Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Sadomasochists Summit with Pavlov and KatzchenKlein
November 3, 2020
Two Sadomascochists share their thoughts on what makes them happy and the good and bad way people approach them to establish relationships.
Pavlov’s kink is driven both by spirituality, and a deep, insatiable slut-hunger. In the regular world, she’s a domestic, a storyteller, and a trickster. She likes to retell the serious as absurd and makes an academic study of all things playful. Her sadomasochism manifests as dark sex, humor, and love. She believes dangerous things done thoughtfully can be healthy, but even simple things are dangerous when done thoughtlessly.
For the purposes of “What women want” it should be noted that she has NEVER been accused of being a normal woman.

KatzchenKlein is an academic by day, switchy rope slut by night. Described as a sensation junkie, her interests in kink are wide and varied on both sides of the slash. Newish to dating and non-traditional relationship structures, but enjoying the journey and the many friendships sparked along the way. 

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