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Ludella Hahn - The Face of Fetish
November 22, 2022
Winner of so many awards @FetishCon and the 2022 Fetish Awards for her work with so many amazing characters and fetishes. @hitherecatsuit has in depth talk with the fabulous @LudellaHahn and Jon has a very special announcement about the future of our show to start it off!
Ludella Hahn is an award-winning fetish actress and filmmaker known for her fiery red hair, hourglass figure, and her palpable passion in the works she creates. Wearing all the hats as a one-woman-show, she takes immense pride in creating her productions all on her own from start to finish–from scriptwriting to set-building, costuming, directing, filming, and editing. With her love for vintage, her curves, and her feminine allure, Ludella has been called the Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe of modern day, with a little bit of Lucille Ball thrown in. And like Monroe and Ball, it’s always been important to Ludella to prove that women are capable of so much more than being a pretty face.  
With 13 Fetish Awards wins under her garterbelt (nestled in with a myriad of nominations from the AVN Awards, Xbiz Awards, Altporn Awards, and the YNOT Cam Awards), she is renowned for her cartoony yet cinematic style in a multitude of niche fetishes, and she has fans all over the world who love her larger than life stories, sets, and characters.  
Graduating 8th in her class, Ludella was a top student with a passion for acting and dance from a young age and was a member of her high school’s dance company and theater programs. But she turned down her acceptance into Emerson’s acting program because she didn’t want to amass so much debt early in life, and instead opted to attend a state school, where she graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Classical Humanities and Creative Writing while working a 3rd shift job 40-60 hours a week to pay her way. And even with all that sleep deprivation, her love for performance never went away.  
She began modeling in her college years for both the sake of adventure and artistic expression as well as a way to make some extra money to help with her tuition payments, and her career began to take off, landing her first magazine spreads before graduation. She also discovered the local burlesque scene in Portland, Maine during that time and began performing regularly, having missed the way that movement moved her. By the time she graduated, she knew she wanted to try to make a career as a model and performer, and she moved to Boston in 2011 with her now husband to make a go at it.  
In 2012 she was given the opportunity to work alongside John Barrowman, William Sadler, and Edoardo Ballerini as the burlesque dancer “Ada” in the Shonda Rhimes ABC Studios pilot Gilded Lilys, and she played supporting actress “Anette” in Ama Lea’s giallo short film Red Red, as well as the character “Bambi” in television series Boston Massacre.  
Ludella has been on the covers and pages of many newsstand magazines (like _Bizarre_, _Leg Show_, and _Temptress_) and has had spreads in both _Hustler_ and _Hustler’s Taboo_, to name just a few. She’s been the face of many retro clothing companies, including ads for Vivien of Holloway in UK’s _Vogue_ & _Cosmopolitan_, and her curvy body of work even includes billboards and French erotica book covers. She’s also been featured as a “Top Cosplayer” by _Playboy_, _io9_, and the _LA Times_ for her cosplays at San Diego Comic Con.  
She performed burlesque regularly in Boston and New York City, including in Boston’s burlesque ballet spectacular _The Slutcracker_ for three seasons. And although there was much more work in Boston than in her home state of Maine, she found she had to travel often to make a regular income. She would plan monthly trips to NYC for photoshoots and performances and tour other parts of the country with her fellow fetish model and friend Nyxon every couple of months. But after a few years of that, she found herself wanting to spend more time at home and less time lugging 50 lb suitcases around, so she decided to try her hand at being her own producer on Clips4Sale, where she could have complete creative control while working from home.  
In 2014, she continued to tour while she built her Clips4Sale business (using the extra clip income to pay off her school loans), and by the end of the year, she was able to make her fetish production business her full time job. In 2016, with her ability to work entirely from home and the housing rates increasing, Ludella and her husband decided to leave the city behind to buy the house they would eventually start their family in. They settled in a farm town in New Hampshire and adopted a Boston Terrior a month later. Then in 2017, she opened a Patreon page to create content for her non-fetishist pinup and cosplay fans. The next year, Ludella would give birth to what she calls her greatest achievement: her son.  
Though motherhood would become a 24/7 career in itself, Ludella has continued to create for her productions, and has proven that you can still achieve career success and raise a family at the same time. In 2021, she hit the #1 Studio spot on all of Clip4Sale multiple times, an achievement she never thought she’d make because the kind of content she creates is not explicit in nature, and in 2022 she was nominated for (and won) seven awards in the Fetish Awards.  
And with that success, Ludella donates a percentage of her earnings to causes she believes in. Having come from a low income family, food security is a cause that Ludella very much believes in, and she regularly donates to charities that give food to those in need, especially to programs for children. She says that she’s very thankful for the programs that assisted her own family growing up, and believes in paying it forward wherever you can.  
Ludella believes that anything is possible with the right mindset, which is why she’s begun work on a podcast project with a focus on self-improvement and companionship, called The Friend In Your Ear Pod, to premiere by the holiday season. She will be using a different name for this project to keep it separate from her adult work, but she hopes her fans will still tune in each week.  
Breaking molds and misconceptions has been a large driver in all of Hahn’s success. And if you’re reading this, she’d probably want you to know that you can break through whatever obstacles are holding you back as well, with a bit of elbow grease and believing in yourself. According to her, we’re all capable of magic.