Spit It Out
S1E7: Immunoassays and Saliva: An Industry Perspective with Tecan / IBL
March 9, 2023
We hear from Kat Holloway and Dajana Domik of Tecan / IBL a leading manufacturer of liquid handling equipment and immunoassays. On this episode we discuss the benefits of saliva and why it's moving from a scientific sample type for research to a clinical sample used in mainstream testing. We cover testing from an Endocrinology focus on hormones and where IBL is focusing in this space.
You can learn more about Tecan and IBL International at: www.tecan.com and https://www.ibl-international.com/

Disclaimer: When talking about COVID testing and the tests provided by the European (German) government, Dajana is referring to rapid nasal swab tests not saliva tests