Scam Economy
35: Crypto is the Future...Just Like Google Glass (w/ Quinn Myers)
October 21, 2022
Quinn Myers, freelance writer and author of the new book Remember the Internet: Google Glass joins the show to discuss Google's new partnership with Coinbase to accept crypto payments for Google Cloud services, crypto evangelists basking in acceptance from Big Tech and Old Finance, how the tech industry and venture capitalists hype crypto and the media eats it up, how this same song and dance is very reminiscent of Google Glass, how the same cast of characters that promoted this failed product are now all in on crypto, why Google Glass was rejected by the general public and why crypto has been too, wearable tech, the Metaverse and Web3 versions like Decentraland, and what lessons are to be learned here. Check out Quinn's book, Remember the Internet: Google Glass: Visit Support the show: Articles mentioned on the show: