think you're in, we've all played all parts. We will play all parts. And I think that that's a lot for people to take in because whether we talk about the imbalances of law of attraction, the way it's taught, whether we talk about a lack of being trauma-informed, everyone wants to stay on one side to avoid another.

[00:29:49.550] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And we're living on a planet where those two sides are coming together. And of course, before it comes together in harmony, there's clashing, there's collision. But I think it's important to realize it's not a matter of what people need to know. It's about the companionship they need to feel loved and seen that allows something more beautiful to shine to the surface. And when we offer love and companionship to people that are, you know, who have done things that we don't agree with, the transformation that they can go through and the goodness that can come out of them and how that can affect our society, it just takes a group of very brave souls to do and go where most people don't want to go.

[00:30:29.660] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And that's what being a Lightworkers truly all about.

[00:30:34.970] - Candi Broeffle, Host

Well, it is it is a really powerful thing. Thank you. And like I said, I love how you respond to people who always me that when he was young, you don't have to like everyone. You don't have to be everyone's friend, but you always have to be kind.

[00:30:51.290] - Matt Kahn, Guest

That's right.

[00:30:51.850] - Candi Broeffle, Host

I don't know what somebody else is in. And yet I still get to learn that myself at 15 years old. So you read there

[00:31:04.790] - Matt Kahn, Guest

this really quickly.

[00:31:05.420] - Matt Kahn, Guest

It's funny, my mom and dad told me at a very early age, the way they taught me, as they said, "Matthew, no matter how anyone asks you, you have to be polite."

[00:31:12.740] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And to be honest, no matter how anyone, what anyone does, facing the wrath of my mom would be far worse than anything anyone could do. But they told me, you know, you always have to be nice. You always have to be polite.

[00:31:26.420] - Candi Broeffle, Host


[00:31:27.080] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And I actually took that to heart and I took it literally. And I literally was would always be polite whether I walked away with egg on my face or walked away angry or upset. And then I just let that kind of inner frustration be like a fire that burned away my defenses. And I really took it to heart. And I found throughout my life that just being completely polite, any human being and not needing them to be any way other than how they are has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

[00:31:58.160] - Candi Broeffle, Host

Well, maybe you have an experience in the book and one of your books, and I don't remember which one it is for sure. I read them. But you had an experience where you said you had somebody come up to you, somebody you hadn't seen in these days, "Oh, looks like you've gained 10 pounds."

[00:32:15.770] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Oh, yeah.

[00:32:17.350] - Candi Broeffle, Host

And how did you respond to them?

[00:32:20.060] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Yeah. Honestly, I said, "You know what, I have gained 10 pounds. And the fact that you brought that to my attention lets me know that you're really, really interested in my health and well-being. Thank you." I chose to interpret it as a gift versus a an assault. And it was just one of those things where I thought, "What if I respond this way?" And the space it created, the field, it opened up and I went, "Oh because I don't know, I've always disliked confrontation, even though the majority of the energy I lived in as a child was this battlefield of spontaneous confrontation. I don't know, I just found I just found a curiosity of why, if I responded this way, like what would they say if I said that? Like what if they said that to me and I took it as a compliment and it just was a curiosity? And then when that happened, it just happened. And what I brought out of that connection between the person and I was so powerful and I thought, "Oh, wow." And it just to me, life is like a big, big experiment, a social experiment.

[00:33:29.670] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I always think of, like, "What if I did this differently?" And I think for all of us, if we dare to do things differently, we are able to see what we've never seen before. And that's the greatest part of this whole journey.

[00:33:42.000] - Candi Broeffle, Host

Yeah, it was really good.

[00:33:44.160] - Candi Broeffle, Host

So for people who want to learn more, visit And again, that's M-A-T-T-K-A-H-N.ORG  you can also follow them on Facebook at Matt Kahn to read the online version of Natural Awakenings magazine. Visit You're listening to Green Tea Conversation and AM950 Radio Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back.

[00:34:24.140] - Candi Broeffle, Host

Welcome back to Green Tea Conversation, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine to talk to the professionals who share their expertise and natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and highly untuned empath, Matt Kahn. So, Matt, we have been talking about some of the lessons that you're bringing, bringing to us, bringing to your audience. And you actually have a course coming up. It's called tele-gathering, which I'm interested in learning more about. But the course is called Holding Space for a New Humanity. So tell us a little bit about this, this is going to start on January 26. So there's still time for people to register and it's an eight-week tele-gathering course that's offered on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. here, Central Standard Time.

[00:35:16.450] - Candi Broeffle, Host

So tell us a little bit about this, what people can expect and be part of this.

[00:35:22.180] - Matt Kahn, Guest

So this program is the 12th iteration of what I've called Angel Academy. And I created Angel Academy many years ago because I wanted to create a series of online courses where these are tele gatherings. So it's through audio where I wanted to create a series of courses where I would teach people all the things I've learned from the universe of my experiences with ascended masters and archangels. And what I was very young. I've had memories of being in heaven and being in a school and saying this is what I thought I was going to learn down there.

[00:35:52.630] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And then I woke up, went down there and and then I saw I thought, I want to create the kind of school for people on Earth to learn what I've learned from the universe and to help us really go through the kind of group healing experiences, because with the transmission of healing energy that comes through my voice, as people can hear on this interview, the energy that I channel makes the healing that we all go through accelerated. So if I can if I can work with someone in a session which I don't do anymore, or on an online course for eight weeks, and if I can help someone heal in eight weeks, would take them normally nine months to heal.

[00:36:34.020] - Matt Kahn, Guest

You know, my interest and my desire is just to help people through the depths of pain and through despair and get to the other side, you know, as efficiently and lovingly as aligned as possible. So I created this thing called Angel Academy. Each one had a different theme. This is the 12th Ward. And so, of course, with the state of the world, I called it holding space for a new humanity. And it really is an eight-week course where the focus is not actually on humanity.

[00:36:58.870] - Matt Kahn, Guest

The focus is actually on you becoming your highest version of self, capable of not only navigating the uncertainty of our world but holding a profound light for the awakening of humanity. And I just started to really channel and outline what I'm going to be offering. I mean, the first call, the last call, I was like a grand finale healing activation. But the first call is going to be like one of the most massive clearings I've ever done because I want to help people clear the energy of the last year.

[00:37:28.270] - Matt Kahn, Guest

There's so many people that have been shut down who are overwhelmed, that are confused. And I want the first call to be a clearing and then the second call I'm doing a new process I created, which is really helping people heal codependency and clear the energy of other people out of their field. And it's just going to be a really incredible eight-week journey where if we're really ready to step into a new reality and we really are ready to see what this mystery of life is really all about and to really embody it as a lived experience.

[00:37:58.900] - Matt Kahn, Guest

I'm just honored to offer this course for all who are really ready to become the change they wish to see.

[00:38:06.000] - Candi Broeffle, Host

That is so exciting, so I am joining that Teleclass, telegathering. And I'm going to invite everyone to like I said, the cost is 111 dollars, which I love Angel number 111. But the cost is 111. It is for eight weeks every week on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 o'clock.

[00:38:27.780] - Candi Broeffle, Host

And for people who want to join with me, I'd be happy to set up a Facebook group for people here in the Twin Cities as well, that we can start to connect and also bring some of these lessons that we're learning every week, being able to kind of connect with one another. So if people are interested in that, just reach out to me at Natural Awakenings. You can find my contact information on our website. So you also have a really fantastic YouTube channel.

[00:38:58.650] - Matt Kahn, Guest

You have over 19 million views that have gone on your Facebook channel and you have over 200 videos that you have up that people can just go in and listen to. And the messages that you have on there are just phenomenal. So congratulations! I mean, it is a really impressive Facebook page. I'm sorry, YouTube page.

[00:39:18.510] - Matt Kahn, Guest

Thank you. I really appreciate it. And I always want to make sure that I have free offerings. And I can't tell you how many times you've gotten emails from our office of people that have said your videos have saved my life. The power of YouTube for me and what that's done for my career has been so humbling. Quick story, I was at brunch with my friends a couple of years ago. I went to a gallery and bought a piece of art that for some reason I had to buy for whatever reason, this Berlinale piece of wood, that's kind of like a bowl. Beautiful. Week later, I get a letter from the artist saying, I heard that you bought my art piece and think, "Oh, that's interesting." And she said, and by the way, last year I was on the brink of suicide and your YouTube video saved my life.

[00:40:06.120] - Candi Broeffle, Host

Oh, wow.

[00:40:07.590] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And of course, the power of interconnection, synchronicity. But but it was so humbling. And I get these emails all the time or people say, "You've saved my life in my darkest hour." And to know that I have a platform where I can put things out there and touch people. So incredibly, it is really the desire I've had on the deepest level. I remember when I first started channeling and I thought, "I just want a way to get this out of the world."

[00:40:33.390] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And now I do, you know, a 19 million views later and I'm truly humbled and relieved that which channels through me all day has an outlet to reach the world. And I'm just so thankful and grateful to my global audience that I have the honor to serve. And it's truly, truly an honor to serve every human being.

[00:40:57.870] - Candi Broeffle, Host

And you can tell that in the work that you do and you can tell that in everything that you do from your website to your YouTube channel to your Facebook page, to your books, everything is really a gift that you're giving. Your service is beautiful. So thank you for that. And I do want to go back and just kind of mention about the TELLA gathering to people who are feeling kind of lost, feeling disconnected. This is a really great opportunity to have some spiritual an opportunity to to do some spiritual learning, but also get connected with people in it in a different way.

[00:41:39.810] - Matt Kahn, Guest


[00:41:40.590] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And I think, you know, the energy that channel is so powerful, Angel Academy always tends to be such a powerful series and, you know, really to connect energetically with people of like mind to have the experience of spiritual connection versus ideas about it, and to really have the kind of space and capacity to really gift yourself with the kind of healing that 2020 gave us all the time and space to focus on. You know, 2020 gave us the time and the space.

[00:42:10.560] - Matt Kahn, Guest

And now we have the opportunity to really ascend and expand as incredibly as possible, not only because our world and our planet needs it, because there's no other alternative anymore but to awaken. First, many of us got into this field. It was an option. Now waking up, it's just a reality.

[00:42:32.370] - Candi Broeffle, Host

Thank you so much. Thank you for being with us today. Thank you for your time and your experience. We so appreciate it for people who want to learn more about what he does visit MattKahn.Org. Thank you for joining us today as we awaken to natural health to read the online edition of Natural Awakenings magazine or to check out our complete online calendar of events, visit You've been listening to Green Tea Conversation AM 950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota.

And I'm wishing for you a lovely day!