Auditing the Customer Journey with Penina Shtauber, Marketing Director at ScaleOps
The Revenue Insights Podcast
Auditing the Customer Journey with Penina Shtauber, Marketing Director at ScaleOps
September 21, 2023
This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are joined by Penina Shtauber, Marketing Director at ScaleOps, Israel’s leading HubSpot partner and Revenue Operations company. In this episode, Lee and Penina explore ScaleOps work providing both revenue operations and marketing operations as a service. They delve into the issues surrounding CRM adoption, how businesses can align marketing and sales, as well as the process of auditing the customer journey. As Marketing Director, Penina is responsible for leading all marketing efforts at ScaleOps, including company partnerships, brand development, live event and webinars, and content strategy. She has developed marketing operations at over 40 companies ranging from enterprises to SMEs across the HubSpot ecosystem. She is also a member of the HubSpot Partner Advisory Board representing the voice of the partner community when it comes to major decisions for the HubSpot program.

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