100th Episode with Jay Allen
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
100th Episode with Jay Allen
January 4, 2021
This 100th episode edition is Sheldon celebrating with Dr. Jay Allen of Safety FM, Safety FM Plus, and Radio Big. They talk about the impact of the show, the Safety FM station, Sheldon's progression with the show and a few new revelations.
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[00:00:00] spk_0: this episode is powered by Safety FM. Welcome to the safety consultant podcast show. I Am Your Host show The Prime is Thesis, the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. And this is my 100th episode, and it is the first episode of 2021. Happy New Year to everybody. E hope you had a great holiday season. I'm not too sure when you stop saying Happy New Year, but I know for now we're pretty good. E guess when it comes to like January 25th or February, you might have to stop saying, Hey, happy New Year! That's one of those traditions that you always get. I do have a special episode for you, not on Lee. Is this the 100th episode? But I do have J. Allen of Safety FM radio. Big on. If you haven't heard a radio big yet, you should go to radio big Dot FM, and it is a music station and he is the person who has put that together. So you want to go to Radio Big FM, and he is also so he put together Safety FM plus. So me and Jay have a bunch of fun. One work together. This is actually recorded early when I was in Orlando and staying at his house on, we actually just had some fun recording back and forth. And it was actually really, really good. A lot of information. I didn't want to break this into two because it's a special event for me, so I really want to have 1/100 altogether. So me and Jay, we just kind of go nuts. They're gonna get scoops from him. He actually alludes to Safety FM Plus, because at the time of the recording was not released yet, but he did allude to that one. So now that you know, that's the video services talking about, I also release a couple of things. If you listen closely, you're gonna hear that I have to special in show commercials. And one of them, you know about already wishes, Theo OSHA compliance, help show, But the other one you do not know about, So this is gonna be the first time I actually introduce it to you guys. I want to thank you so much for hanging out with me and, uh, this episode, we and me and Jay. We just start right into it with our craziness. There won't be a tip of the week because of the length of this one, but we're giving you all kinds of tips throughout the whole show. We just go nuts. We truly do. I really do appreciate everyone that is spent the last 100 episode with me, and I know you might be seeing on your podcasting service if you're listening to me Episode one or nine or something like that. It's actually not because when I moved over my episode service podcast service and actually included episodes, E duplicated so some of those episodes that if you were to scroll down you'll see two or three of the scene episodes. So it's It's not truly a good reading by looking at the number. So I'm telling you now this is the official 1/100 episode. I'm going to go nuts with my buddy J. Allen. We talk about just about everything. We talk about my stuff. He interviews me. I didn't interview him. We just We have gotten a little when we talk together. It's really hysterical and a great, great, great friendship, and I really appreciate him for all he's done for me. And I believe that you guys were gonna have a great time listening to this. So with no further ado, we're just gonna go ahead and this episode just begins. It just starts with us cracking up and me wishing I probably should have cut some stuff out. Oh, way could end of that right. Welcome to the safety consultant. Podcast. This is your host, Sheldon. Promise. This is the show where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant this week for the 100th episode. Yea. 100. Ring. Some bells do some horns. Sound off whatever I need to do. People put up some of those bells that you here with any Jamaican song where it starts getting the horns. That's it. 100 episodes. So I wanted to do for my 100th episode one of my most influential guests ever. Man put me on the map singlehandedly with the safety FM. Just just laid it on my lap and said, bro, you need to do this. And I said, Damn, I'm doing it So this man makes me smile. I love me some J. Allen. So here it is. the man, the myth, the legend.

[00:04:54] spk_1: Realistically, when you said that somebody who they put you on your map, I really thought you were gonna say your dad. I really That's what I thought you were going for physically. Yeah. Wow, I'm not even gonna touch that. Not even gonna touch that.

[00:05:09] spk_0: Oh, yeah. I laid it up for you to

[00:05:11] spk_1: another terrible choice of words. Um okay, so I think this is going to already be known as an explicit episode. So go ahead and market with the E as we move forward and let's go from there. So 100 episodes in you know that this is what's gonna end up happening? I'm gonna start asking you questions, because that's what ends up happening.

[00:05:29] spk_0: Every time I have you on you ask me questions. I'm like, man. I meant to get him and asked him this, and he ran the show

[00:05:36] spk_1: s O. But seriously, so 100 episodes, 100 sometimes. Does it feel like 100?

[00:05:42] spk_0: It feels like I actually am still a beginner. And you heard me to say a few times. I'm the rookie and I can't figure this thing out, and I have to call you with panic calls. And here it is 100 episode and I'm still running to rookie game s so it doesn't really feel that way at all. And you, how many episodes are you on now? You start on which one? That's true. That's true because you're rated R is every while mostly every day s O. That one's probably in, what, 2, 200 by now.

[00:06:12] spk_1: Yeah, it's like too well at the time when this recording, it's like 2 30 something, but by the time that this probably gets released, will be a little bit later, But between all of them, it's over 500

[00:06:22] spk_0: good ness. But you actually had so much radio broadcasting before eso something like this is probably just coming right back to you from from with a p college days, for you are

[00:06:36] spk_1: actually I started high school into college. Um, with it, it's kind of funny because a few days ago I was actually playing around and one of the storage rooms and I found one of my original editing pieces of software that is essentially now Adobe Audition. But it was called cool it a pro and I found the original C d rahm. That's that. That's how long ago. But, you know, it's kind of funny because you mentioned the whole thing about feeling like a rookie, but I don't think that ever changes. I think that regardless of what you're doing, you always find somebody that ugo holy sni keys. It's Nikes. Uh, that e don't know, But you kind of look at it and you go, You're kind of shocked on how good they are. And one of the guys that I lean on the most, um, he is expert level like ninja. I mean, he can listen to anything and pick it apart in a heartbeat, and he can edit stuff in such real time that it's just amazing. Um, luckily, he's one of the voices on the station. Really? Yeah. Hey, normally does a lot of our announcement, but he's awesome. I mean, he is certain he's Yeah, he's a certified professionals that he's a certified professional through, uh, through Adobe. His name is Mike Russell, and he runs his own little warg. Fantastic. I love him to death.

[00:07:51] spk_0: Awesome. Well, I know probably gonna never shed the rookie thing, and that's good, because I guess that gives me a little hunger. Uh, and then also in the 100th, I never really put any thought to what number I want to get to or whatever. I just knew. This is something I do every week. I'm just gonna put an episode out. And if it Saturday coming onto Sunday and I haven't got one, I start panicking.

[00:08:17] spk_1: I've learned this. I've learned

[00:08:19] spk_0: this. My my sweat glands start going, and I'm like, I got to get something up there and I try to do these where they come up with 3 a.m. and everything. So I don't know. I don't mean, I think, because of the international stuff. So when you were getting into this, did you always know that this is gonna be, you know, international, You're going to get people from all over. So you wanted to make it where it was friendly to other countries.

[00:08:47] spk_1: When you say this, you're talking about

[00:08:49] spk_0: those I'm not that safety FM and and the broadcasting and

[00:08:53] spk_1: even casting the if I start off with my radio during my radio dream has not turned out the way that I expected it to but it's definitely been a lot more interesting than what I originally initiated it to be. But in regards of looking at the whole safety FM aspect, I had, like, this goal, this really weird thing where I want to take a whole bunch of safety professionals and kind of group us all together and then really start having conversations where we could take deep dives into some other things. But I didn't want it all to be about the same thing. So, like someone like Tim Ludwig, who speaks mostly about behavior based safety, is totally opposite than what something like Todd Conklin would speak about. And that's what I was looking for. I wanted to take people into these different dives, but they knew that they could come toe one source. So I didn't want him to have the feeling of like, I'm listening Thio on MSNBC, where it's only one side or I'm listening to a Fox news and it's only the other side. And then I

[00:09:42] spk_0: get me started. Either one of those especially so close after an election you're gonna trigger.

[00:09:48] spk_1: No, I'm not trying to trigger, but I'm just trying to give the example because I would. What I wanted to be is I wanted to be more along the lines on how shows and news used to be to an extent, where was non leaning, so not entertainment purposes, but it was informative. So I wanna feel people to feel comfortable that if they're at one source here where they feel comfortable across the board. So that's really what I was looking for. Um, has it grown a lot bigger than what I expected? Absolutely. Azzawi speak at this moment? Well, she's gonna be different than the moment that we're speaking at way have 19 shows.

[00:10:24] spk_0: 19 is that UK, UK as well?

[00:10:27] spk_1: That's UK as well. But that's not counting the show that has now been released and nobody knows about by the time that the thing comes out. Eso that's s O. That's the interesting part because we still have a few weeks before this one airs. But right now we're in the development of something called Married to safety Couple, couple eso It is a whole conversation on something that a lot of people don't touch about eso. It's differently. A different spin,

[00:10:51] spk_0: both of them in safety

[00:10:53] spk_1: now. Yes, but not at the start. Okay, so it's I mean, it's interesting and I've I've got to meet so many different people throughout the whole thing. Um and that's kind of been the fun part. But enough about me. It's

[00:11:06] spk_0: about you. Because I wanted to have you back. Because last time I had you, you started talking about podcast, cause you've been on the show twice and, uh and we're starting talking about podcasting yourself. And then the first time I had you, we're really talking about you and getting your journey into safety and everything else. So this whole time that I'm tryingto developed the 100th episode. I was just trying to touch base with people that I've had in the beginning. See what's going on. See what you're doing now. So go ahead.

[00:11:33] spk_1: Okay, so good. Eso eso Let's kind of let's go into my boring thing then, because okay, so I'm boring. There's nothing exciting about me. So let's now talk about here. Um eso It's 100 episodes. What have you learned? What have you personally learned as a host of a show? Because it's much different in regards of what you interview a post of what you're actually hosting.

[00:11:55] spk_0: Yeah, And I actually, um, when I interview to start with that one, I I have interviewed people that warned specifically and safety consulting, but I would always try toe put the angle on safety consulting.

[00:12:09] spk_1: Also, you're spinning. So like those two, those two, those two new stations that I reference that you don't want to be triggered by Okay, Got it? Yeah, spinning.

[00:12:18] spk_0: They're just like those channels. But then when I'm doing my solos, I except the music episode, which I love still, and I need to replicate. But what I have learned from the solo episodes is I actually have more fun, truly, truly, more fun. When I'm thinking about when I got started, what I needed to do the grass grassroots and getting the business going and all that in the solo episodes, or really honed in on that where I'm I'm trying to give a tip. I'm trying to give something that is gonna help the person get into the safety consulting field or run the business in the safety consulting field. So I kind of like that. And I don't want to do more than three, uh, interviews without a solo because of that. And that's like not a hard and fast rule of thumb, because you could go back and look at, you know, within the 100. You could see three or four weeks, you know, road where I got guest. But I do think that I've learned a lot from what? From that experience of what I like and what what I feel like, Um, like I have to do because I don't want to miss an episode at all. That's just in me. So I love interviewing because I'm finding out more things about people, and I think I've got a good grip on interviewing. I know I'm not. I'm not in the J Allen level yet, but I kind of like getting to know people. And I turned that into an interview style, and I truly believe that those are the things I learned is my my strength and weaknesses. And then what really likes me up? A Sfar is being a broadcaster. So do I call myself a broadcaster? You call yourself a podcaster? What? When people ask you, what do you say? Do you say I'm a podcaster of a broadcaster?

[00:14:06] spk_1: I'm a motivational speaker. That's the easiest way to put it. So let's go into the safety side, because let's be realistic. The people listen to your show because they want to know about consulting. They want to know about safety. What have you learned in these 100 episodes that you did not expect? I mean, cause I'm sure you've learned some things, especially with some of the guests that you've had.

[00:14:26] spk_0: Absolutely. And one of the things I did learn and I'll let you turn around to me. So maybe I wonder if this is a Freudian where I knew if I got you to interview me on my 100th or I interview you that it would turn around to be you interviewing me. I wonder if my subconscious knew that

[00:14:44] spk_1: Everybody knows that if I come on to their show, I'm not being interviewed. Is this kind of way? I think the only one that it's worked out with is Jill James. Oh, yeah, I think that she got to the point that she was like, we're not moving forward until s so I was like, Okay, I guess I'm doing

[00:14:58] spk_0: Yeah, OK, well, in that, in that vein, I'll go ahead and and I'll let my my Freudian g o I'll go ahead. Let my fried and go for now until I get another good question before before you throw me off. So, uh, no,

[00:15:13] spk_1: no, no. But what? Have you learned anything that you didn't expect? I mean, keep in mind you you've spoken to probably people that you didn't expect to speak to. Absolutely. And so what have you learned? Because, of course, people want to know about safety. I mean, we could talk about broadcasting and podcasting all day, but the people that are listening at the core, they want to know how to be a safety and health or safety consultant.

[00:15:33] spk_0: Absolutely. And actually, the one of the biggest thing I learned was more recent. I am actually more BBS than I thought at first. And behavioral based safety, of course, is a process. And it's something that you have to think about and the reason why I was more BBS than I thought it was because I was teaching a course on BBS and I end up writing a course for a big company, uh,

[00:15:59] spk_1: labor big companies. That's like censorship.

[00:16:02] spk_0: 100,000 words because the contract but

[00:16:06] spk_1: what literally start

[00:16:07] spk_0: with they start with a number Anyway,

[00:16:10] spk_1: they start with the number. What number is it?

[00:16:12] spk_0: Let's see. You're going to get me to

[00:16:13] spk_1: breach that contract. You know, you're editing your own podcast.

[00:16:17] spk_0: True. But anyway, uh, the other thing I learned is I was doing hop without knowing it, talking to Sam, talking to you, listening to stuff. I listen, Thio Todd's of book on audio that I listened Thio sitting decker for a while and afternoon known about him for a while, And I'm like, Hold on these principles, these things that they do, they say I was doing This is a manager when they forced safety on me and I was wearing a hat of plant manager and then now your safety. So I really wanted to make sure I didn't alienate people under me, and I harnessed them to get my answers. And then I protected them when management was coming back and trying toe, you know, bother. I was the buffer honestly, and I truly believe that some of the processes that I learned in the industry is in the industry Was utility wastewater treatment and there's it's not like Nuclear where everything's gonna blow up, but kind of, Yeah, you can't flush your toilet or you can't provide reused to someone that's paying thousands of dollars a day for your re use then, uh, in the in that case, you know, you really don't wanna mess things up. So in my industry, I learned that truly my safety principles, my safety mindset and everything was developed by management. So I believe when I switched over to consulting, I was already in the management minds that, as opposed to someone who was a safety officer, becoming a consultant. I was a manager becoming consultant, so it became a little bit easier for me, and I figured that out, You know, throughout the episodes and talking and interviewing with people. So that's that's the kick off the thing that that I've I've learned the most from that, and I actually learned a little bit more about marketing than my degree because my degree in marketing was pretty much back in the early two thousands. But now, with the marketing that we have to do now, we're not going back to school. I actually learned a lot about marketing through my guests through you. You were like insanely gifted at marketing E. I wish I really wish that you are. It's like a natural. I'm looking at you like Come on, why didn't I know this? I got a degree and this and this man is just running Star kills around me. So you are absolutely gifted in that area. So I learned a lot about that. So that's that's maybe, uh maybe all all that wrapped up in what did I learned? That's what I learned in who I've learned it from a swell so and we're physically sitting in the same room, too. So I kind of kiss up

[00:18:59] spk_1: Thio. Well, let me ask kind of a couple of strange questions here. And if you don't want to give names, that's fine. But because that's that's where we're going to go next. Who's been the most shocking interview that you've had?

[00:19:13] spk_0: The most shocking interview that I had?

[00:19:16] spk_1: Like what? Like they shocked you. Don't expect them to be so detailed about X. You want to name the person you can if you don't, that's fine, too, because I know some people get very hesitant when I started asking about

[00:19:28] spk_0: that, you know, for me, I I don't know if it's shocking, per se, but the one of the people that I interviewed that really kind of impacted me the most was Jill James. And, uh and the reason why is we have so much in common and, uh, and just talking to her and her doing a meditation for my audience was awesome and just being able to bond with somebody. And I love me some. Jill, I know you do, too, and, you know, just being able to bond is the one. And she influenced me so much in just a one little interview that I split into two, uh, including the meditation that I listened to regularly, and, uh and that didn't shock me as far as being something salacious, But it shocked me as it reached my body, mind and spirit.

[00:20:22] spk_1: She's really good. I mean, she's really good. So let me ask the question, because you did mention something.

[00:20:27] spk_0: You got a second question?

[00:20:28] spk_1: Of course we'll have more than just to, of course, lay one on YouTube. But hold on. Because here's the thing. You host the podcast, but you split it. Explain because me as a consumer of podcast, I don't get it. You could. It's not like the person is coming back. So what? What do you suppose they didn't

[00:20:51] spk_0: too? Because I was actually doing them all at once A. And the reason why I split it a two which actually helped me get to 100 faster e cheated in that way. So hint, hint. But anyway, the others the reason was a I was thinking, If people are getting bite sized listening to, you know, being if I'm sitting in the car, I gotta go to work and I'm listening to shoulder on my way to work. Then I am going to probably want to hear as much as the show I can while I'm driving. So I do that too. I listen to I listen to you. Listen, Thio. Almost everyone on the safety FM, I have to say almost. I have to be honest. I'm listen to everyone.

[00:21:33] spk_1: All right. There's a something that there was someone would

[00:21:35] spk_0: pastor eso Truly, I decided to split them up so that we could have someone have closure in the week, but not feel like it's passed their time of driving or, you know, whatever time they a lot for podcast. And now they may say, Well, I'll finish that later. So I figured, Well, let's do it on two different days and then they can't get closure within the week. But it's also a way to kind of like teas and bringing them back. Uh, so I'm also trying to hopefully in my mind, I'm thinking, you know, it's gonna be two times. I'm gonna touch them within the week. And I know you're thinking something. Stop it. Now

[00:22:16] spk_1: I'm gonna play Devil's Advocate. I mean, there's a couple of things here. Do you disagree with the Joe Rogan experience concept where

[00:22:22] spk_0: it's long form? No, I Most of mine were live listening like Kevin Yarborough interview. That's an hour and a half. It's

[00:22:31] spk_1: also the guest. I mean, the pictures of Kevin are just

[00:22:35] spk_0: Yeah, priceless. He's my business partner, and I can't get enough of that van because he is so hysterical. I love me some Kevin and that interview I couldn't cut.

[00:22:45] spk_1: Okay, so So an hour and a half. But let me ask another question then. So when you look at it from the standpoint where you want to split it and due to let's just be realistic. Not everybody loves everybody that comes on every show, just kind of the way that it goes. So what if the people that you have listening do not like X guest?

[00:23:01] spk_0: So that means I lost him that week and I have to bring them back on my next show. Eso What I also think is if they don't like the guest, but they like the thing the guest is talking about. Maybe I could still get them on. That s o That's really the thought process. But I got a question for you before you bombard me with another one. Because truly, I I

[00:23:24] spk_1: was just gonna ask who was the worst guess you've ever had. That was I mean, that's the only next thing that I was gonna ask The worst. Yes, our given names because I would love it. E I

[00:23:34] spk_0: don't want to hurt anybody's feeling. But

[00:23:37] spk_1: why they won't hate u e o e. Did you say plural? It's like a plural. Do you say guest? Our guest? That would

[00:23:48] spk_0: be, ah, singular. And surely it was just for me. Wrong market, wrong time and did not have the appeal that I was looking for. And there was just a little barrier in us understanding each other. So I didn't learn a smudge. And my first interviews, early interviews was basically me, uh, coaching live, and I still would do that. And if someone needed a life coach and go ahead and get a hold of me and we'll do it on their that'd be awesome. I love doing that stuff. So I was helping him with his business live. See you, man. I'm giving you already. You know, early episode. It's something. I'm just like nailing it there truly. Um, it was a disconnect. It was a disconnect. So I I really wanted Thio to hit a home run, but I want someone to actually apply what I'm telling them. And I knew he wasn't gonna apply

[00:24:49] spk_1: it. So what Episode number?

[00:24:50] spk_0: Let's see. Are you the one that's responsible for OSHA compliance at your location? I'll try me every Tuesday and Thursday, 11 AM Eastern Standard time for the OSHA compliance. Help Livestream. You could be part of the live stream by contacting me on W W w Lincoln dot com Backslash skin backslash Sheldon Prima's Send a connection request and you could see it there. If you like Facebook, go to Facebook and type in safety consultant us. And like that page, Whenever there's a new live stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you'll be notified that I have gone live. If you are safety consultant, join the Facebook Group, which is facebook dot com. Backslash groups within s back slash safety consultant answered a few questions there agree with our terms on Then you could watch the live streams there every Tuesday and Thursday, 11 AM Eastern Standard time I answer your OSHA compliance. Help questions live.

[00:26:03] spk_1: No, I really thought you gonna say Episode 100. I thought that was gonna be the one that you're gonna say. It was the worst one.

[00:26:08] spk_0: Yeah, the worst one is the guy who does not let me interview him and just keeps going.

[00:26:12] spk_1: But here's the other portion. I mean, and this is something we haven't talked about. You dad, you just keep going, E No, because I somebody told me this, and I thought it was realistic how boring it is to have a guest line that you're just interviewing and then waiting for them to give you an answer. So much more exciting. If we're just actually entertaining of a piece of conversation,

[00:26:31] spk_0: We always like to go back and forth anyway.

[00:26:33] spk_1: No, but this is something you haven't mentioned in this 100 episodes that you've done. Now you're screaming. You're streaming live on video. Yes. So that wasn't I mean, you'd have a lot of video prior to your podcast.

[00:26:45] spk_0: Plenty of video prior.

[00:26:47] spk_1: But now you're doing kind of small combination of both. How are you liking

[00:26:51] spk_0: it? I was used to doing live webinars and a lot of companies hire me for live webinars, and then after a while is like, I could do this myself And, uh, from live streaming. I was like, Man, I love it. But the technology was gonna break me, and, you know, because you've got those calls, and, uh, and when I finally kind of program that I like and I'm still working through a few things, but I it kind of brought me back to when I was webinar ing. So I like that fact of doing the live webinars, but the Livestream is awesome because you get the chat features in real time and, um and then I actually stretch myself a little further and created an intro and outro for the show. So it's kind of like making me feel like I'm running my own little TV news network in that state, because

[00:27:38] spk_1: is it more or is it more Fox News or MSNBC?

[00:27:44] spk_0: Yes, yes, but I'll say both. So in those cases, I love the live stream. And I got that from you from the times. You when I believe I might be the only one who has done more than one rated R rated. Uh, show. Right, I what about four or five or something like that? Yeah, and it's been a while since I've done them, and I need to do one. I I really do. I Those were fun. Those air truly fun. And I'm not, like, grow Tereus and gratuitous F bomb.

[00:28:16] spk_1: Are you saying that I am?

[00:28:18] spk_0: No. You put you put them in the right place in the right context.

[00:28:21] spk_1: Well, I was very shy about that show. Starting off,

[00:28:24] spk_0: man. I remember when you first started off that show. Uh, you really weren't sure which way to go. And, uh, and one of the things that was really kind of cool to see you. Like, as you started developing, it was just the way that you just organically just started. Uh, first, I guess the first format was calling and bitch and moan and complain, and no one kind of took that off. Well, not as much. You know, I guess they're still kind of scared of that. But then later on, as you we're trying to say, you know, would people accept this Would it be something that feel like and when you went live stream with it and people on linked in or listening and they're starting to reply to you are linked in is doing this? I was like, This man is mainstreamed.

[00:29:08] spk_1: Well, what I have found interesting with it is it's exactly what she said. We did start off with it being a Rancho, and there was a lot of people that were like, This is what we need. This is what we need. And then all of a sudden, it was like here you're able to do this. Nobody wanted to do it because it was like, Oh, shit, I'm gonna get caught. So then there was some shyness there. But what the interesting part about the whole thing If I'm being 100% honest about how I had this plan when the rated R safety show came about and I got to my episode 100 when I changed the name of the of the safety FM show because there was a lot of confusion and it became the J. Allen Show, the radar safety show and the safety FM show that became the J was going to become the J. Allen show combined. But, yeah, I was gonna do it in a format where I had an interview than we did new section and then went forward. But then the whole thing was because there's such a massive difference between the two audiences. E. I mean, there's a huge There's a huge difference between the two audiences. It was recommended strongly by some advisers, um, not to keep them separate.

[00:30:12] spk_0: Or did you find, like, when you're letting loose, especially when you started doing video because you didn't want you didn't want to do. I don't wanna do a video for the longest are at all.

[00:30:21] spk_1: I still don't want to do video now. I just don't have a choice.

[00:30:23] spk_0: And then when you started letting loose doing video, you've gotten the hang of video and the studio and everything makes it easier because you feel like you're actually in a studio because it is for for that transition, How did you talk yourself into doing it? Or you just knew you had to do it.

[00:30:41] spk_1: Well, the thing one of the biggest things that I was requested was video, which I didn't understand, really, Because the thing was, it's like, Okay, I'm doing a radio show because that's how I always visioned. It s so I looked at her as a radio show. I was like, So I don't know why people want to see me, and I don't know if people thought it was fake. And I'll tell you when it comes to the rated R safety show and when it comes to the J. Allen show, they're both me. It's not like ones, not me. And the other one is me.

[00:31:08] spk_0: Well, I had to say he who wouldn't be named for a while and you leapt out your name a couple of times when I was doing your show, but

[00:31:16] spk_1: I was I was. I was concerned on what was going to happen in the market because I was like, Am I gonna lose business? That was realistically, but I started thinking, but I really gave it a lot of thought, and I was like When it's all said and done, there's a lot of people that don't like what's going on in some aspects. And if you listen to the news, there's a lot of safety in the news. But you have to be paying attention to it. And I said If we could do a happy medium of both And people now have Iraq questions like celebrity stuff, which that's why that's there, which I still don't understand to this day. Yeah, that's why I talk about it. Um, and it has gotten a little bit further than what I expected. I mean, like, now there's there's joke writers and the whole nine yards. So that's that's where you hear some of these lame jokes that come about eso We put all that stuff together in Can I say quote unquote. It's a scripted show depends on how you want to argue it. Like my thoughts are not scripted like, um, most of the times now, because we have so many people that are kind of tied into getting us the news stories and all that stuff,

[00:32:22] spk_0: Really, I don't even know you have. That

[00:32:24] spk_1: s so what ends up taking places. I don't read it until I'm live on the air. Eso That's why it's because you're getting exactly what I'm thinking at the moment. E don't want it to be like, Oh, I already have this planned out that I'm gonna say this eso you're getting it exactly. So that's why I'm like, studying and all that stuff because you're getting you're getting it live. But the other portion that's come about is the majority of the conversations that I have with people off the year it starts off with. I heard your rated R safety show. Now I know my other shows more popular based on what I see numbers wise. But the first conversation that I have is normally Boom. This is rated R Safety Show that I heard I love it blah, blah, blah. Now the funny part. That's the funny part that's come about it, though, was I was supposed to have this very, very big interview on the station, remember? And because that person found that first it got rescheduled, like rescheduled to cancel. Um, it took a little bit, but we finally got the person on you. See, I didn't see him or her. We got the person on and it worked out well, but I was freaked out that it wasn't gonna happen,

[00:33:34] spk_0: Just didn't like the brand and all that.

[00:33:37] spk_1: Well, I mean, let's be realistic. That shows not for everyone. And depending on the day of the week, you can get anything on there.

[00:33:45] spk_0: Yes, and I remember for me when I was doing the show the few times that I did, I would have to look up to shows because you weren't big time then having your own writers. Eso I'm here looking up the stories and whatever interviews that I really are things I wanted to read. Uh, I was looking up and I didn't filter it like the way you've taught me, which was go on incognito mode and then start filtering out the news stories. So I was getting a lot of stuff on the wires, things that were interesting Me, eso I did react live to it because I just picked the headings. So I just was looking for headings that I liked and I group those together. And then I read the story while over on air, and that gave me the reaction. So I had a question that led to this, though. How do you like, like, project in your mind that you're listening? You're talking to a crowd of people as opposed to you in your room with a microphone. How in your mind do you get that? That mindset that, like, just like I'm gonna broadcast and I'm broadcasting, like, if there's a million or more people listening to me

[00:34:53] spk_1: Well, the thing is that I've because I've been doing this for a while. I just look at the camera like it's somebody that I'm really talking. Teoh is really what? It boils down Thio. So I'm looking at it. The whole aspect is number one. Is this going to be important in number two? What's the opinion? And the great thing is that people tell you right away which, if you're going the right way or they're going the wrong way. Um, some of the comments I don't post on purpose because I don't think that they're valid. Like I get some really random stuff. What I've been really amazed about is the amount of people that react compared to the amount of people that set. And I have a lot off sitters that will watch but won't say anything. And the more things that I dio I'm always amazed on how some of the people that I would never think that would listen to it know exactly what I'm what I'm doing.

[00:35:46] spk_0: Wow. Wow. What format do you get the most listeners.

[00:35:51] spk_1: I think that what are you talking about? Between podcasts and radio.

[00:35:54] spk_0: Oh, no, no, no. I mean for for the rated R. Uh, can you tell which which some one's listening to you most?

[00:36:00] spk_1: Yeah, I e can see the different things because of how the data set up. But I get a lot of stuff. Believe it or not, not on my own. It's actually off a twitch, which I would have never expected.

[00:36:13] spk_0: That's what I was thinking because I do some crazy shit on twitch with you and I'm just trying to get, you know, laugh live. And I know it's not really like Onley. Ah, Handful of times do I get you to actually react to this stuff I posed and, uh and it's really been fun when I did get you to either smile or something. And you're like, Oh, I got the consultant

[00:36:34] spk_1: here. No, I mean, you have to understand that going through broadcasting school and all that kind of fun stuff. When I was younger, they did everything possible to throw you off. So it s so it takes quite a bit. I mean, I've seen some stuff that you should probably never seen going on inside of the studio. Well, that was that was the nineties word. Um, there was more than thing, just that going on. But what I have always discovered is that on that particular show on the rated R show, it has become really how people talk behind closed doors. And I kind of feel that that's why a lot of people associate to it. And it's not everybody's forte. And I mean in depending on the day of the week, you could get something that not going to sit and be like, Oh, it's an excellent show, but it could be kind of high end, where it could go down to these levels that it's like, Wow, that's kind

[00:37:27] spk_0: of insulting. And then, of course, you got your story of the day. So whenever you do those, I'm always perked up because either something pissed you off or there's something that's really big on the news, and then you you're trying to get it out. So for me, I have been looking at people constantly, just just finding what you're doing and stealing like flat out stealing and not even crediting you. They're just I am doing what he does because he looks successful. And now we're going to do this even down to some people in big organizations, changing their name oven event that's been around forever and ever in February, and they had a certain name for it, and then they change it to focus. I'm like what that is like straight up, biting like we would say back in the eighties. So how do you How do you react to that animus? E don't

[00:38:26] spk_1: know. Well, let's let's kind of backtrack, So let's go back to the beginning, All right, this market with a radio in safety did not exist. That's true. And, well, let me rephrase that. I could not find anybody else doing it. I'm not sure if it didn't exist. I think matter of fact, I believe there's a guy out of New Zealand. It does it on a radio station, but it's really a podcast. But I could not find anybody doing this, and I looked and looked and looked and looked and couldn't find anybody else doing it. And I was like, I got an idea. So did I expect some people mimicking, Yeah, um, does it bother me at first and pissed pissed me off really bad. Well,

[00:39:13] spk_0: the way they were doing it was just It was flat out stealing.

[00:39:18] spk_1: That's fine, because here's the thing. I'm just a spoke on the wheel. What I'm done, there will be somebody else. There are going to be plenty of people that are way better than I'll ever be at this, and that's perfectly fine. What I always tell people is that safety game was there way before I ever showed up, and it's gonna be their way after I leave. I just wanted to give it to people in a different perspective that you did not think that safety could be. And I will tell you I had not seen anything close to that radar safety show, and I'm not saying that's the best show on the network or anything along those lines. I don't want there to be any confusion, but nobody was delivering it in that format. And I will tell you there has been some big names in our industry that have said how much they like that show people that I would have never expected they would have listened to it. So that kind of got me excited about stuff. But I mean, I look at it and I go. It's a show and it's a show that it's me getting to be ridiculous and I like it,

[00:40:16] spk_0: Yeah, I love it. That's my pleasure. I tell them all the time people that says this is my guilty pleasure. I don't get to listen to it all the time because I'm literally teaching sometimes during that time. But it's my guilty pleasure. I love it, I love it. And when I could be a part of it and actually be the beaker and actually V in there. That was fun. That was what the hell a lot of fun and I know you tell anybody at any time. If you want to be a host, you can. So that's one of the things that if you're listening to this and your love to host this rated R safety show, then go ahead.

[00:40:50] spk_1: Well, the biggest issue has been with that is that not that people don't want to do it? It's the time, and I want it live. I don't want to pre recorded, which becomes an issue for a lot of people. You know, there's a lot of timid people that want to do it to, um, and I've been asked if I would consider doing this in the morning and I could and I really should. But I just haven't done it because midday every day, Monday through Friday. And let's say, for instance, it's probably 80% hit on regards of being Monday through Friday. It's a pain because I have to reschedule almost everything throughout my day. Can't do anything to early Can't do anything too late itself. E mean it becomes interesting, but I have to tell you out of the two shows that I do. I love the interview show. I love hearing about other people, but that show where I get to act ridiculous and I most of time don't even think that anybody is listening. That's how I vision it. That's the only way that I think and get away with it. Um, that's why I'm able to pull it off.

[00:41:46] spk_0: Yeah, but what about your your sound effects and everything coming in? And it seems like there's so much activity in the studio from your broadcast that, you know, you've got all the the bumpers and and everything going on at the same time. So how do you navigate through all that stuff and

[00:42:03] spk_1: very poorly now? I mean, I have a vision on what I want it to sound like, and I have made the determination that I wanted to sound like a radio show, and that's what my main bread and butter is. If you go to safety FM dot com, safety FM dot com is a radio station that has a whole bunch of other things that are going on, and there's a lot of podcast. I'd into it. So let's let's not be realistic or unrealistic about it. But I am a radio show first. So that's why when people go, Oh, I see you looking down a lot. You're watching me in a radio station. You're not watching me as a video castor. So that's why it doesn't bother me. And people like you need a teleprompter. No, I don't on. Realistically, if we were not doing it on video, there would be a lot more music. And there would be a lot of copyrighted music music that you would listen to on the radio. But the YouTube's of the world, the Facebooks of the world and so on. You cannot do that because there is no well, there's not a natural, correct way of being able to do it. So that's that's the other issue. But I would love it to be just a standard radio station show and let me be the person that I am on that show and then and then move forward.

[00:43:19] spk_0: Well, I know this is like the catch up show for my 100th episode, which I love, because truly I wanted to choose you for this because you helped get my show on the map.

[00:43:30] spk_1: No, no, no. You got You got

[00:43:32] spk_0: nine episodes or something like that when I got with you,

[00:43:35] spk_1: but But you were already you were already building. And it here's what I tell people. And this is what I always kinda find a find. Kind of funny. There is a show for everyone. And let's be realistic when it when it comes to you what you are doing, you bring something to the table that ah, lot of other people are not presenting. I mean, there's a lot of geeks that want to copy you. Oh, yes. Um, but it's a straight a mimic of what you're doing in more power to her. I mean on what she's doing. Uh, I'm not sure.

[00:44:14] spk_0: Yeah, let it out there. It's the truth. It is.

[00:44:19] spk_1: Um, but you were doing it first. Now doing it first doesn't mean doing it better. Let's just be realistic is sometimes some people say, Well, you know, if your first you better now, but you're doing it where it's effective, and I think that that's different. I can post on Social media four or five times a day does not mean that I am good at what I dio. I'm not picking on her because that could come across that way. So let me make sure that I'm clear. But a lot of people go. If I am the empty can and rattle the most, I'm gonna get the most attention. That's not the case. But what you have been doing over the last 100 episodes is you have the tip of the week. And when you don't you think that people know what the very beginning? It's not like it's some surprise that I get to the end of the episode is like, Oh, there's no tip. No, you tell them. Yeah, so a lot of people don't do that. And if you remember at first I was like, Why are you giving everything away for free? I remember telling you that on multiple occasions, but but you're bringing something of value for people that are interested in getting into this particular side of the journey. And let's be realistic. Not everybody wants to be a consultant.

[00:45:24] spk_0: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Are you ready for safety? Consulting TV? Ready or not, it's on its way January 2021. You'll have your very own video on demand service that's going to help you with becoming a safety consultant. This will be available on iPad, iPhone, TV, Android, Android TV Row Coup, Amazon Fire, Fire TV and this will give you the information that you need to become a safety consultant and re sources such as templates and power point decks and other things that you could download that will be tangibly good for you to use that day for your clients. Visit safety consultant dot TV safety consultant that TV form or information. I think it's a natural progression for safety officers to get burnt out. Then all of a sudden they're thinking, Hey, I hired someone to do this. Why can't I be the person being hired? If I had to get someone to, you know, consult? Why can't I be that person? So obviously, I I look at it this way, So even though I give away the farm quite a bit as you have been told, I look at it this way. It's one of the things that that I think of a principle first is there's room for everybody for everything. Bond. Then I learned recently not everything. Meaning now I'm starting to get competitors on. Do you know sure that people could geek out all they want and they become a competitors? Er, in that way, however, those are things that that I was doing a few years back. So, you know, it's easy to copy something I did years ago, and it's different than what I'm doing now. And then I think, Well, maybe I shouldn't have let go what I was doing years ago. This person's got in and they're trying to do what I did, you know, whatever years ago. But truly

[00:47:28] spk_1: all they did was by the Pat Flynn course.

[00:47:30] spk_0: Yeah, that really looks like

[00:47:33] spk_1: it. That's exactly what it is. I was really was thinking that no, uh, I am telling you because I know this. Oh, it was by the bath. Let Gore's nothing against Matt Flynn. I love I love him. Yeah, he's great. I mean, it's amazing, but let's think about it. The podcast. I mean, let's think about some things here. I have a course I do that's available, but if you do not sign up now, there's not gonna be any more time to sign up for another month and a half, two months or a matter of fact, I can't tell you how long it's gonna be a scarcity e mean. The funny thing is that a lot of the stuff I mean, I tell you, I've done a lot of research into it because I take a look at these different things and there's been some stuff that you've recommended. But that's what people are doing. And so they're taking a model that they see that it works through others, and now all these people are doing these safety things. It's fine. Don't get me wrong. And I like the whole thing about podcasting. But during the pandemic, and we're kind of we're not future proofing this episode. There were so many new podcast that started, and they did not last. A lot of these people that did him were not consistent, and the problem here becomes this. It's not turning on a microphone, and that's it. You have to have something to talk about, and I'm not saying they're all interesting because they're not know and let's be realistic.

[00:48:57] spk_0: Can

[00:48:57] spk_1: some of your episodes have sucked some of my episodes of suck. And if if you talk to any broadcaster podcasters that can can't honestly admit that they're lying e I have some episodes even on the J. Allen show that I'm like, This is terrible. E won't pick on her e. Yeah, you probably first. But But, I mean, I won't pick on her, but it was a terrible episode. And then the other portion that I've had I have two episodes that I have said on for a very long period of time that will never see the light of day because they were that bad. Yeah. I mean, there was one that I started talking to a guy, and I guess he already had a script of everything that he was going to say because I asked one questions in 19 minutes later, I was able to go to the next

[00:49:45] spk_0: one. Wow, e I know that one

[00:49:49] spk_1: too. No, no, I never released that one. So e probably did tell you, but I never released it. But that's but that's the thing that you have to look at. So, yeah, 100 episodes and some of them suck. They're not all gonna be great. Some people say don't even focus on that stuff. But now that you're 100 episodes in, we don't know how many more episodes you're gonna dio. I mean, there could be thousands. Could be hundreds. Who knows? What do you think you should change? Because there has to be something that you don't like, Especially that guy yelling in the background with the music. Oh, sorry. Did I say that? Maybe that's what I don't like. Actually, I love that part dunker

[00:50:26] spk_0: thing. I am going to change. Or at least I I think right now. And this might be terrible to tell you guys, but I think right now I'm ready for sponsorships and, you know,

[00:50:38] spk_1: everybody just you were gone.

[00:50:41] spk_0: But I wanna make sure it's someone that I I trust someone I know. Then the sponsorship that you guys have been listening to 100 episode is J about my course eso I I am ready to switch that around. I needed some confidence that I was gonna make it this slowing. So truly I was looking at that and then also get, you know, broadcasting, sharing all the the metadata that we have to look at with the analytics of episodes s. So I was thinking about that too. But, uh, that's one thing. And then I'm also always analyzing the music in the background. Uh, eso really a

[00:51:18] spk_1: don't add that. Is your music going forward? Yeah. Okay, so the only

[00:51:22] spk_0: reason why I'm doing the music in the background is because I'm a musician.

[00:51:26] spk_1: Oh, that's that's a lot. You're our musician, but you're cheating. Let's be realistic. You play the music that way, people don't hear the errors in the background. I know how that goes.

[00:51:34] spk_0: And that is exactly why Eso I'm getting more confident in my editing skills.

[00:51:42] spk_1: What do you edit? Just you were recording straight.

[00:51:44] spk_0: So this is my breath. We'll

[00:51:47] spk_1: stop bringing so heavily. Eso let me. So let me ask you a question s so I'm going to ask is part of the listening audience Because I am.

[00:51:54] spk_0: You are You tell me.

[00:51:56] spk_1: I am. So how will the show change if you get sponsors? Because all of a sudden now are you dropping heads in the middle of the show? What does it sound like? Are you going to be limited? Let's say for instance, that you have now three m as a sponsor or you're not gonna talk about other tape. I mean, stuff like that, because people are gonna want to know this.

[00:52:16] spk_0: Well, if I get three and then it's respirators, I'm gonna get all kinds of respirators. So really, my thought right now is, uh is I'm looking to promote things that I used to get my business going off and then having a sponsorship where somebody would buy some sort of add time. And not only can they help my listeners by the same things I used, but then I could actually, without getting the listeners to actually give in to me like I would like some of the other ventures I tried. You know, my patryan. Which is Ah, fatness. Because I can't keep up with that stuff. It just gets too much for me and I know it. I still have it on. And that's like the day of this recording. Probably like when we get done, I'll be like that. But, uh, I just don't wanna I wanna make sure that if I'm going to do an episode that I'll then start doing actual people buying in. I want to make it where it's gonna be fun. Um, e I mean the actual ad And then also that it's gonna be something that's gonna be helpful, but I don't want it to take away from the show.

[00:53:26] spk_1: So then when you have that mindset in regards of what you want to do and let's be realistic, the way that everybody normally makes revenue on this is by having sponsors that's just realistically how it is. I mean, I would imagine is an audience member. You already know this, but in thinking about it. So let's say, for instance, you you've talked about Coca Cola for a long period time what you haven't. But just using this is an example. And all of a sudden, now people know you drink coke, you drink coke, you drink coke. All of a sudden, Pepsi decides, not the Lana Del Rey version. You can look that up if you want to. Um, if Coca Cola all of a sudden are not Coca Cola, Pepsi says that they wanted actually sponsor you, But everybody knows you've been talking about coke. Will you take

[00:54:04] spk_0: the sponsorship? I don't like Pepsi s

[00:54:07] spk_1: o I mean, but that's what people are going toe wonder. So that's why I asked us.

[00:54:12] spk_0: Yeah, truly, I'm I am looking at beyond 100. I want to get more feedback from the audience, and sometimes I get feedback through. Usually it's a little email back or they're on my newsletter, and I all my newsletters have my actual email. So once I put on the bottom, just reply to this email and you're getting me. And when I get

[00:54:37] spk_1: can. I started me on the email that I used

[00:54:39] spk_0: eso. When they get that, that's I want to be able to keep in touch with who is there and another goal for me for for not only the podcast but afterwards is to start creating a network that I can actually say thes safety consultants. I have dealt with your in Louisiana. Oh, yeah, I know this person and someone reaches out to me. I'm in Texas. Oh, yeah, I know this person, and that's that's the mindset that I wanna bring. But I want to make sure that they know and they know what I know and

[00:55:17] spk_1: more so, is it the cult of shelter? No O s Oh, that's interesting. So that's a village. So that's interesting that you want to do it in that particular format? Do you have, like, a timeline that you would like to see this night? Uh, that way. That way we could go back to the episode 100 revisit this at

[00:55:36] spk_0: some 0.2021 Because I'm making a big change in my life coming up in 2021. And

[00:55:43] spk_1: I have people know about this or not yet. I mean, keep in mind that were in the future. Now,

[00:55:47] spk_0: Yeah, we're in the future, but, uh, people that have known me, like, personally know

[00:55:54] spk_1: Well, hold on all the people that are your audience, they feel like they know you personally. Let's be realistic right now. You are listening to me probably via headset. Yeah. So I am in your here.

[00:56:07] spk_0: That's right. So this

[00:56:09] spk_1: is about as personal as you get.

[00:56:11] spk_0: I am Jay's. You're here,

[00:56:14] spk_1: So no, but think about it for a moment. So this is the weird thing. I'll mention this before we go back to what we're talking about.

[00:56:22] spk_0: Are you trying to get me to scoop?

[00:56:23] spk_1: No, I'm just trying to tell you the conversations that I have on here, The people that listen, they they feel like they know me and we are developing a relationship. It's a very one sided relationship because I do most of the e do most of the talking. So the people that listened to you believe that they know you to some way. I mean,

[00:56:40] spk_0: the

[00:56:40] spk_1: and I had a conversation with Abby Ferry that she said that Ah, lot of times people skip like the the 1st 2nd friendship date to an extent and they jump into these weird conversation is the first time they get to know you when she spot on. But if you take a look at this now, don't worry. I'm not flipping a coin here are flipping the leaves, so don't don't take it the wrong way. Um, but I wanted to bring it up. The people that don't know what your changes, they believe that they know you. So now they're kind of feeling like they're left out on the curve without you telling them what's going on. Now, this is the great thing about editing. Yeah,

[00:57:16] spk_0: Okay, so let me go ahead and and scoop. You guys got a big change for me and I didn't think of it. That's why J. You're right. So anybody who's like state, how long will we generated?

[00:57:33] spk_1: Well, I don't know, because I don't know how you're editing, but this is like 57 minutes. Get

[00:57:37] spk_0: out. Really? Damn. I love talking, Thio. So really, what I'm thinking about is, uh, Marianne and I God, and you're gonna

[00:57:47] spk_1: hear a case. You don't remember his wife throwing that out there?

[00:57:50] spk_0: Way Go. We're actually thinking of traveling globally, so that is three idea. Right now, we've traveled in the RV, like most of you have known, going from state to state because of my schedule. So in 2021 I am not scheduling anything physically at some place. But I am doing a boatload, and I might even call it a shitload of stuff. My 2021 schedule virtually is packed already. I know. I already have a schedule until December 2021 virtually so. I'm trying to fill in a few little gaps that I have here and there. But I don't want to fill it up enough where I'm working every week uh, I'm gonna really, truly want to travel, so I don't wanna work every week. I just wanna go ahead and have fun. So I am looking towards, you know, the minimum work with the maximum fun, eh?

[00:58:44] spk_1: So, in other words, if you're interested in bulking the safety consultant, Sheldon Prime is now you have a limited time before it's all said and done.

[00:58:50] spk_0: That's right. The limited time eso who I feel blessed that my 2021 schedule is, you know, packed. Ready? That's great. Because who Who could say right now in 2020 that you're booked for all the 2021? Except a few You know, a handful of people and, uh and I really, really feel blessed for that. So I'm gonna enjoy traveling with my wife and I and we're gonna guess, you know, we're going to start in Latin America and and from there, we're gonna just keep on going,

[00:59:18] spk_1: So I mean, here's the thing, and let's let's kind of talk about it for a moment. If you're interested in actually building out a network of people that know the stuff that you do and you're already this booked, maybe That's a conversation starter right there. Maybe that's where you start saying, Hey, I'm already seeing that. I'm already pretty booked out for the year If you're interested in joining, I'm not trying to do a sales pitch for you, that's for sure. I mean, but I'm just saying, but that's but that's the That's the conversation piece. You start off saying this is what I'm looking at. How can I assist you with your business? And I mean, let's be realistic when it's all said and done, Ah, lot of the stuff that we do here is to try to help out other people. Yeah, that's that's why the whole conversations there.

[00:59:56] spk_0: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And that's a good uh, in the mindset, especially in marketing. Truly, when you're marketing, you have to market what's in it for other people, right? Isn't that the end of the fundamental?

[01:00:06] spk_1: I'm not trying to sell here? I'm just trying to tell you I'm just trying to give you some information.

[01:00:11] spk_0: Well, that's that's actually a fundamental of principle of marketing is truly you're gonna even with your copy. So back to training you guys on on your copy When it comes to writing things. If you could put in your copy the actual words for selling a course or anything like that, what is the benefit to the person as opposed to the feature of the product? It's probably going to sell more. And so what you're telling me and I'm gonna go ahead and flip this in my brain J is if I go ahead and let people know right now, I'm so successful in a you know, I'm not going in, Would And I would not going, would. But it's gonna end up coming up, broadcast, You know that I'm already booked for 2021 the type of bookings I am, they don't cancel. So I'm grateful for that. And maybe I should lead. Make that the lead to say, Let me help you do this to Maybe that's the the other aspect of it. So that's a good idea. I might. I'm that Z I like that you're full of good ideas. Maybe that's why you're on 100.

[01:01:16] spk_1: Yeah, I don't I don't know why I got invited to this

[01:01:18] spk_0: e kind of question. That you everything that you said Is there a price to buy the network.

[01:01:30] spk_1: The whole safety FM network?

[01:01:31] spk_0: Yes. You know, there's people who love seeing like like, like what's twitch, right? Twitch was bought by

[01:01:39] spk_1: it was actually just in TV before where he

[01:01:41] spk_0: became which and then there's a bunch of people that they see Things go and they see it grow. And they're like, Oh, yeah, I don't wanna I don't wanna, like, reinvent the wheel this They're doing well here. And technologies Tech companies do it left and right all the time. That's what they do. Is that an, uh, exit plan and get a percentage Or, you know, this thing is so big someone says, Alright, back it up. Back up. That brings truck. We're gonna purchase safety FM as a whole.

[01:02:15] spk_1: Um, first off, I've co founded this with somebody else. Um, she is the brains behind the whole operation. So until she would ever give me the okay, I would even give it a consideration. But I don't think we've taken this to where we want to take it. So until I don't think I would be willing to sit back as an executive producer. Um, for a lot of these shows that are on here, but I don't think I would ever would consider selling. There were They would have to be, like, a totally different conversation. Um, I enjoy this too much what I'm doing. And I also love finding talent. Sorry. That's what they call the host behind the scenes, the talent, the on air talent. Um, but I love finding talent and very weird places. And I have been very blessed in finding people in very weird places, people that I did not expect things to come out of and how they have worked out. Because I'm gonna tell you the majority of the people that are on safety FM, I knocked on their door. They did not knock on mine. So that's always been the first part. Um, and what I always tell people is, this is this is the other thing, the first guy to ever jump onto this mess with me with Tim Ludwig. And if you ever take a look, he doesn't release a lot of episodes. But as long as this is in my hand, he'll always have a home here. Regardless, even if he only releases one episode a year, but because he was the first one willing to take the gamble. Loyalty? You have to have it.

[01:03:50] spk_0: Yeah. That's not like selling somebody a product. That's your best buddy?

[01:03:54] spk_1: Well, yeah. I mean, I'm not I'm cute. Yeah, I see where you're going. There. No, but I mean, I look at it and he took He took a gamble, especially. I mostly talk about hop of the time. Really? Yeah.

[01:04:05] spk_0: BBS guy? Yeah. The BBS, your hot bandwagon.

[01:04:08] spk_1: He sure? Well, he doesn't. He's not talking about it. But it was one of those things that he decided to take it, and that was been the whole goal is that I interviewed him. I'm sure you could, but he he is a professor. And keep in mind that he is. And under he was our soul is an understanding for Geller.

[01:04:24] spk_0: Actually, I know someone who is mentored by Geller.

[01:04:27] spk_1: E geller is great. And, I mean, I love him. Uh, it's been a long time since I have spoken to him, but I I love him. I I love what he's done. It's it's funny because a lot of people think Well, I mean, a lot of people don't realize that he has an impact on most people's daily lives because he helped develop the seatbelt beeping It's in your car.

[01:04:45] spk_0: Really? Yeah. Get out. All right, I'm making a call because the person I know I actually helped her through one of the programs that were doing it. She was understudy for me for something. So she was actually trained by Scott and his daughter together, being underneath their their their family and safety. And she's actually a minister to Yeah, which is kind of funny in the Dallas area S o. I think I'm gonna reach out to her. So if I could get her on the show for for this time? Yeah, that's awesome.

[01:05:21] spk_1: Coming up on episode 101

[01:05:23] spk_0: 0101 Yeah. No kidding. All right. I gotta write this crazy ship so we could actually end and not be like, a two hour in, because let's

[01:05:32] spk_1: see if he cuts it. Let's see how that goes

[01:05:34] spk_0: Way talked about. So just give me ah, outlook of 2021 for safety FM. And I am I'm pretty sure since my next episode is gonna be 90. So I'm recording this early. E told him if I told them that way already way. Eso therefore, uh the way that I'm structuring it should be where we're going to get this kind of before the end of the year. So in 2021 what a safety FM look like?

[01:06:12] spk_1: Well, here's the funny part, because the thing is that there's a lot of ideas behind the scenes going on, I just don't know if they're gonna come to fruition. And that's kind of gonna be the That's gonna be the interesting part. Pfm Asia. No, I mean, here's the thing. There has been a lot of conversations of doing country specific, Uh, and I just don't think that as of right now, that will work. So is they're probably gonna be somebody beat me to the punch and with it, Absolutely. And that's fine because I'm expecting the competition, but I only want to do stuff. It was going to bring value, so I don't want to do a safety FM, Asia or Safety FM Japan or something that I can't help building. Um, now that I that I would be opposed to like a safety FM Brazil, because I'm seeing a lot of movement out of Brazil there, Ugo, if you need some inside tips, right, but there's a lot of movement going on in Brazil, but I think that Central America would probably be something that I would want to focus on because I'm able to speak Spanish on I know some people that might be doing is moving around eso That's maybe a different conversation there, but I think I think that there's a good combo on how that could work. But I wanted to also make sense to what I'm trying to do with the network. Um, and the funny thing is that I want to mention this for a moment, and I know that's not really related to the question some people feel if you're tied into safety FM, your now corporate, which I think is hilarious because I think I'm the furthest thing from it or you're commercialized because now it's jumped the shark. Well, I guess because we're now because now it's a brand and it's on, and I don't look at it that way. I mean, I don't I'd look at it is I think, that it's a whole bunch of individuals with a common goal coming together now. I'm sure there's some people that they're no longer here that could probably say otherwise. But I've always looked at it is a songs You're not an asshole. Um, you will do some things where it makes sense to kind of build a bill structure moving forward. But keep in mind,

[01:08:12] spk_0: um,

[01:08:12] spk_1: my opinions are separate in the ones Children, brothers and safety until

[01:08:15] spk_0: the broadcast. Um, I do wanna have that episodes to

[01:08:20] spk_1: know, but I'm just saying, but that's that's the thing. I don't think we're commercial. No, I mean, and I had I legitimately had somebody turned me down because they said my network because that's how they call it. My network, um, is to commercial e. I don't know what we do that I that it would make it commercial quote unquote. Really? Yeah. So anyways, but going into the future plan is, I want you expanded and people go. What do you wanna be global? We're already global. It just needs to make sure that we adapted to the language to whatever the country

[01:08:53] spk_0: is e mean

[01:08:55] spk_1: relist, ycl e. The more that I see going forward because we have not released it at the time, but I'm sure we'll talk about it in the future is gonna be more video. There's gonna be a lot more video associative. And well, by the time that this comes out, I'm sure that conversation has already been had and known to the world. But that's gonna be where a lot of the stuff is coming out. I mean, way started to safety FM dot tv, but it didn't turn the way that I wanted to because a lot

[01:09:17] spk_0: of people are are afraid of committing to

[01:09:19] spk_1: so much video. Um, the only one that has committed to doing a lot of video for

[01:09:23] spk_0: us currently is, of course, Emily Elrod. She

[01:09:26] spk_1: does all kinds of videos all the time, mostly on LinkedIn on Ben. We have Petronius yell that that he does twice a week, three times a week, depending on what he's going on. Well, you don't do it as frequently as them, too. I mean them to do it like, three or four times a

[01:09:40] spk_0: week. They're all up high, e

[01:09:44] spk_1: everyone award It s o e. But that's something to think about it. So what I have noticed them is that like it's a lot of people repurpose their stuff. So I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, depending on how you wanna

[01:09:57] spk_0: look at it. Uh, that's the way I've been doing everything. So

[01:10:00] spk_1: now and then. So for 2021 because we're in such a strange part of the world and we're head right now. I wish I could predict the future, But 10 weeks ago, I couldn't have told you what's gonna happen 10 weeks from now. E mean, if you would ask me as of the recording of this, if we would already known who the president was six days afterwards, I

[01:10:21] spk_0: would've told, you know, e s 00 my that we don't even get me triggered.

[01:10:25] spk_1: I'm just using that as an example.

[01:10:28] spk_0: I know. Get triggered. Uh, Well, thank you so much, man. I really appreciate you coming on 100 getting me thinking, getting me retrospective and answering some questions at the same time. So I got my I got my chops in there, getting you to answer some stuff.

[01:10:44] spk_1: I told you that I would, but let's look at it this way. This is what you've done in 100 episodes. I would love to see what you're gonna do in the next 50. And you don't have your normal audience That says that I will say I appreciate what you've done and what you've been willing to give away for people to become a safety consultant. Thanks for thanks for having me

[01:11:03] spk_0: on now. I appreciate it, man. Thank you so much. Hundreds soon as I was getting to that landmark, I was like, There's only one person I want all my 100th episode. And that is J. Allen. Thank you, Jay Allen, for coming in and enjoying this time with me. And, uh, thank you, everyone for listening to me. Is this long?

[01:11:22] spk_1: Hold on. Who said I enjoyed

[01:11:23] spk_0: it? E Everybody in the audience. Thank you so much for giving me 1/100 episode. You guys have been awesome. And I would be remiss if I didn't give you my send off. Go get him. This'll Episode has been powered by safety FM

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