Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#150: Getting Curious About Curiosity, Curating World-Class Conversations, & How To Ask Questions That Unleash Impact w/ Brooke Casanovas
August 29, 2023
Several months ago, my friend Jhana Li (Episode #146) told me about this epic human named Brooke Casanovas. A few weeks ago, I walk into an event and guess who I meet? Ding ding! Brooke and I immediately hit it off because of our shared love for curiosity and asking effective questions and I knew we had to bring her on the show. Here are 3 crunchy things to look forward to in today’s episode: 1. Why Brooke walked up to someone without knowing her at an event and started a conversation around menopause… and what that has to do with creating deeper and more meaningful conversations 2. How to identify your superpowers or, as Gay Hendricks would say, “Zone of Genius” 3. Listen for Brooke’s ALIVE Framework for how to create transformational learning experiences both in masterminds and other in-person events To learn more about Brooke, visit