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$50,000,000 Per Year In Revenue In Only 2 Hours Per Week With John Akhoian
December 14, 2022
The biggest myth in the home service industry is that owning your business is going to make you rich. That isn't the case because there are so many people that own their businesses and are far from being rich. Being a business owner is like being a generalist. You're doing payroll, running calls, doing estimates, and doing it all. You need to delegate some work to specialists that can do that. The key to growing your business is consistency. Don't do it once or twice, but actually become so consistent that you're doing it over and over and over again. How I Grew My Residential Service Company To $50,000,000 In 9 Years -
Most people work in the business and not on their business. That's how they get stuck and can't grow. People think that they can be rich by just having their own home service business. That is so far from the truth. You actually have to work for it. Set up goals and plan around things that'll move the needle for you. Start being proactive, not reactive. Join Ryan Englin as he talks to the CEO of the largest residential home service company in California, Rooter Hero Plumbing, John Akhoian. John talks about how he built his business from zero to 50 million dollars per year in nine years! Learn how to plan your life and set goals for your business. Work on those every day and you'll eventually grow. It's all about consistency. You can know more about this in John's book How I Grew my Residential Service Company to $50,000,000 in 9 years. Join in and learn how you can start working on your business instead of in your business now!

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