4 Pillars of Support for the Consultant
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
4 Pillars of Support for the Consultant
May 31, 2021
In this episode, Sheldon reviews his 4 pillars of support for the consultant. These pillars are: 1. Encouraging partner 2. Faith 3. Mentoring 4. Quality Resources.
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Welcome to the safety consultant podcast show, The Premise, this is a podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant and I answer your question as America's safety consultant. Welcome back. Glad you guys all had a wonderful week. I am truly hoping that this week is going to be awesome for you as well. So what are we going to do today, today? What are we going to do? I'll give you a chance to guess. 
Think about it real quick. That's right, of course, it's a possible game right there, and he can't play that one at all. So what we're going to do today is going to be solo, just me and you, and we're going to go over the four pillars of support for consulting. So these are the things that I believe hold you up. And when I say hold you up, I mean that it is when you're feeling at your worst, when you're feeling like you can't keep going on. 
These are the four things that will always give you support to keep on keeping on. So that is what we're going to go over today. We're going to go over my four pillars of support for our consultancy. There are and so when we come back after this word from the sponsor, we will go through these four pillars. 
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All right, well, welcome back. Today we're going to talk about the four pillars and these are four pillars that I have come up with. They're probably more personal to me than anything, but they are still things that I believe that you will definitely need in order for you to be a successful safety consultant or a consultant of any kind. So here's really meet the four pillars that I have chosen. The really represent the things that I rely on when things go tough and no one is my spouse to be your loved one, to be your partner, your best friend. 
It could be a brother, could be a sister. It could be your parents, whoever that is. When you get the thought saying, man, I just don't know if I could go on anymore. And if I just keep lingering in your head and your brain and be like, I'm just going to give up on me, even start looking for extra employment somewhere else. And that person in your mind that you go to and you're like, hey, what do you think? 
Yeah. Or I want to give up. What do you what do you think that's the person that you should say is the person that you keep going to. That's the support system you need. If the right person, they're going to encourage you. They're going to see, you know, what is fact, what's fact or fiction, what's reality and seek to make where you can do something and give you reasons to do it, not reasons to talk you out of it. 
So with that kind of support, that is going to make it where you can do anything. And I truly mean anything. So that's number one, whoever that is. For me, it's my life. But for you, who knows? Pillar number two is going to be vaped. I should say faith instead of faith to tell a different faith. That is pretty much a term that is always associated with the religion. However, in this context, I really think it is hope and it's faith. 
Hope in your being led kind of a divine intervention, if you will, or maybe even you felt a leading from the universe that says, hey, you could do this thing, just go have it out in your own way. Something is leading you, something that's guiding you, something from without from within, I should say, that is kind of pushing you to whatever that is, that faith that says I could still do this no matter what. 
I got this. All right. So that is going to be what your support system for number two would be, because truly, if you do have inner drive, that says it will all work out because it's meant to keep relying back on that when things get tough. That's the key. So we talked about the spouse friend, one more sibling parent, whoever that is, is going to be Effler influencer in your life to talk him up. You got this. 
Number two is your faith. Number three, now, we could get a little bit outside of ourselves. And we started thinking about mentoring, so mentoring is going to be my third pillar. Let's tell you, there's four pillars, right? So that means we're not completely solid on our base. But before we get away from entering, let's really talk about what this one is. All right. So we've heard the term coaching. A lot of people do coaching. 
I coach myself. The connotation to that is you're getting some help from someone who can see the best in you and that they know how to motivate you or just influence your behavior in a partnership way. So they may be an expert in something. They want to bring it to you in a partnership way and they're going to develop you to be the best you you could be. Whereas a mentor is someone who is going to guide you. They've been there before and they're going to take you in step by step process to get to success. 
So that is going to be a difference between the two. It's always good to have coaching. I got to tell you, man, it is really good to have coaching available for you. However, if you can find a mentor, someone that's going to show you the ropes, someone has been there, someone that has done the same things you're thinking of doing, and then they could tell you if it worked or did not work for them. And then why and let you make your choice. 
If you want to try it this way, then. All right. Let's see. Maybe you might have a different angle at it than the consultant who was there to say the mentor who's been there before. And that's fine. This is also one of those. Where is the give and take, however, for a mentor mentee relationships, generally, the mentee is the person who is going to be initiating most of the request. So you're going to. 
You're pretty much going to make sure that you touch base with Dementor on a regular basis and you're going to hold yourself accountable to doing what they have taught you to do. So that is the three of them. Let's talk about number four next. So as a quick recap, the first pillar was have a love of the spouse, the partner of someone who was going to not let you give up. You're going to be accountable to them. They're accountable to you. 
Faith have some faith in not only that there is a divine intervention or something that's leading you to where you're your endpoint would be, but that that that thing, that entity that whatever you believe it is, is got your back and you were going to go ahead and finish up because you know that you have someone else that's going to take care of you. That's my version of faith mentoring. When you do have someone who has been there before and they're going to teach you the principles, the ways, they're going to show you exactly what they've been through so that you can avoid the pitfalls of reform. 
All right. That's another solid pillar. So for the fourth and final pillar. And the pillar is support for you to have to have a strong foundation for your consultancy. The last one is going to be quality resources to make sure you have quality resources, you know where to go, you know where to look. If you have a way to to make sure that you and your clients can always be proactive and not reactive. Now, that is quality resources. 
And what we do, though, it's funny because initially when I first started in the business, I was thinking, right, I'm going to be in wastewater management. I'm going to be the guru of how people should use certain technology or certain ideology towards wastewater treatment and environmental control. And then I became a safety guy, which is completely different than when I first started out with. I have then evolved even more so now doing a podcast and doing some live streaming and doing webinars and a few other things, seminars and instructional design. 
That means that the resources that I need to survive, if you will, as a consultant, it just keeps going where I'm pretty much going to use things like email marketing. I'm going to use things like video production or audio production equipment, or I have to learn how to write and copy or something similar to that, as much resources as I can get to do two major things. So the first major thing that I'm looking for, for them to do the resources is reduce my time so I can get more things done because time equals money or a time. 
We're consultants when we do. So if I could use a resource that is going to reduce my time, including things that, you know, email marketing, goodness, I could do an email marketing campaign. Right. One time, the conversation that they wanted to have with this individual that signs up for something that I'm offering. Now, if I could pre design some of this, that truly is going to free up my time. So I'm doing this sequence every single time I have a new person that slides onto a promotion. 
So those are the kinds of things I'm thinking for. So if you get a hold of quality resources, things that will first cut your time considerably. And then secondly, the other thing that you really want from is quality. Resource is is going to give you the ability to look like you have a team that's really wealthy. I know I get a team. You probably know you can get a team. You know that you just got you. So you are probably everything you're doing your own website. 
You're doing your own email, you're doing your own copy. You're doing your Facebook ads. You're doing everything else with stuff that you know, you know, safety, you know, your your trade. However, you may not know all the other stuff behind your search engine optimization or any of that other stuff. So therefore, you get quality resources that is going to go with a good mentor. Faith in what you're doing and in your purpose. A spouse or a loved one that is behind you, regardless, no matter what you are end you are so in, that is a support that you're going to need. 
That's the kinship that you could have with whoever your mentor is or the people who believe, like you do it is worth it. I truly feel like if you focus in on those killers, I know this is a shorter episode than they normally do, but truly, I need to be more than that. Quite honestly, if you just focus in on those four pillars, the strength that you get from knowing that you have those basic things down will actually help you reach out even more and go out there and go get them and then get yourself more and more and more quiet. 
So that is the key. So thank you so much for hanging out with me this week. And I do believe you focus on these four pillars. You rely on them to build a strong foundation for your business and you're going to just keep on killing it. So again. See you next week. 
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