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Podopheleus: Advocate for Change
November 29, 2022
He is an advocate for change, a sub male, a hip hop writer, an interviewer and an author of Triple Formed, a BDSM book written in the form of rap lyrics and amazing illustrations. He is Podopheleus, and he joins HiThereCatsuit for a great conversation from the right side of the slash.
So here it is – I’ve finally found the courage to share with you the Podopheleus Story through a website and in my featured writing. His website is a guide for submissive males. If you’re a novice (or advanced submissive) male, I hope you will find everything you need to know to get started and to explore your kinks, fetishes, sexual desires and fantasies without feeling fear, shame or guilt. 

Before I visited a Dominatrix, I had so many questions. I spent hours online seeking the answers. However, so many of these questions remained unanswered. 

Have you ever had that feeling of not being good enough? The feeling of being lost? The feeling of not fitting in? You want to make positive changes. On the other hand, you don’t know how. 

The website along with my blogs and my book, Triple-Formed, are packed with information to jumpstart your journey to self-acceptance and to help you embrace your sexuality through Sexual Equanimity. 

My blogs will also teach submissive males how to respectfully communicate with a Dominatrix.

What is Sexual Equanimity?
A great number of men would love to explore their fantasies, fetishes, kinks and desires. However, as previously mentioned, many men either feel guilt, fear or shame. Furthermore, the moment men start exploring their fetishes they could potentially face problems such as addictions/obsessions, seeking validation, overindulgence in masturbation and watching porn. 

Sexual Equanimity is mindfulness in sexuality. To freely explore your sexuality with a balanced mind. I hope my writing and featured resources will provide men with help and support.

Who is Podopheleus?
Well let me start off by saying that I am male. Now we got that out the away. Who am I? I am the author of the debut novel Triple-Formed. I am a rhymer. I am a kinkster. I am a submissive. I am advocating for change. I am a men’s mental health supporter. I encourage mindfulness in sexuality. I support Sex Work/Sex Workers. 

How did I come up with my pen name?
Podo is defined as foot or feet. Podophilia is a paraphilia connected with sexual attraction to feet or foot fetishism. 

Oh and guess what? Yes, I have a foot fetish.

Taking everything into account I came up with the name Podopheleus.