The LearnIn with Eny Osung
How To Get Clients Without Selling On LinkedIn
August 15, 2021
LinkedIn allows users to approach potential customers or prospects. This feature encourages users spamming contacts and connections often deterring potential clients. Everyone's using the same tricks to try and sell their product or service. There are other sales techniques with a much higher success rate and in ways that clients respect and trust, many of which are not using LinkedIn to aid sales.
LinkedIn provides networking tools that give the opportunity to approach customers or prospects. These tools allow the possibility to build relationships on LinkedIn. Everyone's using the same tricks to get into your inbox, which becomes a regular occurrence, resulting in no connection standing out and therefore receiving no business as there is no interest. Eny analyses the best ways to generate sales without the use of spam and recommends the best practice for marketing on and off the platform and how to approach customers and connections.