Entrust Equipping Leaders
Where have we been, where are we going and how can I be equipping leaders?
May 26, 2023
Host Laurie Lind describes what's happened so far on this podcast, the new direction it's taking, some key people who've made it happen and how you can equip leaders right now.
Host Laurie Lind takes on you a brief survey of this podcast and the new story-telling direction it's about to take. Plus, a challenge about the Pauls and Timothys in your life.

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Laurie Lind  | 00;00;10;10  | Welcome to a special episode of Entrust Equipping Leaders. My name is Laurie Lind. I have been the host of this podcast for the last almost a year now and I will continue to be your host going forward. We're at a little bit of the so we say it's a hiatus. Season one has finished. If this is Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife, season two is about to begin.
Laurie Lind  | 00;00;39;18  | So in between here, I just wanted to take one episode to talk directly to you and give you a little information and then let you know. We're about to turn a major corner with the focus of this podcast. So here's where we're going today. It won't take long, but we're going to talk about what we've done so far on this podcast, what we have planned for the future.
Laurie Lind  | 00;01;05;14  | I have some thank you's to make, and then I have a couple of specific things I want to ask you to do. So that's where we're headed. So first of all, number one, what we've done so far. This podcast started, as I mentioned last week with my guest host Jason Pettis. It started as a companion to printed articles that we were publishing on our website, which you can still find those articles, as we're called, equipping Christian leaders.
Laurie Lind  | 00;01;36;06  | And it was always a pair of articles, one by someone outside Entrust, sort of an expert in a field and then someone inside a trust and then trust staff member commenting on that topic from an Entrust point of view. So some of the topics that we tackled with those articles and then with corresponding interviews with the authors were contextualizing ourselves as we serve people in new cultures, using online technology to train and equip people.
Laurie Lind  | 00;02;09;08  | Why train leaders at all? And specifically, why might pastors focus on training and equipping leaders within their church? And then why focus on training women specifically? What were the differences? The pros and the cons of formal and non-formal ministry training? We did a few episodes about prayer, about the why, the how, the win of praying as both a leader and an equip are of leaders.
Laurie Lind  | 00;02;37;07  | And, you know, one of our guests for that topic of prayer was Anne Graham Lotz, Pastor Billy Graham's daughter. We did some articles about the adult learning theory called Constructivism and how to think about that from a Christian point of view. We had one episode that was a bit of a departure from all of that. It was more of a travelog in which one of our Hungarian staff members and one of our American staff members, Agi and Trish, described their multi-week multi-country trip across Europe for ministry purposes, for disciplining purposes, and they also described the ups and downs of travel and missed flights and lost luggage and some amazing God stories along the way.
Laurie Lind  | 00;03;25;02  | That one proved to be one of our very popular episodes, as have many of the others in the past. So that's what we've done thus far, primarily more of an academic type podcast and all tied to articles that are posted yet on our website, which you can read any time. It's www.entrust4.org, Find those articles called Equipping Christian Leaders.
Laurie Lind  | 00;04;00;10  | Now we're going to start to focus this podcast in a little bit different direction as of two weeks from today. It's going to be more of a storytelling format. I think stories are fun to listen to while you're driving, while you're working out, doing housework, working on a crossword puzzle, whatever it is you might be doing while you have a podcast going.
Laurie Lind  | 00;04;24;20  | So we're going to do more storytelling with two guests at a time on the podcast. So coming up in just a couple of weeks, we're going to feature Nik and Stephen. Nik is Bulgarian. Stephen has connections in the U.S. and Austria, and they'll be talking about how they became friends and colleagues back during the Cold War days and the kind of cloak and dagger days of interest past and how God used them in each other's lives and some of their adventures.
Laurie Lind  | 00;04;59;06  | And then what all of that means today. What came of all of that cloak and dagger sneaking around behind the Iron Curtain back in the day? And we'll hear from Moe and Lasma. That's one of our Canadian colleagues and one of our Latvian colleagues. Again, how God brought them together and what God has done in and through them in a partnership and what's going forward now as a result of working together.
Laurie Lind  | 00;05;26;23  | We're going to hear from several of our people who work in and or live in Spain and our very beginnings of a really amazing Spanish language ministry and so on. We're really going to dove into our own dramatic past and interest. As you know, we started as a ministry that was taking ministry leadership training to men and women behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, sneaking in and out of countries that were pretty closed off to the West.
Laurie Lind  | 00;05;59;06  | And we do have what we call our cloak and dagger stories. And we want to talk about those because those are interesting and fun to hear. At the same time, though, we want to bring those stories into the present. What did it all amount to? What came of it? What's going on today? What can we continue to do together in partnership, in ministry?
Laurie Lind  | 00;06;20;00  | You, my beloved listeners and our colleagues at Entrust and how might you get involved in all of that more and more? So that's where we're heading with this and Trust Equipping Leaders podcast going forward. All of that said, now I want to just thank a few people. This is part three of this short, little informative, odd episode of Entrust Equipping Leaders.
Laurie Lind  | 00;06;48;17  | I do want to say, first of all, the Lord God Almighty himself for giving us technology and giving us the ability to record podcasts and put them out there and speak freely about our living God and our Savior Jesus and what He has done and is doing in this world that we live in. So all thanks and glory to him, first and foremost.
Laurie Lind  | 00;07;12;21  | I also want to thank you for listening to this podcast for occasionally sending me comments and input, for letting me know that you're there for subscribing and maybe sharing the podcast and just letting the world know that we're here. And I really hope you'll continue to do that. And then I want to thank three now for actually four men who have helped me a lot in getting this thing going, because I'm not the most strong in the world of technology.
Laurie Lind  | 00;07;44;02  | So the first person I want to thank is Jason Kuntz, who got me started with even how to use online technology to record a podcast. And he started me out using the program called Audacity, which was really good for the very beginning, and I started to learn a lot. And Jason is very patient and was right there to just help me get going.
Laurie Lind  | 00;08;07;09  | Then I found a man named Andy Pulll and Andy helped me find the program called Reaper, on which we now record this podcast and edited. And Reaper became a little bit more user friendly for a non-tech person like me. And Andy very patiently helped me get going on learning how to use the Reaper audio recording program. Then came Luke Johnson, who's amazing at writing code, and I would tell him about little audio problems that I had, and he would say, What do you want me to write a code for that?
Laurie Lind  | 00;08;42;14  | And I was like, Well, sure, if that's something you can do. And just like click, click, click, click and years ago, just apply this and wow, amazing, smart young man got me going on a few of my little audio problems. And then finally I found a young guy named Tim Jaycox, and he happens to know Reaper quite well and has done a lot of audio recording for bands and various things.
Laurie Lind  | 00;09;06;18  | And he's been helping me fine tune and offered me help along the way. Very patient with me. I realize my sound quality is still not great and I'm working on that. I have some microphone issues here will get it better and better as we go forward, I assure you. But Jason, Andy, Luke and Tim couldn't have gotten to where we are without you four and your expertise with various aspects of audio communication.
Laurie Lind  | 00;09;35;16  | So now we've arrived at section four of this short little podcast today and that's what can you, my friends, my listeners do. I'd really like to ask you to pray for this podcast as it goes forward to become more and more helpful, more of a real resource for Christian leaders and people who train and equip Christian leaders, and for all of us who seek to follow Jesus in various ways in our respective spheres of life.
Laurie Lind  | 00;10;05;19  | Make a plan to keep listening to this. We drop a new episode every other Friday, and I'm praying, prayerfully trusting God that I won't miss one and have new ones coming up for you every two weeks. Subscribe or follow this podcast wherever you get your podcasts, share episodes that you like or tell people about it. And then if you're able to leave a review, I understand it's kind of tricky to leave a review.
Laurie Lind  | 00;10;33;26  | You pretty much have to be listening on an app, which I myself don't even do. I listen more just on my laptop. So if you're listening on an app and you're able to find the place where you write reviews and you would write a review for this, I would be very, very grateful to you. And then finally, you can communicate directly with me, with any input, any thoughts, any suggestions, any constructive criticism, whatever that might be at my email address, which is lauriel@entrust4.org.
Laurie Lind  | 00;11;07;09  | So that's my first name, Laurie l a u r i e and then my last initial, which is l. So Laurie l at Entrust 4 dot org.  I try to put that email in some of the show notes. I also always include the website address for interest and then links to any other relevant resources that we may have spoken about in that episode.
Laurie Lind  | 00;11;40;24  | So please keep listening. Keep praying. Subscribe, share, review and drop me an email from time to time at lauriel@entrust4.org. Thank you again for listening. God bless you and I just want to leave you with this. Think about who is your Paul and who is your Timothy. Who is the older, mature, wiser Christian? Who is investing into you and pouring into you?
Laurie Lind  | 00;12;11;01  | And then who is that younger, possibly newer believer in to whom you are pouring and investing and mentoring? If you don't have a Paul and you don't have a Timothy, ask God to show you who that might be and approach some people and ask them, Would you be a Paul in my life? Might I be a Paul into your life?
Laurie Lind  | 00;12;32;07  | May I take you on as my Timothy? That might sound sound prideful to you, but it doesn't have to be. Just. Just let them know you want to invest in them. Much like Paul invested in Timothy. Let's all be investing in people. Let's all be training and equipping next generations of followers of Christ and next generations of leaders to lead well in the context of the local church and in various ministries around us, we can't do it alone.
Laurie Lind  | 00;13;00;25  | No generation stands alone. We do need each other. I need you. Thank you for listening and I'll see you next week on Entrust Equipping Leaders.