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Preventing Embezzlement in Dental Practices with David Harris, Founder and CEO of Prosperident
February 29, 2024
In this episode of The Dental Economist Show, host Mike Huffaker is joined by David Harris, Founder and CEO of Prosperident. Join them as they discuss the prevalence of embezzlement in dental practices and share insights on how dentists can protect themselves. David covers topics such as the importance of hiring the right people, conducting thorough background checks, and implementing software systems with strong audit trail capabilities.
In this episode of the Dental Economist Show, Mike Huffaker is joined by David Harris, Founder and CEO of Prosperident. 

Join them as they:

David founded Prosperident — the world's oldest and largest dental embezzlement investigation firm — and has been its CEO since the formation of the company in 1989. Responsible for assembling an amazing multi-disciplinary team of investigators and specialists, he also earned his Certified Fraud Examiner accreditation from ​​ACFE while working at Prosperident. David is an expert witness in matters relating to fraud and embezzlement against dentists and dental specialists, and a renowned public speaker and author.

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Episode Highlights:

02:23 - 02:43 - How Prevalent is Embezzlement Inside the Industry?

02:58 - 03:23 - Why Embezzlement Often Flies Under the Radar

07:57 - 09:23 - Prevention is Better than Cure

15:02 - 16:05 - Investigating Embezzlement

22:40 - 25:14 - Weighing Up How Likely DSOs are to be Embezzled

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