Finishing Touches: How to Maximize Value and Strategize Your Business Transition
The Art of Hiring an Exceptional Number Two Leader with Alec Broadfoot
January 4, 2024
In this episode of Finishing Touches, Vincent Mastrovito welcomes Alec Broadfoot, the visionary behind VisionSpark. Alec, renowned for his leadership and organizational growth expertise, shares his journey and the profound impact of effective leadership in small to midsize entrepreneurial companies. The discussion delves into critical aspects of leadership, the importance of a robust second-in-command leader, and the intricacies of maximizing business valuation.
Key Points From This Episode:

[00:01:11] Alec Broadfoot's recognition in the 2023 Inc 5,000 list for leading one of the fastest-growing companies

[00:03:37] The inception of VisionSpark

[00:07:27] The primary market served by VisionSpark

[00:11:25] The rarity of innate leadership skills

[00:14:52] The high success rate of VisionSpark in matching leaders to organizations

[00:17:55] The value of 'A players' in an organization and the return on investment they bring


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