Rock Your Retirement Show
Barbara is Back with New Beginnings: The Story of Downsizing, Letting Go, and Building Connections
January 1, 2024
In this episode of "Rock Your Retirement," Barbara returns to share her experience with downsizing and moving from her family home to a new, smaller property. She details the emotional challenges, financial decisions, and unexpected turns that she and her husband encountered during this major transition in their retirement. From selling their unique property to exploring 55 and older communities, Barbara offers valuable insights into the process of downsizing and finding a new home that aligns with their retirement goals. Tune in as Barbara and host Kathe delve into the highs and lows of this life-changing journey, providing wisdom and inspiration for anyone facing similar decisions in their retirement years.
In this episode of "Rock Your Retirement," host Kathe Kline welcomes back Barbara to continue their candid conversation about the emotional and logistical challenges of downsizing and moving in retirement. 

Barbara recounts the process of selling her unique property with two units and public water on two and a half acres, which resulted in a full-price offer with no contingencies on the same day of buying a new house. She discusses the financial planning involved in paying for their new home in cash, taking advantage of low interest rates. The couple's main goals for downsizing were to be closer to their children and grandchildren, reduce expenses, and purchase a smaller home and a recreational place.

Listeners gain insights into the couple's decision-making, including their move to a less populated area to achieve their specific goals of reduced expenses and insurance premiums. Barbara shares the emotional challenges of downsizing and the fear of regret that accompanied the process. The episode explores the couple's considerations about purchasing a property in Arizona for the winter, selling their motorhome to buy a smaller one, and their anticipation of moving into a new neighborhood and joining clubs there. Barbara and Kathe discuss the importance of writing down and vocalizing goals to achieve them, empathizing with one another's experiences of decluttering and purging belongings, and the unexpected interest from potential buyers amidst the chaos of preparing their home for sale.

The conversation delves into Barbara's experiences of living in an RV to prepare for downsizing and the necessity of making difficult decisions about belongings as she and her husband moved into a new place. Listeners also share Barbara's reflections on the positive aspects of their decision to move and the importance of making choices based on how one wants to spend their remaining years. Barbara emphasizes the significance of community support in older age, connecting with other people as a way to cope with the challenges of moving to a new place, and the different ways in which individuals recharge due to introversion and extroversion. The episode also touches upon the family's journey in finding a new home closer to their son and navigating disagreements about park models and community living.

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