Build your business while your country builds roads and bridges.
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Build your business while your country builds roads and bridges.
March 17, 2023
In this episode, Sheldon talks about looking into government spending to identify work opportunities.
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[00:00:18] Sheldon Primus: Welcome to the Safety Consultant podcast, I'm your host Sheldon Primus. It's the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant, teach you about some compliance issues. Those of you in the US, I have been helping you out with OSHA Compliance, those of you outside the US, you've been telling me some other stuff in my Facebook group that I'm trying to mention as much as I can. So I know you're not everybody's OSHA. Oh, thank you all for join me.  
This week was a little later on Wednesday, I like to get everything out by Wednesday, but as I tell you guys all the time, I am still an active consultant and I travel. Started doing the air traveling again, so that's kind of funky, haven't done that in awhile. But honestly, I um, I'm picking up on the travel again, so I'll be in Colorado in about two weeks, ish. So that's gonna be fun, and I’ll be in San Diego. If you want me to come by and visit you, then it's pretty easy. So you could just go to So That's because I still broke my, my website. I need to get this going. Those you in safety consultant TV, I started uh doing my website for you guys and I’m almost there, just teaching everyone how to put their website together. If you're not like, truly legit- uh what do they call that? When you're literate, computer illiterate, and uh you need some help, especially if it's one of those things with it, you know, resources or something like that, hit your boy up. I got you, I'm doing my best. So those that are on safety consultant TV, you may not be knowing how to put your, put your site together, but I got you. So that's what we're doing and a few other things. So go to safetyconsultant.TV. Or um if you're on your Amazon device, you could fire stick or Amazon TV, or Apple TV, or any of those, you could just look in the App store uh for safety consultant TV, and that's me. Uh If you're on your phone, you could do the same thing. Not when you're driving, not when you're driving. Don't test me. You’re not doing this when you're driving, all right? You're gonna go to the App Store when you get home and you're gonna look up safety consultant TV. Uh when you signed up, if it's something that's interesting you and you're going to sign up, then go to the website though, it's better to do it online. So this is how you would do it. You go to safetyconsultant.TV and choose the monthly plan. When you get there and the checkout put in code SC101, SC101 for Safety Consultant 101. Actually was a promotion I did when I did my safety consultant 101, which I'm going to do again this year, I just got to get the right date. But what I am going to, or what I have there, is you have to do the code online, but go to the playlist, especially the playlist regarding compliance, and you can download from the online version. You can't do it from your, you know, your Roku or any other devices that you're watching safetyconsultant.TV. Nope, you actually need to go online to download the templates and you get PDF templates that you can download for almost all the videos, so that you can get some more resources to go with you. So the goal of safety consultant TV is to make sure that you guys who are either consultants, or playing the role of consultants, will be able to, you know, have some resources. So that's what I'm doing. I am the resource guy. Thank you. Thank you very much.  
And while we're speaking of thanking everybody, I've got really cool data. So it looks like Uh for downloads of the year, US is number one. Bahrain, you are number two. Singapore is three, Italy, you are number four. France, you are five, Germany is six, Canada, you slipped down to seven. UK, you’re eight, Hungary is nine and Taiwan, you are number 10. So that's my top 10 listeners, where you're located at by downloads. And then I've got another service that also does this too, which is kind of cool. So, um the other service by downloads has Saudi Arabia up higher than the US. So it, on this service, has Saudi Arabia listening to me at a greater clip than the US. You guys rock, thank you so much for your support. So in order this other one, it's a is what I'm using. So it looks like I'm in Saudi Arabia, US, Germany, Singapore, Australia, UK and Northern Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Pakistan, Ireland, Norway and French Polynesia and Qatar. So, thank you so much for listening. And I'm honestly, um I like doing that because it kind of shows me where everybody is. So it helps me, I know I've been very OSHA specific in some areas, especially some episodes of record keeping and everything else, but the rest of you have safety issues, too and you're trying to start your business. So that leads me to what we'll do today.  
Today I'm actually gonna think of more of a mindset day, if you will. Oh, I just popped up my charts on Apple, so it looks like I am number 155 in Saudi Arabia under the government, uh, category. I am 143 in South Africa. Number 26 in Singapore. Oh, cool. Do you know, those of you that are aware of the Singapore Accord in 2016 with the competencies for safety and health? I really, really love that. I'm glad that they met there, the conference INSHPO was one of the groups that was, it's a long long name I can't remember all that acronym, but just let me look up Singapore Accord 2016, and uh for safety and health, and I'll give you the competencies you should have if you are considered a health and safety specialist and practitioner. So it's pretty good document there. And Nigeria, thank you so much, I am number 69 in Nigeria. Thank you everybody for your support. I really appreciate it.  
[00:07:46] Alright, as promised, so today I'm going to do a mindset thing. So I want to make sure that, I know where compliance-based and a lot of things that we do is compliance driven. However, I actually think right now with the way the global economy is going, a lot of countries are making initiative, such as what we're doing in the US. Uh there was an infrastructure bill that went through bipartisan, which is like amazing for us in the US. Um And it's just to fortify some of the infrastructures around the country. So those of you that have traveled to the US living here, you can see that there's some towns, their, their roads aren't that great and bridges and everything else. So, uh, the infrastructure of the US was the topic of the President's administration. He's a jobs guy, President Biden is a jobs guy, has been his whole career. He's been in public service for a long time and he's honestly has history, a long history of voting and starting initiatives specifically on jobs in labor. So this was to be expected that that would be one of his first big things. Uh And then there's another one coming out in the US that deals with um with more solar energy and stuff like that. So there's a bunch of regulations that are coming through the US, and its intent is to stimulate jobs by providing services. It's tried and true, it's been like that forever in politics. You need jobs, then you're going to go ahead and you're gonna uh, or you're going to create jobs by making more government workers, if you would. Or at least contracts, right? So how that goes into the consultant's brain is this, in the US, we have a very low of construction rate of unemployment. Like, like single digits low. So that means, if there's a boom in construction, there will actually be hiring in that field. Now take that thought a little bit further and you have to think about all the things that need to happen for both partners in a relationship to either come together to work, and then what happens to the children? So there's childcare that's going to be needed. So all this is telling me that the workforce is going to change in two major ways, probably there's more than two ways. But the two ways that I'm thinking of as a consultant mindset is there might be more regulation in construction because of the booming construction. Therefore, there is a risk. So risk equals when people need to have consultants. So specifically, if you find in your country there, if there is some building, especially if there's dollars related to it from the government, now you found an industry that you could, if you have the experiences, if you're not in construction, you don't have the construction experience, then you got to find another way, and we'll talk about that one too. But uh the mindset though is this, in order for you to get more of your more opportunities? Oh, I like that one. I like that one a lot. In order for you to get more opportunities, then you're actually going to need to, to think outside the box. So most people, when you're starting your business, you go through all your friends and family first, and then after you go through friends and family of asking for help, then you reach out of your group, into your churches and everything else to people who may be running businesses. That's a good way to start. But after a while, you, you will hit that wall, right? So now you have to think outside the box. So use government to help you with that. The reason why is because the government agencies, they're also going to benefit from greater activity. So therefore all of that will be risk, and that's our job is to identify risk leading to health and safety and for us to plug those gaps in such a way that we're the professionals at it, right? So that's why we get the moniker and the title as a consultant. So what I am saying in this whole conversation is check your local paper, start there, and if there's any grant money or anything like that that's available, you may not qualify for the grant, but you may be able to look for an organization that got federal money to help with roads or bridges or whatever, and chances are there's a safety and training component there. So you get in as a trainer and you stay in as a consultant. Sometimes it’ll work where you can get in as a consultant and you stay on trainer, they kind of go back and forth. So every consultant you know is a trainer. Some way or another, we are trainers. We got to do that all the time. So um the mindset is though is again, trying to get yourself more business, you're going to know people are going to, and when I say people, I mean organizations are going to have to look for ways for them to get either government funding, or just as projects, they're getting projects. These are projects coming in, you know, a new bridge is going up, so they need projects. In the US, it becomes even easier for you to go out and start with OSHA training cards and give people some OSHA cards when they're doing their training, not giving them, they have to earn it, the way that you're supposed to as an OTI instructor, I know that there's ways for you to learn these things. So that's the mindset. The mindset is truly, I want you guys to, to think of beyond uh just, I don’t know, the norm, if you would, and let you know that there was some money coming out there, especially in those countries where there is some development. My home country is Guyana and the US, I'm a dual citizen. If you look up Guyana and oil, there's a lot of boom going there. So as a Guyanese citizen, I really want to be part of that. It's going to mean a lot to me, it's my ancestry, you know, it's part of me. So I really want to be part of that. So I am going to try to branch out into that. Full disclosure, if you know any way for me to get the Guyana, gang help me out. I'm committed to it. All right. So that's me going through everything.  
[00:14:45] All right. I have got to let this thing go because, honestly today I'm kind of busy and I missed you guys and I want to make sure that we talked. I missed you, man. I did. thank you guys for being there. And what I'm going to do though is I want to make sure that um you guys are gonna end up getting a hold of me a little bit more. So before I go, I want to tell you that you could go to and then when you're there, what you're going to be looking for is the microphone icon. Just so once you get to the microphone icon, you could talk to the show, that’d be awesome. So I get to hear you guys directly, you can tell me what's happening in your country, if you want me to look stuff up or do an episode regarding something that's, you know, outside of the US and outside OSHA, I'm all all game. So once you get to, uh then you can actually listen, excuse me, you can talk to the show and uh just tell me exactly what you want and I'll help you out. Alright, so I am going to call this episode done. Let me know what you think using the safety consultant podcast microphone and I am going to call it a day. Go get ‘em.  
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