Travel Nursing & Allied Life
Part-Time Cross-Border Traveler & a Social group for Travelers separated from Spouses
January 4, 2022
This week we talk with Mary-Ellen: a part-time NICU traveler who lives in Canada and travelers to the USA every winter to do an assignment. Find out what her experiences are working one long assignment a year. ME founded the group 'Travel Nursing without Spouses' for those travelers who are separated from their spouses while on assignment working: What's involved in healthcare traveling in Canada? Mary Ellen talks about the Nclex, Provincial licensing costs, and the TN Visa (work authorization) that allows cross border work between the USA and Canada. Joseph Smith at This podcast is hosted by TravCon: The Travelers Conference which is an annual conference for Travel Nurses, Therapists and Allied Health Travelers. Find all the episodes and more at . Make sure to attend TravCon held every year in September in Las Vegas. More info @