Encountering Silence
Amy Frykholm: Encountering the Wilderness of Silence
August 26, 2021
A conversation with contemplative author Dr. Amy Frykholm, whose books include "Wild Woman" and "Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography."
Dr. Amy Frykholm is an American writer whose five books of non-fiction have covered the territory of American religion from apocalypticists to saints. She is an award-winning writer and senior editor for the magazine The Christian Century, appears frequently on television and radio programs as an expert in American religion, and has lectured widely on subjects like the Rapture, purity culture, and lost female figures in Christianity. She has a PhD in Literature from Duke University.

Her books include her newest release, Wild Woman: A Footnote, the Desert, and My Quest for an Elusive Saint (Broadleaf Books, 2021), as well as, Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography, See Me Naked: Stories of Sexual Exile in American Christianity, Rapture Culture: Left Behind in Evangelical America, and Christian Understandings of the Future: The Historical Trajectory. We recorded our conversation with Amy Frykholm on August 5, 2021.

There's a real sense that it accumulates... that silence is a substance. — Amy Frykholm

Episode 136: Encountering the Wilderness of Silence: A Conversation with Dr. Amy Frykholm
Hosted by: Kevin Johnson
With: Cassidy Hall, Carl McColman
Guest: Amy Frykholm
Date Recorded: August 5, 2021

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