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319. How Albanian Triathlete Shares Passion for Cycling with Youth | Entjol Monka
March 8, 2023
You know how I really enjoy sharing the stories of cyclists from around the world. Meet Entjol who is from Albania. Entjol moved from Volleyball to Cycling and Triathlon. In doing so he has started working with the youth in his town to help them with bikes, bike parts and setting up group rides. He is a true leader in his community.
Entjol Monka

Hello, my name is Entjol. I’m 32 years old. I’m from Lushnja, Albania. My passion for cycling started 10 years ago. After I left my hometown volleyball team, transfer to the Capital city of Tirana to study Architecture and Urban planning. I purchase my first Mountain Bike, started commuting and began to love biking, exploring the countryside, and meeting new people.

Feeling my body and vision getting vivid, i began to read about stamina and performance in cycling. Got a steel road bike, second-hand lycra clothing, a helmet and clipless pedals & shoes for long rides. Training like a pro for 3 years fell in love with triathlon, trail, running and competing.

Cycling for me is a benchmark for lifestyle standards. All of my life is sport-oriented. My parents and friends support me and we have a great sport-loving neighbourhood and hope to build a cycling community and be blessed with a local road and mtb cycling club & team. And with all my experience build a system to recompense the old forgotten sport cycling culture in my little town.

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